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Misery loves company


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I'm not usually stuck for words but I find myself speechless at the sheer audacity of the pro vaxx myopic morons or extreme neurotic narcisists  expecting everyone to take the toxic jab. Accusations of being a murder and pretence that ....oh its not for me but u, exact same bullshit with the muzzles. Couldnt believe someone actually told me to "change my drug dealer" as i appeared cleaely stoned coz of my opinions and reluctance to encourage self-harm. Anyway they will soon be in mourning when it all collapses at their cheesy feet ! 

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On 12/19/2020 at 7:26 AM, JerusalemAngel said:

Sometimes I think these people deserve what's coming but at the same time they are under complete mind-control and don't realize it. 

.. its a crazy place ,...

 since i was kid  i close study that lunatic case with  imperial caesars face 

then at some point  realized that in this  madly pyramidal business 

something wrong with education science definitely it is

those criminals and psychos bombed my home and destroyed my people   

imperial  goal is to make people argue and fight with each other 

divide and conquer is for them engineering so usual and  just another 

as people getting more and more distanced , ununited , weaker , separated , 

other side is getting stronger global United Slaveowners Business  Incorporated 

intellectually outdated nobility astronomy , with vampire economy 

its a crazy place , shiny crown mafia in grace 

virgin islands private  orgy harem space 

stolen lands , gold , oil , diamonds ,

imperial pharaonix solomanix  aroman caesars face

and the global  goal is to make people argue and fight with each other 

divide and conquer is for them engineering  usual and  just another 

and programmed people never realized,

everybody against each other because its everybody hypnotized .





...  i remember this movie scene as a kid ,  and now its happenning everywhere ,... its a crazy place ..  :







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