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Is Scientology part of it all?


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They were lovely! But that's the problem. My experience was a very brief one but was enough to see the foundations on which they have built their belief system on - and they were rotten to the core. I saw advertising for a free personality test outside one of their buildings. I had interest in all things alternative and I knew this was one of their recruitment methods, so I went in as I'm curious by nature. I was greeted by a lovely lady who gave me a cup of tea and talked me through the process. She handed me a personality test and left the room. I completed it as honestly as I could, it was mostly standard questions to determine if one is an extrovert or introvert etc. But there were the few odd ones thrown in. Do you suffer from night terrors? Do you suffer from unconscious jerks or tics? There were others questions like this but can't quite remember now. I thought they were odd questions at the time.


The lady came back, took my results and fed them through a computer. That generated a personality profile and she then started to probe. She was interpreting an over simplified chart and trying to find weaknesses in me as a person. Imagine trying put an entire human being's personality onto one a4 piece of paper! Ludicrous. So she went into my childhood, desperately searching for some kind of trauma to latch onto. She asked if my father ever beat me. I said no. Then all still smiles, she asked if my mother beat me! The whole thing was basically 'come on, you must be damaged somehow, you must have some trauma in your life'. I felt under pressure to find something and she was looking stupid at this point. I said, "well, I lost my granddad a few years ago". She jumped straight onto it, started pointing to her chart saying how that explains a lot. I tried to tell her he was a 93 year old man and it was a natural passing. But, she had found her 'weakness' and was trying to exploit it. She told me Scientology could help me heal myself. Gave me lots of examples of how it helped others and told me how to join. But I saw right through it, saw the psychological tricks, the exploitation. I don't know if you've ever seen Derren Brown but he demonstrates what these charlatans can do and how effective it can be. Psychics use the trickery a lot when doing seances.


I was out of there sharpish. Fortunately, I was in quite a good place in my life and was psychologically strong enough not to be exploited. But if I was in another place, perhaps had recent actual traumatic events in my life, then I may have been more vulnerable to their methods. So I saw first hand their recruitment methods, they find a weakness (we've all got them) and they exploit them for their own financial and power gains. Stay away from cults and stay away from belief systems in general.

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