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Questioned, name and address demanded, arrested

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@oneantisworthtenofyou posted this . i suspect this is a performance piece of propaganda to try and scare the crap out of informed people

the officer was always going to a: issue a fine or b: arrest ... In this situation there is no pleading, no appealing to common sense, no saying "come on mate, let me just go about my day". All the chat prior to the conclusion is for the officer to gain jurisdiction. stand on common law, tell em and dont believe the exemption is anything other than common law.


the pathetic list of exemptions authorised are privileges , nothing more, which can be revoked at any time


pretty nerve racking but heres the common law protection if you wrap it up within a counter-claim or a claim




i recommend further reading and watching of 1215.org and karl lentz "what to do when arrested"


n.b dont think quoting this to the officer will make any difference and dont think this has any sway if you are the defendant.

you must be making a claim or counterclaim


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