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Ban vaccines

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Just as a reminder, people will not realize until they get and admit that the microbe theory as a whole was the groundwork for the big forgery of which immunization, contamination and contagion are the key components but infection is the starting point.


Antibiotics were developed to prevent the growth of bacteria or possibly kill them off. So what is there against 'pathogenic microbes' AKA 'viruses' ? Nothing as the COVID shows by its own, just because unlike bacteria these microbes are no living beings but DEAD particles and that 'zombies' only exist in movies… So there's need to fight against a non-existing threat until people firmly believe it exists…


This artificial 'gap' thus deliberately created in both theory and prophylaxis allowed the 'immunization' and 'immune system' concepts to be promoted after having been coined out of no verifiable reality but thanks to the technological 'progress' the microscope was in 'Medicine', allowing to render such alleged physical phenomena unfathomable and inaccessible to the public…


Genetics did even worse by pushing the mass back and for good into the darkness of ignorance people had just been emerging thanks to information and education, and it's how our Medicine restored the general populations into the same state of unawareness they had been at the Middle-age and were we all therefore are back again… but it's only because what we now call the 'media' grew an influence on the collective mind that would have been unimaginable in times where not even the Church had the means to put a priest in every household…


All that exists only because people believe it does, and it's been enforced through fining and 'decrees' because we're no longer living in free countries but under dictatorial regimes parading as 'democracies'…



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