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Jean-Luc Brunel Arrested


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51 minutes ago, Reptile hunter said:

There is a sucker born everyday and today Im him. Im really disappointed.


Yeah I get you man I didn't believe it at first either and was just as disappointed when I realised that it was true. Had a huge amount of time for him and I thought that podcast was incredible the handful of episodes that they did. Thought they had the energy and the means to lead the alternative media revolution and leave YouTube behind.


Since then there's been a string of cock-ups by Brand New Tube as well, seems like they have the funds behind them but not the professionalism to make it work as a serious YouTube alternative. Ryan Dawson's gone on a few rants about how they mishandled him and why he left. We'll just have to hope Bitchute/Rumble can up their game for now.

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