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On 10/15/2022 at 2:46 PM, Green Dragon said:

We have fledgling projects geared to our collective freedom. I’m gonna be posting stuff about this in the next few weeks


if you want to drop some links in this thread and have cleared it all with the mods then feel free to post it here as off grid and food self-sufficiency is definately in the spirit of this thread

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How To: Make Your Own Meths Burner

Captain Paranoia shows you how to make your very own drinks can meths stove...

31st July 2009

There are many sets of instructions on the Web, such as at ZenStoves or AntiGravityGear. Whilst the ZenStoves and AGG pages are useful to get an idea of how drinks can burners are made, I think they both present fundamentally flawed designs; both have joins in the middle of the burner which results in a weak structure. It’s far better to use the strong structures of the can to form a robust joint that requires no glue. I also find the instructions over-complicated, using templates, plaster-cast moulds and inelegant construction methods.

Here is my method for making a simple, Trangia-style, open-pot, top-jetting burner. It requires no epoxy glue, no flue tape, and needs only a Stanley blade, a craft knife, a straight edge and a thumb tack to make. It deliberately avoids using templates, etc. and takes measurements from the can itself, so that, provided you can remember the steps, you can make it anywhere. With practice, it takes about 15 minutes to make.

Nb. These instructions assume you know how to use and handle sharp tools safely, and how to use opposing muscle tension to control the movement of tools whilst applying cutting force, and what protective equipment to wear; knife blades can snap…

In case you can’t guess from the photos, I’m left-handed. You might want to re-arrange things if you’re right-handed.

As with all things, it’s worth reading through and understanding the instructions before you start.

read in here https://outdoorsmagic.com/article/make-meths-burner/

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On 10/20/2022 at 2:05 PM, Macnamara said:


if you want to drop some links in this thread and have cleared it all with the mods then feel free to post it here as off grid and food self-sufficiency is definately in the spirit of this thread

I’l do so soon; Sotapanna is undergoing a website change so I’l post a link when the new site is up and running, and post stuff about related projects along with it in one fell swoop. 

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On 5/22/2021 at 2:40 PM, Macnamara said:

Book Review Part 1:

The People V's the State, Using Jury Nullification to Defeat Unjust Laws by Luke Von Trapp


This book was recommended by the gentlemen at the UKColumn in their 'A Dissident's Guide to the Constitution' series. The author has his own podcast 'the uncivil liberty' in which he discuss the topic of Liberty. It's a bite sized book that can be knocked off in an afternoons reading and is clear and easy to understand although it needs a bit of editing as there are some small errors but then i can't talk as my grammar is terrible (it's the info inside that matters!)


The author is based in the US but the concept of jury nullification is historically rooted in British common Law. It's definately worth a read and I'll post some excerpts from it below to give a flavour of what Luke is trying to get across to the reader:




'If you've heard about it and are not fighting for it to be implemented in our system, then something is wrong for sure. It is one of the core fundamental rights provided to us by the Constitution, and we have an obligation to use it to invalidate bad laws ratified by corrupt politicians in legislative bodies. Jury nullification is one of the rare ways to fight against the abuse of power, primarily by the law enforcement and the corrupt legal system they support.'


'Jury nullification is a constitutional doctrine which allows jurors to acquit criminal defendants who are technically guilty, but who do not deserve punishment. It occurs in a trial when a jury reaches a verdict contrary to the judge's instructions as to the law' (CopBlock)


'Simply put, the jury holds the most power in determining the validity of the law and whether it has the right to stand. Furthermore, jury nullification prevents unjust laws from being enforced even if the person standing trial has admitted to committing the 'crime'. It sends a message to the legislative 'masters' of the people that they do not agree and refuse to convict as the law is unfit to stand. Jury nullification is a vote of non-confidence on the credibility of the law and those who profit off making these laws and the courts despise it.'


Von Trapp gives real world examples of jury nullification and makes the point that people who feel that certain drug laws or abuse of police power are affecting certain sub sections of the population disproportionately, should learn about jury nullification as the solution to these problems for example if a person is on trial for distributing marijuana then the jury could acquit him if they believe that a non violent act that is technically illegal but which causes no victim should not result in a conviction.


This method of allowing a person to be judged by a jury of their peers is an ancient tradition going back 700 years in british common law history and the book does cover that.


The book stresses the need for jurors to act out of conscience to ensure justice and not to simply follow the letter of the law as the judge may demand. It also contain a good quote from Martin Luther King:


'I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good'


How prescient in our current covid-hysteria predicament

Nicola Sturgeon's plans to abolish jury trials in rape cases are 'a threat to democracy' and risk comparison with Hitler's judge-only courts, Scotland's most senior female lawyer warns

  • Senior lawyer hits out at plans to abolish jury trials in rape cases in Scotland
  • Ministers looking at the proposal amid concern jurors have outdated attitudes
  • Frances McMenamin KC drew comparisons with China – and even Hitler's regime

By Danya Bazaraa For Mailonline

Published: 10:43 GMT, 14 November 2022 | Updated: 12:22 GMT, 14 November 2022

Nicola Sturgeon's plans to scrap jury trials in rape cases have been compared to Hitler's courts by Scotland's top female lawyer who warned the proposal could undermine democracy. 

Ministers are looking at the proposal to abolish jury trials in rape cases amid concern some jurors have outdated attitudes towards alleged victims, leading to low conviction rates. 

But a senior lawyer and government adviser fears Scotland's judicial system may soon, if proposals for judge-only trials go ahead, be on the verge of a misguided and dangerous misstep.

Frances McMenamin KC stated her grave concerns about the plans and drew comparisons between judge-only trials and regimes such as China. She even likened the proposals to Hitler who in 1933 abolished trial by jury and set up the People's Court.

McMenamin, the most senior woman at the Scottish Bar, urged for more be done to defend women asked to give evidence in harrowing trials and warned of the corrosive effect on justice caused by the relatively poor pay of criminal lawyers in the legal profession.

She told The Sunday Post: 'China's new national security law, aimed at suppressing Hong Kong's democracy movement, is abolishing trial by jury. 

'A comparison to China is not one which Scotland should court by removing the current jury system only for sex offence cases.'

She added: 'Even worse, Scotland should not risk further comparison with Hitler who, in 1933, in response to his dissatisfaction at the Reichstag fire trial, in which all but one of the accused were acquitted, abolished trial by jury and set up the People's Court.

'This was a special court set up outside the operations of the constitutional frame of law, whose president almost always sided with the prosecution and in which there was no presumption of innocence.' 

McMenamin, a member of the Scottish Government's Governance Group, said: 'Democracy is not just about parliamentary and local elections. Democratic participation is wider than this.

'Jury service ensures that the citizen - who does not have to vote but does have to respond to a call to jury service - is part of the delivery of justice. 

'The removal of juries for sex offence cases affects the rights not only of any accused charged with such an offence but equally affects the rights of every citizen in Scotland.

'Jury service gives a central role to the public in the criminal justice system, of which serious sex offence cases form no small part in Scotland.

'Even other countries not so historically associated with democratic traditions and institutions are turning towards a jury system such as Argentina and Bulgaria.'


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Mike Lee: The Adversarial Legal System Is the Safeguard to Liberty

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) stressed the need to protect adversarial procedure in the American justice system, saying, “If the adversarial system doesn’t work, you will lose your rights, you will lose your liberty, potentially culminating in a full loss of life, liberty, and/or property.”

The adversarial system is the one that presumes innocence and requires both sides of a lawsuit to conduct their own investigations, bring witnesses, affords the ability for cross-examination, and safeguards defendants against government bias.

Lee was addressing the Federalist Society’s 2022 National Lawyers Convention in the nation’s capital, warning of an increasingly powerful government and its potential to crush the liberties of the American people.

“We neglect the fact that [government] is just force,” he said. “Government is force, and like fire, it’s dangerous and it has to be controlled — should never be trusted.”

The adversarial system “is itself absolutely essential to safeguarding our individual liberties, because if, after all, you get hauled in by this entity whose sole purpose … is to exert force on you — to coerce you into doing or not doing a particular thing — if you don’t have adequate representation, the adversarial system won’t work,” he argued. “If the adversarial system doesn’t work, you will lose your rights, you will lose your liberty, potentially culminating in a full loss of life, liberty, and/or property.”

The adversarial system is contingent upon both plaintiffs and defendants having strong legal counsel — a point of contention brought up several times during the three-day convention, as lawyer intimidation for unpopular clients and the refusal of law firms to represent them is a growing trend, particularly for conservative clients.

“We’ve seen enormous pressure brought to bear on another number of institutions, including and especially our profession, where you’ve seen some prominent law firms, including some in this town, doing everything they can to shun certain clients,” Lee said. “Doing everything they can, in some circumstances, even to shun outstanding, remarkable lawyers, based solely on their prior employment experience, including many who worked in the Trump administration.”

The push to diminish the freedoms of speech and association from the left is a chief contributor to the degradation of the adversarial system.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Lee explained, said, “Something bad happens when we can’t tolerate speech, when we can’t tolerate views that differ from our own.


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On 1/29/2022 at 11:49 PM, Macnamara said:

Helps breatfeeding women with mastitis too

Don’t forget about the cheapest, most effective remedy we have available against viruses: garlic

We know about the flu basics: vitamins A,C,D, zinc and quercetin, and maybe ivermectin if you need it.

But there is something in everyone’s fridge that is extremely potent and cheap as hell.

Years ago I got very ill from parasites, the bloodwork showed I was heavily infected with all kinds of shit in my bloodstream, yeast, amoebas, flagellates, the works. I was loaded. And my liver couldn’t tolerate oral antibiotics. So I looked for alternatives online while we waited on some injectable antibiotics. I decided to try garlic, even though it sounded too good to be true.

I chewed one large clove every morning and evening for a month. Then did bloodwork again. All gone, every last one. It’s not just parasites, garlic will work against anything. It’s a good thing I tried this because the injectable antibiotics never showed up.

It burns your mouth like hell if you chew it, just crush it up real good into a paste and mix with a little bit of honey. If you don’t have a cast iron stomach you want to do it after some food or it could burn and make you uncomfortable.



“Key findings and conclusions: Pre-clinical data demonstrated that garlic and its OSCs have potential antiviral activity against different human, animal and plant pathogenic viruses through blocking viral entry into host cells, inhibiting viral RNA polymerase, reverse transcriptase, DNA synthesis and immediate-early gene 1(IEG1) transcription, as well as through downregulating the extracellular-signal-regulated kinase (ERK)/mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway. The alleviation of viral infection was also shown to link with immunomodulatory effects of garlic and its OSCs. Clinical studies further demonstrated a prophylactic effect of garlic in the prevention of widespread viral infections in humans through enhancing the immune response. This review highlights that garlic possesses significant antiviral activity and can be used prophylactically in the prevention of viral infections.”





Unpeel your raw garlic cloves and put them into a jar of RAW HONEY. The moisture in the garlic is what begins the fermentation process. Each day you can fish out a clove and eat it. The honey removes much of the smell and makes the garlic palatable as otherwise eating raw garlic is pretty unpleasant.

How to harness the healing power of garlic: It's good for blood pressure and may fight colds. But what about the odour? And how much do you need?

  • For thousands of years garlic has been considered one of nature’s health foods
  • Studies show it improves blood pressure, cholesterol levels and immunity
  • Garlic’s health benefits derive from the many natural compounds it contains
  • Aidan Goggins assessed some of the latest products, which we then rated

By Caroline Jones For The Daily Mail

Published: 01:56 GMT, 15 November 2022 | Updated: 01:58 GMT, 15 November 2022

A 2018 review of studies by the University of Nottingham said that these benefits are ‘rooted in the sulphur compounds the plant absorbs from the soil which break down into around 50 different sulphur-containing compounds during food preparation and digestion’, which are ‘biologically active’ inside our cells.

Specifically these compounds seem to boost the body’s production of gaseous ‘signalling’ molecules, key to cell communication. Low levels of these molecules are associated with serious conditions including heart disease.

Indeed, a review of trials in the journal Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine in 2020 found that patients with high blood pressure given 600-900 mg garlic supplements for three months experienced a drop in their blood pressure that was similar to the effect of medication known as ACE inhibitors.

It’s thought that allicin stimulates the production of nitric oxide — which dilates blood vessels — as well as inhibiting ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) activity; this relaxes blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.

Laboratory studies also suggest allicin and other compounds in garlic have anti-viral properties.

However, Dr Jenna Macciochi, an immunologist at Sussex University, says there are only two ‘robust’ human trials: one found that people taking 180 mg of allicin for three months got fewer colds than a placebo group.

A second showed that taking 2.56 g of aged garlic extract improved immune cell function, which could reduce severity of cold and flu symptoms.

‘We can say that garlic does appear to play an immune-supporting and anti-viral role and may contribute to the reduced severity of colds, although eating a small amount as part of a meal might not provide enough of a dose to improve virus symptoms,’ says Dr Macciochi.



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Veganism being pushed by the elites as part of their agenda....the pressure on this front is only going to grow. Yes the treatment of animals in the industrialised meat production system is horrific but i don't believe the answer to that is doing away with livestock altogether. I think the solution to that is localised, smallscale farming where the animals are treated well, fed well and lead a good life. How to slaughter humanely is another issue that needs addressing.

Posted by JULIAN ROSE Posted on 14 December 2022

Green New Deal and Vegan Bullying

Perhaps some vegans would agree with the World Economic Forum’s attempt to sell the idea that only a dictatorship can ensure that methane emitting cows, real food supporters and mixed farmers will not disrupt the path of global salvation set out by the proponents of a ‘Green New Deal’.

Whatever opinions may be held, the interpretation of what constitutes a ‘Green’ diet is not being decided by common sense oriented consumers of pro-ecological foods.

Amongst the fake foods being pushed forward as ‘world saving’, synthetic beef is already in production in Israel, Holland, Indonesia and the USA. 

The motivation to create such a product centres around the story that cows give off methane thereby contributing to global warming.

This piece of so called ‘science’ has given a boost to the vegan argument that mankind should adopt a purely vegetable, grain, fruit and nut diet – and that farm animals should be phased-out of agricultural practices altogether. 

The more thoughtful ones rightly point-out that some 70% of all agricultural grains are used to feed livestock instead of to feed human beings direct, thus producing a huge imbalance in global food availability and efforts to eradicate poverty and starvation.

This argument, widely adopted by the vegan lobby – should be recognised as valid – provided it is seen in the context of a long, gradual evolutionary transformation of farming systems and human dietary trends. But not as reason to force veganism on a generally omnivorous global human family, overnight.

Veganism has already advanced quite rapidly in the ‘health conscious’ segment of modern Western society; but it is riven with confusions and extremism.

Most of the younger generation know absolutely nothing about food and farming, plant processing or modern food production methods. 

They can’t make an informed distinction between ‘grass-fed’ (no grains), low stocking density, free ranging well cared for livestock – and cereal fed, highly intensive, high stocking rate ‘coral’ based animal concentration camps.

Starting from here, the vegan goes only by what he/she is informed is a ‘healthy meat free diet’, via the heavily slanted projections of corporate advertising.

But is it healthy?

Unfortunately not. Unless organically grown (a tiny minority), the vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains  that form the typical vegan diet are all the product of intense agrichemical farming methods that use synthetic nitrogen, carcinogenic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and monocultural (non rotational) soil depleting field management methods. 

Such foods are also grown by ‘hydroponic’ methods. Here vegetables are grown in large vertical greenhouses using no soil at all, just water drip fed with chemicals. The mechanics of this system are largely robotic.

The majority of vegans have no idea about any of this. They judge all by the words of the propaganda machine which pumps out glossy photos of perfect looking veggies being eaten by perfect looking people in perfect looking homes and perfect looking restaurants. 

The sales pitch for vegan is as brutal as any other corporate backed global market promotion.  It is hugely misleading, deeply divisive and increasingly political. It conveys the sense of ‘purity’ on one hand and ‘degenerate’ attitudes on the other; when of course the reality is neither.

There is a clear moral statement behind vegan and vegetarian, but it only becomes a broader force for the good when it involves eating such foods grown caringly, organically and locally.

The rest is simply about supporting the centralisation, globalisation and ‘devitaminisation’ of the food chain. The hypermarket/supermarket New World Order.

This takes us straight back to the deeply deceptive WEF Green New Deal agenda for a fascistic, corporate ‘Zero CO2’ food and farming future ‘To save the world from global warming’.

If we want to be on the right side of the laws of nature – then we must feed ourselves via human scale, ecological and time honoured methods of environmentally friendly farming.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and holistic teacher.  He is President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside and Co-founder of the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology HARE. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ is strongly recommended reading for this time: see www.julianrose.info 


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On 1/12/2023 at 8:24 PM, Bombadil said:

MOD NOTE: Hi all. So you are aware I have hidden a few posts. As a result some of your replies and likes became non sensical. No agenda!


I'm sure you did what you thought was needed, I don't post here enough in this thread to worry.... but.... 

Could you elaborate some bit Bombadil??...

I don't understand as well, yesterday was 6th of Feb, not 12th of Jan when you posted the above.... What? ? does this mean there are TWO Pirates life for me threads? **[CONFUSED]**


I made a couple of SHORT posts here only yesterday which I thought innocuous (sts), but what it is the most non-sensical thing, if you care to mention?

I guess my follow the money one had not enough relating to Biden, or had not direct correlation to Biden documents for example but I was following the money in my post anyway more in general, as I quoted that guy in video commenting on that Biden stuff, so simply my follow the money post by comparison (if thought of like that) was an analysis on that more in general by SandiAdams (the person helping follow whatever money). So, stuff like so for example is it, and as well as that I just wanted to check it's not just me? 


This said, maybe Biden was not relevant here too, as I see that gone now too as well as the video of that follow the money stuff.

Edited by Certified Green of Heart
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Ah, now I see there REALLY ARE 2xx "Pirate Life for me" threads....


Here are the posts I refer to above Bombadil of mine, no wonder I was confused.... Are these in the other thread below ok?.. (the 2 I thought were in this thread I am posting in)...... Stunned there are 2xx "Pirate Life for me" threads....


Ps having resolved my confusion for myself you can delete or ignore of whatever I just said if you want here, LITERALLY WHERE I AM TYPING.

I just wanted to express and inquire what you see me raise what I'm doing right here on page6 of this thread that I thought was the same as Cap'n Mac's Pirate Republic! and it's not. [Just observing as much as anything]

as compared to:-

It's a Pirates Life for me (where I am typing  <<< these words <<< )  Just to differentiate.



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