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Common law (Best website for preparation)

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Over the years there has been some real muppets out there, shall we say, all of whom are attempting in vain to make sense of the system and Matrix around them. They all have two things in common, they all fail, and they’re all complete muppets.
Let’s take the latest topic of muppetry that seems to have exploded onto our screens, the BBC, YouTube channels and various 'freedom' or 'truther' websites over the last few months - the phenomenon of “common law”.
So, what are the facts that none of these muppets comprehend?
Well, the “common law” is not;
1. The “the law of the land”.
2. Some mythical jurisdiction separate from “the law of the sea”.
3. Indifferent to “statutory law”.
4. Applicable to men or women on the land that are not “lost at sea”.
5. Related to contracts or “Magna Carta”.
So what is “common law”?
1. Common law is statutory, matters being more ‘commonly’ referred to in the administrative courts as being ‘at law’, this as opposed to matters in equity and the beneficiary being recognised in equity.
2. Every relationship in this financial system is a trust, there being a legal side and an equitable side in every trust. The ‘at law’, or legal side of the trusts are administered in ‘at law’ courts, County, Magistrates', Queen’s Bench and so forth. The equitable side of the trusts are administered in Chancery and in equity – a wholly different jurisdiction which few comprehend. Indeed, those that do comprehend refer to themselves as being in the “Just us” club, as opposed to the “Just Ice” club.
There are those who are competent, the rest being assumed and presumed to be idiots. An idiot is a person without legal training or a comprehension of the law, such as a solicitor or barrister, who simply ‘practice’ the law as opposed to comprehending it, with “common law” idiots not even getting on the scale of idiocy being 'absolute' muppets (they have full Title to the word Muppet).
3. The Legal side of the trusts with respect to banking are expressed by the settlor, and are subsequently construed upon the beneficiary by the assigned and or appointed agents on behalf of the trustees. If the beneficiary is indolent, which is almost always the case, the ‘at law’ side of the trust, the “common law” if you may, will carry on regardless leaving the oblivious beneficiary up the Khyber.
4. The assumed and presumed construed trust is not a trust at all, moreover a construed relationship over the beneficiary. Such construed relationships may take the form of a mortgagor, borrower, obligor, customer, debtor etc., and will leave the beneficiary none the wiser, the agents and trustees unjustly enriching themselves. This is all perfectly ‘legal’, in fact it is nothing more than a ‘legal upon legal’ chose, and in no way an equitable right or chose.
5. A trustee or an agent to a trustee shall not benefit from a property as though they were a beneficiary, and so, claiming one is “standing under common law” is the highest form of ignorance one can exhibit in any Court.
Such muppetry basically means dishing out more of the same construed debt, construed so called offences or contradictions, or whatever else the legal side may choose to construe for their own amusement or enrichment.
What a bunch of muppets these people really are!
Visit us at Debt-Less Facebook group and www.debt-less.co.uk to find our more.
David - you are being fed a load of muppetry by a load of muppets, and the system knows it.   Equity and trusts are the Achilles heel of the Banks you have yet to discover on your magnificent journey - now there is a topic for London Real with proven success against the Banks in and out of court, and repeatedly so over 20 years.   

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