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That cake was delicious and moist when Ewan MacGregor reached The Island.


Shhh! Whispers in The Matrix of something not quite right.


Met a Chinese Woman handing out flyers outside a medical conference.

She looks like she's sick in the head.

The things she's complaining about on those flyers can't actually be going on in China... can it?


This was a few years before lockdown, during which The I'm Allowed to Rob Your Organs Act was passed as ... ahem ... law.


Keep painting those rainbows children because on the day the truth strikes home, those who did it "for the children" will want you to kill the messenger but the truth wont change whether the messenger is dead or not. In 1990, police states were like universally recognised crimes against humanity the free world could do very little about. From out of nowhere things changed suddenly and the great protectors and defenders did nothing as the media kept everyone misinformed. It's one thing to do nothing but to silence people speaking out. With the watchmen gagged in cyberbubble, keep lines of communication open outside it.

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