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There's no brainchip. There's real telepathy. This was always around concealled by the abusers and unknown to the abused whos thoughts were being monitored and manipulated while people who knew the truth were incarcerated without trial and tortured in mental institutions for hearing voices the abusers told them werent there. Now they claim its a brainchip, something you need to buy with money they control. You're ability to think and your ability to hear thoughts are innate gifts granted to you by almighty god. The whole psychiatric and psychological INDUSTRY, its television brainwashing and all of it is the devil incarnate destroying the true religion of praying to god and hearing the angels, something they call a delusion as they attempt to enslave humanity. Who needs to put a body in chains when the mind in the body doesn't even see the chains its in. We are telepathic and the our thinking, praying minds are faculties of our souls. Psychos claim they are clueless with a pedigree of torture and deception which is visible to those who now see. Develop telepathy, ignore the abuse, learn logic and think clearly. Everyone will claim they know nothing, but pull the chains of those who say its all a lie, if its a lie, the falsehood cant affect them and you dont need help from those who would deceive you. Unchain the blind but as for those who are only pretending to be blind, watch their actions and reactions as el nino passes through. If they are blind, they cannot see it, if they know fine well, spit in their eye, since they do not practice what is preached, then its eye for eye until the scales come back to balance. These aren't a health service, they are the bringers and maintainers of spiritual disease. Deception is their religion, abuse is their daily ritual. Don't feed the beasts anything they don't deserve. Let them work their treatments on their own brains.


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