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That’s gotta hurt

Aye joe nada

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Guest Gone Fishing...
7 minutes ago, Aye joe nada said:

 My original post is A clip of protesters in America why ? Not sure what you have linked to asking me to download is there a problem?

No problem.
Just wondered what it was.
All l see is a paperclip with a download option..

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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 minutes ago, Aye joe nada said:

I mean rioters not protesters and what does BC mean ? 


l sign most of my posts out of habit....

B asket
C ase

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18 minutes ago, Steph said:

It's probably staged. It's got a few US cultural memes written on it. The guy in the "redcoat" is stupid and they always end up dead. Fairfax (fait facts - that liberty torch has an awful lot of historic meaning) is the site of "providence" a colonial settlement granted to the Sixth Earl of Fairfax by King Charles. It was the deciding factor in the civil war where the battle of Fairfax which had no clear winner left the confederates stranded who were defeated shortly after. The confederates in US culture are the owners of cotton picking niggers and the unionists are the great benevolent liberators of the slaves. In between the lines of the broadcast there will be memes and themes suggested round the big national campfire as people stare at their televisions wondering if King George is up to his tricks. We British are also the anti-heroes of Bollywood. We should play to it and export ourselves as the global Darth Vader for countries wise enough to teach good and evil and with leaders who recognise that just as evil pretends to be good, good can also pretend to be evil. Isn't it funny no one notices the policies of Adolf Hitler when there aren't any swastikas?


Let us raise the flag of our supremacy in the world and gather those who wish to enjoin our supremacy over everything, and aniahlate the inferior people with the most ineffective ways possible. Let us stand united as the supreme and raise a salute to our supreme power which will eventually annhialate the inferior breeds once we have a more effective way of doing so. Sack any, who suffer from compassion for the inferior breeds, they are not as supreme as those who deserve to stand amongst the supreme master race, and should be disgarded among society's filth. Any in the ranks of the mighty who come to infiltrate us to bring us down, toss them to those inferior dogs. We wish to instill a pride in the great and supreme so that there is no question that they are the greatest people in the world, then in a splendid moment of clarity about who is who, we present to the great mighty superior people a film of who the enemies of the people are.


The anticipated great screening where only the most exclusive people who form the master class are invited to attend. It is very unfitting that any respected member shouldn't be there. An introduction talk is given by the supreme leader himself, concerning the content the exclusive audience is about to see. All the inferior people have been routed out, and this film is strictly for the viewing of the greatest. An inspiring speech which will warn them about the film depicting something shocking about the inferior people and the enemies of the people who walk among them. The lights go down and the supreme leader leaves, stage left ... a sinistra!


The projector comes on and the exclusive audience sees a live video of the biggest enemy of the people. Its from a camera pointed at the exclusive audience. It just keeps rolling while a confusion slowly overtakes the audience. Ten minutes go by and there's some looking for answers but no one has any. Where is the supreme leader? Where are his inner circle? No one knows. The projector room is empty. There's no answers. Just confusion. Half an hour later the first drips begin to spill out from the theatre, but all the inferior people are outside clapping and cheering for the supreme and mighty enemies of the people. Each of them kept under constant observation. The incident may have caused them a mental illness which could cause them to lash out at inferior people. Maybe there's an innocent caught up in it through circumstances which are difficult to prevent in the management of large groups of people.


Every one of them should be approached to join the underground. This will require them to throw acid on a child's face to liberate the entrapped. Help a fellow member of the underground by dispatching someone who has the right organ for someone needing a doner. Some gruesome act against the innocent. Caught red handed, there's nothing going on there leaving stage right. Those who refuse to partake in misdeeds, well there's maybe something weird about them showing up in a group of supremacists like that.


Check them out, maybe the weights of Maat are a bit too universal. Put them on a balanced scale and see what weight they balance at. Lighter than a feather? Straighten the paths, describe the past and warn this Ra about Apophis, he or she has seen everything and measures. There's no easy harmony when the Ra can tip Maat's scales. Have any crimes been commited? By Veritas, Themis will not be happy at the wrong against the Ra in our systemicism. What can we offer the Ra to unclap the clap of thunder outside the film house? Libertas, to be a shining eye of a capless pyramid amongst the many eyes which are watching for those who would make themself master over all. May the stars shine freely in the belly of Nuit, may the whispering waters of Mnemosne heal the pains of the coming of our lord. You can't be in this place if your crazy for the world, to be here, you have to be mad!


How come there's fairies that don't believe in fairies? Is it because they are pixies playing trixies? Don't be afraid of the dark!



That’s a heavy reply to a bit of humour that vid was filmed by my friend who was watching an American news channel live back in summer 31st of may  2020 when the BLM protests/riots kicked off you gone deep here on the humour section none of what you just posted makes sense to this video I wish you all the best nothing but positivity. 

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