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Has the virus been isolated and does it exist?


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It is impossible to isolate or demonstrate the existence of SARS-CoV-2 because it does not exist. Same as monkeypox. Every politician knows this. They are deceiving mankind. The restrictions, i.e. masks, lockdowns, vaccination passports, have never been about controlling any virus, but have always been about controlling us. Those in "power"/"authority" have always created fake emergencies to manipulate/control us. Every year they come out with fake stories to keep us in ignorance, distract and divide us, and frighten us into submission.

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Influenza, or what some refer to as flu or the comnon cold, is not a virus (viruses do not exist). Nor is it a process of detoxification. When one has symptoms of sickness, it simply means that their body is malfunctioning – responding abnormally. There are a number of things that cause the body to malfunction. Some of these things include incorrect diet (candy, soda drinks, energy drinks, alcohol, preservatives, etc), medications and vaccines, "illegal" substances (cocaine, cannabis, heroin, etc), artificial chemicals (bleach, air fresheners, perfumes, hand sanitiser, etc), face coverings (which restrict one's capacity to attain sufficient air intake), and excessive stress (stressful working environments, exhaustion from being overworked, stress/worry from not being able to pay bills, insomnia, etc).

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Also EMF radiation,chem trails ,pollution pesticides ,gm car exhausts ,media induced stress,etc all need detoxing .

All can be blamed on viruses by using  inaccurate PCR testing 

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Virus never been isolated etc .See

Wissenshafft plus.de see 

"Important texts"

Dismantling the virus theory,

the virus misconception 1,2&3

Stefan Lanka goes through it clearly there 

Or Andrew Kaufman MD and

Dr Tom Cowan


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