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Overpopulation Solution


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Bury genocidal maniacs in mass graves!


(Some people will be confused at this, some people will be angered, whereas other need their heads spiked on sticks speaking messages to the petrified thongs about the dangers of rushing toward the cliff edge)


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- How about Condoms that sterilize you...😂

- Switching Fluoride for Spermicide in our Water. I mean who the fuck gave them the right to drug our drinking water. Hey bitch, I can brush my teeth, I can even floss so fuck your fluoride.

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The title of this thread suggests there is an overpopulation problem , when it's a cabal lie promoted by the likes of Gates .


And the solution offered by Steph is a caveman , knee jerk reaction , playing into the hands of the dark side ..


We are reliably informed it's only the large numbers of humans holding bodies on Earth , that keeps the malevolent ET's who control things , from having complete overt slavery of us ....


We are billions , they are millions ... We vastly out number them and the high human population  is a strategy of the light . The ET's have superior tech , mind control/influence  over 99% of humans , but humans are still divine , just by being here we help hold back the tide of evil. 

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