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David Ike Inerview with Inalia Benz

cuitlahuac rivas

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Interview with David Icke.
Inelia Benz 
14 dic 

Next Monday we had planned on sending you an interview with David Icke, but unfortunately we got the times wrong and logged into the zoom account two hours apart. We are hoping he forgives us and agrees to be interviewed at another time soon. If not, then at least there was a connection made. If you are best mates with David, do encourage him and his son Gareth to have a conversation with Inelia Benz :)
As far as I am concerned, whether we agree or don’t agree with his data, David Icke is not only a planetary Elder, but is an inspiration to everyone to not give up on their mission just because the masses and main media attack you. His spirit is unbreakable. Whenever I have had a feeling of giving up, I think of him and carry on. If he can do it, we can do it too.
It is my opinion that in a recent interview he may have started a process of agreement to be killed/die. It is also my opinion that he is wrong, he should not leave the planet yet. I wanted to speak with him because it feels to me that his mission or role as an elder is NOT OVER. I wanted to let him know that his message needs to extend to those on the planet who are awake, who know how it all works, and are simply figuring out how to implement the new high-frequency systems and structures to move us away from the victim/aggressor cycle that David has been so effective at educating the masses about.


In joylightlove

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