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Communication Between Nutty Conspiracy Theorists


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Anywhere WE gather, THEY gather, sewing discord between us, interfering in communication between us and sewing slanerous lies to us behind each others backs. THEY appear to be one thing, but they are in fact another. I, like many, have a story to tell which is true, and if everyone were the good people that THEY can only pretend to be and the good people would accept this truth for the truth it is, those who are only pretending would be finished.


In the age of the internet THEY have managed to prevent much truth being told and coating the techniques by which THEY do this as good an onerous deeds or even things that just seem to happen by themselves. The spiritually sick add up to being thieves, frauds and liars and there is no shortage of accusations of mental illness from them which are truly threats against the human rights of those they perceive to be the slaves.


With censorship, fake people and manipulated fora for communication, those with stories to tell cant tell them to one another too easily. So much for the last bastion of free speech if the process of removing the Covid-19 Notification API is suppressed by a monopoly of search engines which promote disabling the malware to those seeking to remove it, without hinting at its presence being through a backdoor which makes the removal of the malware AND the backdoor, the only option to secure your phone. This is just one well described clear example of the kind of things THEY are doing. We aren't even living in a democracy. The television in your living room is a weapon. I can explain my reasoning for these "theories" but the conversation would be interrupted, mocked and disrupted before 10% of the reasoning was given. There is a huge spiritual deception going on by an abuse cult which is hidden in the shadows but very bold when it appears. You need to be very bold to stand up to it and their ranks include very powerful people about the same size as "David Icke - Mainstream Television Sports Presenter (1980s)".


The television is a weapon!


They are running a massive slave racket and the slaves are spiritually deceived. They want to recruit or destroy those who their system of covert slavery can not control. That's why they are now pushing malware like its the new biological biz to make you whiter than white. Regardless of the colour of your skin, to them, you're a nigger!


My main point here isn't about the system of slavery but about the inability of slaves to communicate with one another without "interference in the privacy of home and correspondence" by those who show a red flag when you ask about unelected prime ministers, sovereignty, democracy, media narratives and any or all those lies which reasonable people are expected to blow their own brains out over just because they see it. You cannot awaken those who are only pretending to be sheeple.


Those who have had the wool pulled from their eyes, must find ways to vet out those who are sheeple or pretending to be so and meet in places that neither wolf nor sheeple can see. There is a need for charitable actions toward the sheeple like open discussion in public forums that THEY censor while filling the board with loud offensive things to ward off as many sheeple as possible. There is also a need for the shepards to organise in places that the wolves cannot see.


The sheep do not look up, some wolves do not look up, but there are wolves even in the sacred mountains.


Forget how things appear. Trust your own perception even though the whole world would appear to say it cannot be so. Trust your reason, trust your observation and see things for what they are. In the fake world, there are no sheeple, there are no wolves and the shepherds are the madmen shouting conspiracy theory at those who call them out for lies. To build a shepherds hut in the not-so-fake world, you need to see the world for what is, no longer suspended in disbelief.


The solution to the problem will be suggested by the wolves that we throw ourselves like raw eggs against their wall. The best solutions are discussed in the shepherds huts where the wolves are vetted out, the sheeple cannot see to interrupt and communications are secure from any eavesdropping. Listening through closed doors was always a wrong and in a fake democracy, those who do it in the name of the name of the system, are very very naughty. As for their laws, our first priority should be to raise them up for having such fealty for their laws, then kick away the chair, to see if the tie which binds the noose around their neck will snap. Leave the wrigglers dangling. They tied the rope themself and look how high the backstabbers are above us.


The naive will say its terrible, but we will show them the footage of what they were like with power as they climbed toward the gallows and they will understand who the real fascists were and why their name lives on in infamy.


If you're not a racist, you might learn something from this:



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