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So called journalist Owen Jones

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Just watched a video on you tube posted by a so called journalist called Owen Jones who quite often pontificates on The Jeremy Vine show. Jeremy Vine who seems to have his wings clipped since having Peter Hitchens on his programme.

Owen Jones tried to prove Peter Hitchens wrong, but Hitchens wiped the floor with him, it's worth just reading the comments underneath.

This just goes to show how so called journalist can be proved idiots, if Hitchens can embarrass this Journalist what would David Icke or Andrew Kaufman do to this specimen of a journalist. 

This is probably why these corrupt journalists won't challenge David Icke, if Hitchens can wipe the floor with him,  Icke would not only wipe the floor with him but also polish  wax and buff the floor with these jounalists.



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the reason icke isn't allowed to speak is because hes saying there is no virus


that is beyond the pale for the mainstream media


the people they talk to like dr yeadon and prof heneghan are saying there is a virus but that the response to it is disproportionate to the threat posed


personally i would like to see some of those heavy hitters, from the field of science, explore the possibility that the flu vaccine is harming people through 'molecular mimicry' and then when they fall ill it is being called 'covid 19'


the problem with the current approach of the doctors is that they are saying the death figures don't support the claim of a pandemic. this then becomes very dangerous because if there suddenly IS an uptick in deaths for example due to adverse reactions to the covid jab the government will simply point to that as proof of a deadly third wave of a novel virus and the good doctors will find that their argument has gone down the swanny


davids case will still stand however (as  will mine)



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I had stop this when Jones backed up his dodgy data with "The graph" ... missing completely the point that those excess deaths were directly attributable to the lockdown and not in spite of it. Lockdown didn't save a single life but likely killed thousands.

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