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Golden Retriever
Message added by Screamingeagle,

Please keep this thread clean and in Chrismas spirit 

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The Grinch wrote this:


"Also, this year it would be a good idea to go to turn the volume on your music down. When we raise our voices at all to talk over any noise in the room, we greatly increase the production of respiratory droplets from our mouths, which is exactly how the virus spreads. Unfortunately, this means that carol singing is out this year."


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Guest Gone Fishing...
1 hour ago, Not-me said:

Happy Christmas everyone - hopefully 2021 is better than this shittiest ever year.

l don't think the Mods have noticed.
Happy Christmas to you and your Legion of Aliases...
(edit - BTW , You don't have a patent on DIF names....lf a name isn't being used then it can be - plus, how do we know you're not calling fraud on yourself ?)

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