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21/12/2020 "Christmas star alignment" Special with David Icke idea


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The significance of 21/12/2020 alignment is very obvious, as David explained is his another brilliant video. My idea is to use this time, and make a special live broadcast with David, and others if possible, and talk about the positive outcome for human kind, earth, and simply concentrate on nature of reality to help people realize who we really are. This would be the opposite of what the cult is doing, and I believe it would be much more powerful, as the power of pure alignment is millions time greater than dense low vibrations. I would take this further and do a live podcast every time there is any significant time, like full moon, equinoxes, Christmas etc. Simply to shower the world with positive, pure love energy, and David can do it best. It does not have to be long, just 30min-1hour long, I believe this could really awaken lots of people. It's important to talk only about alignment, awakening, power of love, true nature of reality. I would love to take part in this, or get involved and help as much as I can.

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