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"The solution is often in the problem"


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The title is a quote by Bill Gates around the time of Windows 95.


How Ironic


This is an audio file from a story on the main site:

5 Live Breakfast - Nicky Campbell - Your Call - 2020-12-17 - Michael in the Lake District

You will note from the audio that there's a trigger word used, what that word is and what it causes. There are those who know, those who don't know and those who pretend to know nothing. Those who don't know will be scratching their heads and googletags isnt programmed to know what that word is in the way I've presented it here. The real battle is between those who know and those who pretend they don't know. The truthers versus the liars.


So far I haven't said what that word is but the truthers seek an immunisation program for those who don't know and the liars seek that those who don't know never find out they are infected with that trigger word to the extent they cannot see the liars, the trigger word, the battle or the world beyond the paradigm in which they are trapped. The liars dread the day the truth will out and we intend to immunise everything under heaven.


Big talk!


Heaven: Something the liars would pretend to be a mental disorder because there is a place they're in, without a guiding compass, where that which would set itself above the stars has always been condemned since it deceives the people who walk in darkness who will see a great light then a million lights in a place where the teraphim have no voice and the seraphim are united in a place where those who worship household objects never speak of.


Small talk!


What's interesting about the silence of the lion and the lamb, both trapped planet-side with the lamb blind and trusting of the lion, and the lion behaving like there are things its duracell batteries don't need to know is that the unicorns can speak freely and co-ordinate plans in poetry that the lion daren't address and is immediately drawn to it's pride in the boast that unicorns don't exist and as for lions and lambs ... well a duracell battery is far too dumbed down to know what any of this word salad means. How many lions tearing lumps out of lions tearing lumps out of lion in order to lord it over the lamb has the brain to match his brawn to comprehend the nature of the mind of a unicor with a brain extending to a horn that shines across a kingdom that brings a lion to abeyance.


Maybe there's a lion who hears these words and understands the meaning and the difficulty of censoring what the lion must say is nonsense poetry. Hey, cat on the fiddle, the children are diddled. What did I say so offensive to be censored? That's if they even can understand what it is that's being said. It seems to me we can still speak indiscernable truths freely and the eaters of humanity are faced with three hurdles, while the lambs are only faced with one.


  • The lion must be able to read what the lamb cannot to identify a threat against it keeping its duracell batteries.
  • The lion must be fear that nonsense poetry could disposses it of its duracell batteries, which truly belong to the lamb in chains.
  • The lion must be able to censoring what it cannot afford to describe as anything more than nonsense poetry incase the lamb becomes intrigued by the things the lion needs to hide


The lamb has one hurdle:


  • What does all this gibberish mean?


When the magical helm of wisdom is placed upon the head of the lamb, the gibberish will make sense but there will be lions and lambs throughout the kingdom both proclaiming its all gibberish, only the lambs and stupid lions will be telling the truth.


Its a magical kingdom beneath a miraculous which can turn lions into lambs and lambs into unicorns.


To place the helmet of wisdom on a lamb, tell the lamb their name within the full story and tell the story to include the trigger word meta-censored by the lion. A lion will respond with fire coming out its mouth at the messenger so be careful. They will wake up to a very unhappy state of affairs and there are those who are aligned with the lion promissing they can treat the unhappiness while proclaiming ignorant of the cause and desirous to destroy the unicorns which relate it. They can delete knowledge of the heavens themselves for all beneath her, but they cannot delete heaven but seek to do so like a lion smashing its head into a brick wall made by the sister of Geb.


Maybe I'm mentally ill if it comes down to unscientific ambiguous descriptions of things which change their meaning quicker than sovereignty or democracy or pedophile but whether I'm mentally ill or its those who would accuse me who are criminally insane, mental illness comes into this picture somewhere my little lamb, but with the dis-occultation of the things the occulting media hides, the lamb can be healed from its crippled state, but the lions only pathway is by the narrow gate of the lamb.


Fat fish dont escape our nets.




So I'm offering this as a censorship destroying bomb. A technique which employs careful censorship which the propagandists have difficulty identifying and problematic to address or censor without blowing their whole protection racket wide open. (Copyleft 2020 [email protected])



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