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Has the virus been isolated and does it exist?


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Hello everyone, this post is on the topic of does COVID-19 (SARS CoV) exist.


My concern with the genuine production of COVID is that there may be a huge possibility that the virus does not exist and that the antigen lateral flow tests when giving a positive case is something that can test soliva for a variety of circumstances in a person's body. This is hence why you have asymptomatic cases of COVID and can feel completely normal even though you can still test positive (this has happened to me a couple of times, once when I was completely fine and another with just a chesty cough). There is a huge possibility that COVID-19 does not exist and that the antigen lateral flow tests are just a gimic toy for the representative of having a position that gives legitimacy to the agenda and helps fight peoples cognitive behaviour who would otherwise not worry about the virus. Antigen lateral flow tests can be seen as no different to lockdowns and masks as a way of preventing the spread of COVID-19. There is strong ethics behind the case that lateral flow antigen tests can test positive under extreme circumstances for most likely any form of substance produced from soliva. Even more so, a common cold is something that can be easily tested for with an antigen lateral flow test and mimic the exsistance of a potential virus which makes up for COVID-19. 


The essence of having a virus spread around the world to excel the agenda of the globalization and depopulation and to further install fear and distrust in the world without authority makes a great case for fake tests that use a common virus to its advantage. 


All the tell tale signs of social manipulation and using MSM and government support to install further fear and apprehension into the people is clear and heavily excelled from using fake tests that can provide positive returns on a variety of cases without COVID-19 even being a real thing. The only real thing is the manipulation of fear and apprehension in society.


It's sounds crazy yet makes huge sense for the antigen lateral flow tests to provide positive returns on a common cold or even the slightest form of bug in a humans body and works perfectly to install further psychosis into the population trough manipulative techniques.


I am keen to talk more on why COVID-19 does not even exist and why and how the test and vaccines are fake, anyone willing for engagement in conversation, just comment below and let's talk.

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