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Shhh! Can you keep a secret!


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I masturbate! Ha! No just kidding I would never do that unlike you wankers - and that includes the girls who think I don't know the things they do with their genitals. Me? I would never ever do that ever cross my heart with a cherry on top and all that... Secrets?


One [part of a recipe describing how the ingredients are to be mixed and processed] of [present participle indicating a verb whose semantic is that of outward communication] a [piece of information that is restricted to a cartain audience] is ...


To use jargon terms that the intended audience is familiar with but the eavesdroppers are not.


In the age of "google knows everything" there is little jargon that cannot be learned so that the eavesdropper can work out what it is that is being said.


The phrase "Do you like butter?" sounds like part of a recipe book but it could mean myriad different things to various different people. I could be communicating something only those who are members of the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter company could understand butt I'm not! I am holding a small flower to the chin of a child so as to determine if they prefer margarine or playing games in the spring meadow, or maybe I said something else in a hidden letter that the eavesdroppers would never notice in a public statement where the eavesdroppers could be told a million different lies about, or indeed invent their gossip about what was actually said. Do you know the secret? Me either... maybe.


Solemn words are unlike this. While it is awful that the venues for free speech are limited to strictly controlled environments, it is not possible to censor the truth or the lies. The advantage of eavesdropping to those who are eavesdrpped on is that the eavesdropper is a valuable trojan horse to fill with misinformation and a captive audience employed by their employer.


What if we spied on the newscasters through the television screens? What if we broadcast the news by telling the eavesdroppers the lies we wished them to know. What if bought televisions with the intended purpose of turning the television tables to make them face the wall?

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