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Shoulda went to Specsavers!


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The year of clear vision.


Who can see?


Lord Figglebottom of Higgeldy Piggeldy (Cant remember his name exactly) once said "We are sleepwalking into a surveillance society." This quote is now attributed to various "mainstream journalists" (who marketed the surveillance state to the public) but I remember it was a Lord who said it because I felt aggrieved that the media had done nothing but tell us how wonderful it all was in the fight against crime (bus lanes and masklessness were not crimes at the time as just two examples of newly invented crimes to fight). I was agrieved that the only peep out the media at measures comparable to the soviet dystopia they heavily criticized less than a decade ago was that some unelected Lord had said the bleeding obvious thing they should have been rallying even more fervently against at home than when it was going on abroad.


That's how I know it was a Lord and not some "jounalist" as described by the media revisionists who seemed so shocked that 25% of the public who voted for EU integration when they were eventually asked, were not as the media had been making out for a quarter of a century since a radical shift in sovereignty happenned, the overwhelming majority opposed by only a small minority of racists and xenophobes. They were a quarter of the population pushing or believing a fake narrative and represented only a third of those registered to vote and amounted to the same number of people who no longer felt registering to vote worthwhile when only the fake narrative of the media was represented no matter which party got into power. Democracy is dead. The media killed it. God save the King! Give us back democracy you unelected absolute ruler... but make it one where the qualification to participate is by a test of reason and conscience in which the test subjects are blind that they are tested.


Who deceives their way to power over the lives of others? Who believes their lies? What gossip and slander is on that infernal television now? Do you see what I see when you watch the people who watch the telly? They'll believe anything they're told by their mind altering addiction and when faced with truth some will join Hitler readily so long as the swastikas do not make their membership obvious and the bribes are presented more like incentives. Poor Charlie Bucket didn't eat the gobstopper as they all did and he need only speak from the great glass elevator for the whole factory to know the reason for the silence and the anger of those whose gobs are thoroughly stopped. When the narrative in the media has everything to say but truth, clear vision is the ability to keep your head while all around are losing theirs.


Look at this video from the BBC website:




Show it to your loved ones. Ask them what they saw. If they say they saw a woman getting a vaccine. Ask them to look again. If they still see that, ask them just one more time to look very carefully telling them its the last time but they need to look very carefully. They should then have some remark to say about what they've seen. If they don't appear to see anything but a woman getting a vaccine, don't allow yourself to be led by them as they are blind. Don't get into arguments with them as the truth of what's there will be to them, just your opinion which differs from theirs. They may attempt to belittle your opinion as nonsense and present their own opinion as fact. Can you see the dangers of being lead by people with such a lack of clear vision who can use all kinds of trickery to appear like great respectable experts on everything. You cannot correct their course by reason or pointing out the "just that one example". You'll crush them like snowflakes to mention it too much but this is more for your own protection from them than how we can go about curing the geniuses of deception and self deception. That comes later but for now ... get out from under them.

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Did you her getting jabbed with something that could have been a saline solution. You dont want to distract them but just leave them to see if they see clearly or not. Theres no way you can have seen her jabbed with a saline solution if you look again carefully.

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If you blink you miss it. Quick as a flash. Now that didn't hurt at all did it? What if you wanted to see something that wasn't there. We nutty conspiracy theorists get accused of this but when we attempt to put forward our objections to those calling us nutty conspiracy theorists, rather than reasoned counterpoints to our reasonable objections, they spew at us rhetoric, character assassination, 'you must believe because everybody believes', and everything and anything to get us to believe the brainwashing machines. (This kind of thing pointed out to them just makes them retort back in kind, without any care whether the instant retort has any validity.) What if this is a massive gas lighting operation which highlights the "idiocy" of the people who believe in idioms.



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