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Trump allows FDA to incriminate themselves with Pfizer 'vaccine approval.

Dagmar Gross

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After listening to Donald Trump's speech on this website glorifying the Pfizer 'vaccine' after having pushed hard for its approval by the US FDA sooner rather than later, I was initially deeply disappointed in him too.

However, as I was expressing my disappointment in my comment on his Youtube channel under another one of the news clips on the approval of the 'vaccine', the thought suddenly came to me: "How else is he going to get the FDA too?!" And I added that thought with an "Unless..."


Later, already in bed, I mulled this thought over again and this is what I came up with:

You see, we have to keep bearing in mind that Trump can't just barge in and take out anyone without them having committed a crime "Matrix" fashion. Planning one doesn't count. Well, it does now in Britain under the Corona Virus Act, but that runs under Maritime Law. Trump is or already has abolished the use of Admiralty Law on land in the US, making Constitutional Law the law of the land once again. A sign of this is meant to be the hiding of the golden fringe on the national flags behind him or anyone else of his administration when making a public speech.

Anyway, by approving the 'vaccine', a concoction the FDA know will seriously harm and even kill humanity, the FDA has committed yet another huge crime. They have a long history of this, as people like Robert Kennedy Jr. have already pointed out to us. This time, their crime is part of the entire process of taking down the global Deep State/Cabal and Trump needed this to happen before the 14th of December, which is like a deadline, as it is the Electoral College Vote day. So, he had to push the FDA to approve this 'vaccine' sooner than they perhaps planned. And they walked right into yet another trap he set for them! No doubt, they are all already being arrested and flown down to Guantanamo Bay Prison to await their trials.

In case anyone still doesn't understand why Sidney Powell was taken off the Supreme Court, well she is apparently the only Judge for Military Tribunals in the US. So, of course she is needed at those, because election fraud and most likely this 'vaccine' fraud is considered treason, so is handled by the military courts.


I may be wrong and then this is just another beautiful story for the suckers to hear who believe Trump will save us all from the Cabal, but I somehow do not think I am wrong.

However, time will tell and we will all know very, very soon anyway. In a matter of days...


I have also been following the amazing JC Kay on her Quantum Truths channel and if you haven't watched her recent videos on this subject, she has managed to discover with her Remote Viewing skills that the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine rolled out in Britain is not IT. I was wondering how the UK governments could get hold of a product that had not been approved in its own country yet and they haven't. This one is according to what JC has discovered an old flu vaccine re-labelled. Naturally, nobody should have this injected into them and we have already been told that two nurses have severe anaphylactic shock. Very curious the name of the old man highlighted as having been the first man in Britain to have received the 'vaccine': William Shakespeare. True? Or just another part of the bizarre Cabal tale for 2020?

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A lot of expectations for Trump. I don't believe he is setting anyone up for any kind of sting.


He has to offer up a vaccine, for those who believe in such things, or his detractors will accuse him of "killing people" by withholding a vaccine.


Hillary never went to jail. The Swamp was never drained. US lock downs continue and everyone is wearing masks like never before.


Trump has been put in place to keep conservatives passive. He has done just enough to build the trust and support of his followers, and nothing more.


Politicians are not going to help you. Wealthy business men are not going to help you. There is no "Q". This ain't a fucking movie. There are no heroes in white hats coming to save the day. 2020 was so poorly written and produced, it had to come from Hollywoodland. It's been one big show.


What pisses me off is how mother fucking simple it is to begin to topple these cunts: Delete Facebook and it's associated apps, delete Twitter, etc. Real fucking simple. THEY need us, not the other way around...just like politicians. Yet, we've seem to have forgotten.


Note: Sorry folks, I don't normally post using profanity.

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