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11 hours ago, Jatta said:

Anyone seen the trailer for this upcoming movie, and your thoughts ? Covid 23 lol


(Sorry if this is not in the right section am new to the forum)

Typical shit 'blockbuster'.
Made during lockdown !!!!!!  ??????? (how was this achieved?)
The plot has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.....very very cheesy.

The message;
The virus is real.
Highly contagious.
The virus kills.
There's a zone' where infected people are locked away into...
'Some' people are naturally immune.
Immune people wear ID bracelets, instantly digitally verifiable by police.
But don't worry.....there is a way of making fake bracelets - (ln the real world - NO WAY - with AI there will be no fake immunity ID bracelets)

Fuck Hollywood and fuck the monsters that own / run it...


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