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Jan 1, 2021

Freedom Agenda 21 – Agorism in the New Year

Mike Swatek

“Resolve to serve no more and you are at once free.”
Etienne de la Boetie, On Voluntary Servitude

Each of us can easily expand our fight for individual freedom in the new year. You can do many of the things shared below. In a nutshell, this includes anything, big or small, which weakens the state, its crony corporations or its global financial power-mad masters, altogether herein called, “the beast”.

If we all resolve to do this, we will become freer, especially in our own lives.

Whenever you buy or sell something, first consider doing so in the real free-market, also known as the Agora. Every time you avoid feeding or obeying the beast, without harming any individual, you’re an agorist. Going forward, let’s all do much more for our freedom, in as many of the ways described below as possible, and beyond.

Near Your Home

Always eat, shop and hire services at locally owned businesses, avoiding big corporations and their franchises. Pay with cash, silver or some other non-banking system method. Talk to the owner about accepting other payments. Ask if they need help getting set up with crypto and do what you can to help.

Support and get to know people selling at road side markets, garage sales, etc. They’re probably avoiding taxes and should be encouraged to continue starving the beast. Talk about what each of you have to trade and what kind of non-banking system payments you each use. Discuss barter possibilities. Maybe you can start them toward crypto or help their understanding of the importance of silver as real money.

Find things you need locally on CraigsList.org, especially from those who accept crypto.

Also, sell things you no longer need in these ways, or gift them to the needy. This expands the agora and reduces sales of large corporations. For larger items, like a house, learn how to sell it yourself and offer a discount based on the portion of payment outside the banking system, like gold verified as real.

Create an agorist market for your locale. Find a property you can use for a day or two, either with owner permission or temporarily homestead stolen property claimed by government or a bank, preferably with someplace nearby to go potty. You could get a port-a-potty and ask for donations. Get the word out to your community, preferably with nobody in charge.

Then, if a state tax thief shows up, nobody is who they can talk to about their BS. If it goes well at that location, do it again, possibly on a regular schedule. Otherwise find a new spot, maybe every time, or even flash markets. Whatever you do, don’t be deterred from making your agorist market happen.

Start your own small business, avoiding involvement with government and the banking system. Determine what you can profitably make, trade or provide. If you have a job which deducts taxes, start a side gig which might eventually free you from being a tax slave. There are a multitude of possibilities.

Consider what you like to do that could be profitable, plus make you happy, which is the most important thing of all. Divert time away from non-productive things toward finding opportunity.

If you already have a business, start accepting more non-banking system forms of payment like silver, crypto and barter. Offer discounts for non-bank payments as encouragement.

If you sell your services for bank payments, resulting in IRS 1099 forms, offer a discount in exchange for no 1099 reporting, so you both come out ahead. It’s even better if they can somehow otherwise claim the expense below the 1099 limit.

Some people provide receipts from various business names to support both parties’ objectives. Given a choice between IRS reported income, or a lower paying agorist opportunity, choose the latter which may actually pay you more in the end, plus starves the beast as a bonus. Over time, your goal may be achieved to become an entirely agorist business.

Avoid banking system debt. It feeds the beast even more than taxes, with high interest on totally counterfeit money (the fractional reserve requirement became 0% this year). If you need to borrow for an opportunity with a good return on investment, look for honest lenders or partners in the agora. It’s a growing thing.

Building on your own land can be a wonderful agorist endeavor for your individual freedom. It’s best to do this outside of any town, in places where there are no building or occupancy permit unjust laws. You can do it in a low cost, strong and very energy efficient manner which frees you from debt, regulations and most taxes.

The author has studied just about every building method and the best way to do this, by far, is with AirCrete. An excellent comprehensive resource for how to build your own is the video course at TinyGiantLife.biz which costs only $70. These are not necessarily tiny, with a two story 30-foot dome having over 1100 feet of livings space.

Things you can do to further improve efficiency are: arctic rated windows, provide air through a duct to a wood stove and don’t use flooring because it insulates against the temperature of the earth which provides summer cooling. Collect and store rainwater to avoid the cost and permits of a well (remember, “unjust law”, like prohibiting rainwater collection, “is no law at all”).

Use Vermicomposting with standard low-flow flush toilets which also provide nutrients and water for a deep mulch garden which requires little water and is easy to maintain, plus can avoid permits and fees (VermicompostingToilets.net).

If you build efficiently enough, totally off-grid solar power becomes feasible, avoiding easements and smart meters. Consider nickle-iron (Iron Edison) batteries for your solar which can last a lifetime, making the added cost an excellent investment.

If you build totally out of view of the road and keep a gate closed at all times, starting before construction, you can avoid tax assessors and only pay raw land valued property taxes. After you learn to do some or all of this, you can even turn it into an agorist business, doing so for others.

Learn how to use crypto with privacy, making it virtually impossible for the beast to track and tax your transactions. The first step is learning about KYC (know your customer) requirements for personal information which a large majority of crypto financial services conform with. Then, avoid all those services and find others who don’t require KYC. They are out there, requiring only an email address to set up, which can be a single use one only accessed on a secure PC from ProtonmailTutanota or others which require no identification.

Keep your primary crypto wallet addresses on your own devices completely separate from your identity, not using 2-factor authorization to a phone or email associated with you. Trading with individuals in person, exchanging crypto for cash or other cryptos, is excellent for privacy. Then start using the only privacy cryptocurrencies which obscure your identity by default, ARRR (PirateChain) and XMR (Monero).

Transferring non-privacy crypto, with non-KYC exchanges or individuals, through a privacy crypto, will let you safely move in and out of wallets associated with you. Continue to learn more about maintaining private communications, possibly with a separate encrypted Linux PC or a bootable privacy USB stick for your most sensitive things, and apply that to how you use crypto too.

Get your savings out of the banking system and Wall Street while you still can, especially IRAs, 401Ks, and any other pension funds. It’s at considerable risk there and directly feeds the beast. All states eventually confiscate retirement funds by forcing purchase of their debt, when nobody else is willing to buy it, on its way to becoming worthless.

The 2011 Cyprus “bail-in” confiscated deposits from bank accounts, setting a precedent which can now happen anywhere, regardless of FDIC “insurance”. Cash is also risky and can become worthless overnight, when the state changes the money to go more cashless, as India did, and then requires proof of it being “legal” to convert.

Far safer investments are productive or useful physical things in your physical possession which have historically held value, especially in SHTF situations, like: silver, gold, guns, ammo, dried foods, etc.

Self-directed IRAs and 401Ks are allowed to invest in gold and silver, and these items may be stored in safes in the home of the individual, which is far better than having digital money stored with TIAA CREF or the like. A good further diversification would be the best privacy cryptocurrencies, or Bitcoin (BTC) bought using them without any KYC, in a wallet on your device protected from any association with you. Remember, crypto may become unavailable when internet isn’t available. So, hold other things too.

Invest in yourself. Learn skills needed to prosper in the agora. Convert unproductive time to good use. Grow a food garden and explore permaculture, which you can even do this in national forests and some state parks.

Raise and process your own meat. Become a beekeeper. Determine what you can forage, catch or hunt nearby. Preserve food. Be your own plumber or electrician. Design and print 3-D items. Do carpentry, metalworking, locksmithing, ammo reloading or gunsmithing for example.

Teaching skills is another opportunity. Diversify your skills. If it interests you and can help your finances or self-sufficiency, learn to do it and then maybe turn it into an agorist venture.

Beyond the obvious, interactions you have with fellow agorists create other possibilities. When you meet people, take the time to visit and get to know each other’s offerings, skills and needs. They probably don’t even realize they’re an agorist, fighting for our freedom. Also, learn about other agorists from them. This networking will grow your circle of opportunities and support.

Promote use of Cell411 to provide mutual support when needed and enhance the sense of community. If you decide to form groups of kindred spirits, consider the Freedom Cells approach and encourage others to do the same.

A growing decentralized network of cells makes it easier for people to prosper and envision life without the beast.

Out of Your Area

Whenever you travel, watch for the opportunities described above. Wherever you are, support the local agora.

Freedom festivals with agorist markets are great, inspirational opportunities. A gathering of people who understand and abide by the non-aggression principle, with spontaneous order allowed to prevail, is an amazing experience. A list of these festivals is included at Agorist.Market/Categories/Markets.html, including: ForkFest/PorcFest, MidFest, Jackalope Freedom Festival and others.

Freedom communities are a growing thing. Perhaps the best known is the Free State Project in New Hampshire (FSP.org). A vacation there will immerse you in the largest concentrated agorist community in what is currently known as United States. Others are emerging, like VALIANT in the western Ozarks, and should be sought out for their agorist opportunities and possibly a new place to live.

Agorist.Market , Connecting Counter-Economy Buyers With Sellers, is a project which took off on Black Market Friday. You’ll find many agorist sellers and providers there, plus links to other such sites. If you have continuous agorist offerings, you can list there for free.

It’s now expanded with the new ShopAgorist feature for listings of limited time or availability, like CraigsList, for agorists. After agorists are connected, they deal directly, with nobody in the middle, as it should be. AgoristMarket has a discussion group on Telegram to learn more. For maximum visitor security, Agorist.Market has no script, cookies/tracking or even the ability to detect your device. So, you may need to turn your phone sideways for proper viewing.

Resolve To Be Free

In the new year, let’s all resolve to use agorism much more in our fight for freedom. Dive in as deep as you can, locally and beyond. We have the numbers to seriously begin weakening the beast and become unstoppably free. To make it happen, every one of us is important. Please, begin taking more action, today!

Together, let’s grow our freedom, and more importantly, that of our children.

Thanks to Jim Davidson and Lisa Bowman for their editing support


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Changing the world one gift at a time


The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 5,338 groups with 9,038,985 members around the world, and next door to you. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and neighborhoods. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers (them's good people). Membership is free. To sign up, find your community by entering it into the search box above or by clicking on 'Browse Groups' above the search box. Have fun!


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Our World. Our way
The Greater Reset Activation: January 25th - 29th, 2021
The Greater Reset is the world’s collective response to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset.
We offer an alternative to the WEF’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision. Our desire is to help all people find community and liberty by providing practical steps and knowledge for co-creating a world that respects individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and choice.

We invite you to join us for 5 days of discussion about the diverse opportunities available for those who seek to live in harmony with humanity and the planet, while respecting our innate freedom.


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The pirate councils guide to becoming a lockdown viking


In order to be a viking you must enter into the spirit of felag. The felag was when people came together for a shared purpose, to achieve a common goal. It is the pooling of wealth, skills, knowledge and social capital in order to become stronger through your combined effort to achieve a cooperative venture. If you wanted to set up as a trader you would likely need to pool resources with others in order to build or buy a boat and the goods with which to fill it and so on. In a sense building a relationship with someone else or a family is also the same process of working together to keep the ship, that is your combined lives on an even keel in the stormy waters of life. In that sense many people are already in a felag on a small scale. I've spoken earlier in the thread about 'freedom cells' as a way for people to come together to achieve things like off grid living or starting a community garden or a social hub or whatever. Many people in the tech sector already bring together teams of people for specific projects in order to gather the right skillset together to achieve the chosen objective. The felag can work on many scales but the point is that in order to achieve things, especially in a harsh environment meant cooperation. Today the climate might not be so harsh but the economic and political climate is going to become increasingly stormy.


This brings us to the subject of money. Many libertarians fancy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and there's no doubt that there are advantages for example moving currency over national borders but it is all dependent on the internet running successfully and depending on how stormy things get even that isn't a guarantee. Gold and silver are being suppressed in price and at some point their value will increase. Gold might seem like a good investment for those that can afford it but in terms of building an economy outside of the official economy or where the usual functioning of society has broken down, gold is not very practical because even a small gold coin can be worth hundreds of pounds so if you go to your local farmer or grower to buy meat and veg and milk a gold coin is going to buy you months worth of supplies when you might only be needing a weeks supply at a time. For this reason silver is more weildy and if you cast your mind back to that much read book of the 90's 'bravo two zero' about the escapades of an SAS section in iraq they carried as part of their emergency kit some gold coins concealed within their clothing so that they could buy their way out of a pinch. This just shows the universal acceptance of gold as a currency. Incidentally the SAS are a prime example of building teams of four with the required skill sets to achieve given tasks so they already use the felag system in a sense. Freedom cells favour groups of 8 as does the british army as that number has been found to be optimum. Some preppers have a 'go bag' of vital kit to grab in case of some event that requires them to upsticks and move quickly and some silver coins wouldn't be a bad thing.


Living in the northern climes the vikings had to live a certain way. Their cycle of life revolved around having their stores ready for the winter time because a failure to have enough stores of grain, salted meat or firewood to see through the long winter would be fatal. In modern terms this means getting your affairs in order and getting your shit together. Streamlining your life to what is useful and what is needed. Anything else can be swapped through swap sites, given away on freecycle or sold on gumtree or ebay etc.


Viking diet would have been made up of fresh ingredients and not the processed crap that is causing all the obesity and diabetes that we see today so if you are going to be a lockdown viking then you are going to need to go back to fresh ingredients and spend a bit more time on your food prep. A soup kettle cooks the ingredients and purees it and is a fast way to prepare warm, nutritious meals and they come with a soup recipe book so that you can make something with whatever you have in your fridge. For fresh veg its worth looking around to see if there are organic growers in your area and even if it means paying a bit more then you would in the supermarket the investment isn't just in your health it is in the local economy because voting in elections has been proven to be a fairly useless exercise whereas consumer power, ie what people spend their money on, is a far more effective way to shape our world. One way to view it would be to see every pound that you spend as a vote for the world you want to see. If you want a world of obesity and diabetes then spend your money on fizzy drinks and junk foods but if you want health and vigour then invest in fresh and local ingredients.


If we look at what the lockdown is doing to people it is affecting mental health but also peoples fitness levels. The bad actors in the state want to drive your health down so the viking way is to push back and emerge even stronger. The lockdown with its restrictions and masks and threats is an exercise in control and in cowing the public. That is the harsh climate we find ourselves in but the purpose of this exercise is to rise above it and create the opposite effect that they are seeking to produce. If they want you to eat crap and become weak then you do the opposite. If they want to make you feel helpless then you take positive steps to manage your own life. If they want you cowed then you become defiant.


So how do you maintain fitness when under house arrest? You set yourself goals every day that keep you disciplined and you work with what you have. If you can't afford gym equipment then buy cheaper alternatives like a chin up bar in your doorway or a sit up bench or a stand that raises the rear wheel of your bike up so that it becomes an exercise bike. If you have no room for those then you do calisthenics. By hitting your daily goals you maintain your discipline over yourself and remind yourself during your exercise that you are defying the likes of bill gates who wants you dead and gone.


The controllers are trying to break our spirit but through discipline and preparedness we guard against despondency. So there is a psychological aspect to becoming a lockdown viking as it maintains bodily and mental integrity under trying conditions but there are also practical reasons too. They are rolling out 5G and vaccines and all kinds of other crap that is going to impact on the body and the fitter and healthier you are the better placed you are to come through it. Lets face it the hospitals with their super bugs and sickness are the last place you want to be.


Vikings had their own martial art called glima but with social distancing and all that nonsense you will need to find other ways to get your body moving not only for strength and coordination but for kinesthetic awareness because in the hurly-burly that may be ahead it might keep you on your feet and balanced. A jog around your local park is a good start but build upto it. There's no point running if you are unfit as you'll wake sore the next day and unable to continue so start with walking and then very short runs interspersed with rest days. We have the whole winter to get through here so start small and build up to a target of where you want to be by the spring.


A vikings appearance was invariably muscled, bearded and with long hair. The muscles will come with the exercise and the beard will come with time or braids if you are a shieldmaiden. Your hair should strike fear into the hearts of your enemies even if the only person you see now is Mrs Miggins down at the newsagent when you do your top up shop, so you are going to want to fashion the most mental lockdown haircut that your missus will allow. Once again this is not so much about the physical but more about building your own willpower and drawing totemic strength.


If you have cause to cut wood even if just for your own camping trips then you can't go wrong with a gransfors bruk axe, hand crafted by scandinavian craftsmen and stamped with their personal mark. The small forest axe is large enough to swing two handed but small enough to fit into a pack. Perfect for limbing trees or chopping up kindling. It cuts like a dream and feels like it belongs in the hand. They even do throwing axes which is one way to pass your lockdown freetime!


The vikings were farmers, traders, sailors, explorers and raiders. These actions required a range of skill sets and knowledge and lockdown is a good time to learn something new. Some books worth having on your shelf include: 'Lost Crafts' by Una McGovern, 'The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live it' by John Seymour & 'Flora Celtica'


A final word then on the warriors mindset. Life was uncertain for the vikings; if the winter didn't get them there were bears, wolves, marauders or stormy seas. A viking had little control over these external factors. All they had control over was how they chose to face them. A warrior can't be concerned with the petty or with the spilt milk of the past; there is only what is facing them and how to overcome it.

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The cottagecore movement


Cottagecore is an Internet aesthetic that celebrates a return to traditional skills and crafts such as foraging, baking, and pottery, and is related to similar nostalgic aesthetic movements such as grandmacore, farmcore, goblincore, and faeriecore.[1] According to its proponents, the ideas of cottagecore can help to satisfy a popular desire for "an aspirational form of nostalgia" as well as an escape from many forms of stress and trauma.[1] The New York Times termed it a reaction to hustle culture and the advent of personal branding.

The movement gained further traction in many online spheres and on social media due to the mass quarantining in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.[2][3] Accordingly, it has been described by The Guardian as a "visual and lifestyle movement designed to fetishize the wholesome purity of the outdoors."[2] It emphasizes simplicity and the soft peacefulness of the pastoral life as an escape from the dangers of the modern world.[4]

Gardening, interacting with farm animals, and dancing with a loved one under the moonlight. These classic cottagecore themes eschew digital connectedness in favor of a connectedness to nature.

— Writer Amelia Hall in The Guardian, 2020[2]
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Shipped by Sail is an environmentally responsible shipping broker and importer of ethically-sound goods.


The passion of the Shipped by Sail team is to bring high quality products, which cannot be grown or produced domestically, to our discerning customers in a sustainable way. At present these products include extra-virgin olive oil from Portugal and coffee from Colombia.


At Shipped by Sail we transport our products on traditional sailing ships, emissions free. This gives us a very low carbon footprint and none of the air and marine pollution caused by conventional shipping. Once on land our products are delivered by electric vehicles, using energy from renewable sources, and by cargo bike.


We also arrange shipping for our customers using our network of sailing ships, to enable them to move their goods and import their products sustainably with minimal emissions. Integrated, sustainable transport solutions – with transport both on sea and land are also possible.


Whether your interest is in having your goods shipped emissions free, purchasing our products for your restaurant, shop or home, or if you would simply like a good old chat, please do get in touch.


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On 1/25/2021 at 12:19 AM, Macnamara said:

The pirate councils guide to becoming a lockdown viking


Many libertarians fancy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and there's no doubt that there are advantages for example moving currency over national borders but it is all dependent on the internet running successfully and depending on how stormy things get even that isn't a guarantee.

Bitcoin out, digital rupee in: India cracks down on private cryptocurrencies while seeking to launch its own digital coin

31 Jan, 2021 10:54
The Indian government plans to introduce a bill to prohibit “private cryptocurrencies,” paving the way to outlaw the likes of bitcoin. The law is set to facilitate the creation of the nation’s own official digital currency.

The ‘Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill’ was put on the government’s agenda, according to a bulletin, released by the lower house of parliament earlier this week. The proposed law could be discussed in several sessions, the first of which could be held as early as next week.

The legislation moves to prohibit what it calls “all private cryptocurrencies in India,” but allows “certain exceptions” to promote blockchain, the underlying technology of cryptocurrency and its uses. It also aims to provide a framework to set up an official digital coin, issued by the Reserve Bank of India.



On 1/25/2021 at 12:19 AM, Macnamara said:

Gold and silver are being suppressed in price and at some point their value will increase. Gold might seem like a good investment for those that can afford it but in terms of building an economy outside of the official economy or where the usual functioning of society has broken down, gold is not very practical because even a small gold coin can be worth hundreds of pounds so if you go to your local farmer or grower to buy meat and veg and milk a gold coin is going to buy you months worth of supplies when you might only be needing a weeks supply at a time. For this reason silver is more weildy

Silver spikes as small investors take on Wall Street in metals market

1 Feb, 2021 09:08 / Updated 2 hours ago
The Reddit-driven buying frenzy has spilled over into commodities, and the silver market in particular, pushing futures contracts for the precious metal to a five-month high. Silver futures for March delivery gained around 12 percent, trading at around $30 an ounce on Monday morning. The spike follows unprecedented demand for silver bars and coins recorded over the weekend which forced some dealers to stop taking orders or warn customers about shipping delays.


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Some simple steps to voting with your feet


Get rid of your TV and your BBC Tv licence: deprive the BBC of its revenue and watch it wither on the branch

Avoid SMART tech of any kind including mobile phones as they are simply a spy device in your pocket that will only be used more and more against you as the covid-biosecurity-surveilance state ramps up...you know this is true

Avoid wifi which is harmful microwaves and use an ethernet cable to your computer instead

Drop facebook and twitter and use alternatives as those are just cabal owned vehicles for data harvesting and the development of artificial intelligence

Find out if your council puts fluoride in the water as fluoride lowers IQ and if it does then buy a filter and filter any drinking water

Buy non fluoride toothpaste online

Look into your banks history; who owns it and was it involved in the 2008 credit crunch? If so switch to an ethical bank, credit union or building society

Phase out your use of corporate media and switch to independent media sources such as the headlines section of this website

Buy fresh and local as and when you can

Avoid processed food, fizzy drinks (aspartame is a neurotoxin), Monosodium glutomate (neurotoxin), soy (destroys fertility) and corn syrup

Tomato products in tins strip the hormone mimicking chemicals off the inside of tin cans so use bottled tomato products instead

Cut down on cosmetics and avoid harmful chemicals like parabens and pthalates

Use eco soaps, shampoos and detergents that have less harmful chemicals in them

Don't use plastic kettles as the boiling water draws harmful chemicals out of the plastic; use a metal kettle instead

Don't use 'non stick' pans as they have endocrine disrupting chemicals on them that

Don't use microwave ovens as they denature the proteins in the food. 'convenient' doesn't = best

Don't use blue light on your computer as it's bad for your eyes

Avoid vaccines...you don't improve your health by injecting aluminium, thimerosol and formaldehyde into your muscle PERIOD

Use sea salt which is created through evaporation and not chemical processing

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Community Food Growers Network
a London-based support network of food projects putting land into community use


Who We Are:

We are a network of community food growing groups launched in London in 2010.

Food growing: We are actively engaged in growing food plants and supporting others to grow food, in healthy, sustainable ways.

Community: We are not-for-profit(1), collectively managed initiatives. We exist for the benefit of group members, local communities, their economy and environment.

Network: The network is a horizontal association; a “group of groups”. We connect and cooperate with each other, within and beyond our local neighbourhoods. We meet every season to celebrate our yields, share skills and decide on the next practical steps for the network.

What We Believe:

That Community Food Growing Projects have a number of important benefits:

Community development and social cohesion: creating vibrant spaces for diverse individuals and communities to meet, on a level playing field, on the common ground of food.
Physical health and mental well-being through exercise, fresh air, improved diet and direct contact with soil and nature.
Environmental: reconnecting people and nature; creating and maintaining green, breathing spaces in urban and rural landscapes; enhancing biodiversity and contributing to reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants.
Economy: promoting individual and community self-reliance by helping people take a step towards taking control of their food, and fostering micro-enterprises.
Offering a challenge to current highly unsustainable food production practices.
Given these benefits, and the exuberant joy that can be experienced from working with others to grow food, we believe that Community Food Growing Projects have a vital role to play in improving our current society; in the transition to a future sustainable, just society; and as a permanent feature of that society.

That the open air testing and commercial growing of genetically modified (GM) crops is a serious threat to sustainable food production, and that the co-existence of GM and non-GM crops is untenable.

We Exist To:

Provide a space for Community Food Growing Groups, to provide moral and practical support, aid and inspiration.
Create and control our own food systems by reclaiming enclosed land for common use.
Facilitate the exchange of ideas and information.
Promote more sustainable forms of food production and ultimately to grow food organically(2).
Join together in defence of any member whose legitimate activities are threatened : “an injury to one is an injury to all”.
To increase community food growing activity, through education, awareness raising, lobbying, campaigning and direct action, at a local, regional, national and international level.
To raise funds to further these activities and following demands.

We Demand:

Security of tenure for all bona fide Community Food Growing Groups: a minimum of ten year contracts for rent/ lease of land; ultimately resulting in collective ownership by the group/groups/network.
No Group to be evicted from their land without a full local referendum, unless they consent to the offer of alternative premises.
Statutory bodies to make appropriate land available to Groups on demand, if necessary by compulsory purchase, or allowing the occupation of open land serving no other socially useful purpose
Priority for sustainable food solutions:
Land redistribution
Employment and training
Freedom from contamination by GM pollution.

1- ‘not-for-profit’: any surplus income generated is fed back into the initiative, not taken out as profit.

2 – That is, in accordance with Garden Organic’s Organic Gardening Guidelines or Soil Association’s Organic Standards.
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New sustainable agriculture development in Detroit feeds 2,000 households for free
Tuesday, December 27, 2016 by: D. Samuelson

Urban renewal on a couple of acres in a northern section of Detroit, Michigan doesn’t mean fancy street signs, sprawling apartment complexes or bicycle lanes. It means a vision for clean food and sustainable agriculture to create a new kind of urban development called an “agrihood.” Parcels of land formerly in disarray are being dug up and retrofitted as an urban farm and more under the direction of the 501 (3) (c) group called the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI).



As reported by Crainsdetroit.com, since 2011, when this all volunteer organization was started, 8000 volunteers have put in a total of 80,000 hours on their urban organic farm and produced over 50,000 pounds of free produce to “neighborhood residences, area churches and food pantries.” Trueactivist.com reports that plans are also in the works to build “3,200 square foot Community Resource Center,” which will serve as volunteer headquarters and a place to teach interested parties, especially children, about health, clean food and sustainable agriculture. A 200 tree orchard and a health food café is also in the blueprints.


Football Field Farm Turns Around College And Builds Community With Organic Produce
Posted on October 17, 2016
By Brianna Acuesta

The We Over Me Farm has completely transformed the community.

When President Michael J. Sorell took over at Paul Quinn College, a private, historically black college in Texas, the school was just barely getting by. Sorell knew he needed to make some serious changes if the college he now ran was going to succeed once again and continue to make a name for itself.



For him, that meant making some really tough choices. Since college football has such a strong fanbase in America, it was difficult for Sorell to make the decision to cut the entire team. What the college was left with was an empty sports field and lots of ideas about how to put it to use.

After three years of mulling over their options, Sorell collaborated with Trammell S. Crow, a local real estate agent who was also a philanthropist and looking to add a community garden to the area. The football field was the perfect locale, and what started out as a few raised beds with some small crops quickly turned into so much more.

With the help of Crow and a sponsorship from PepsiCo’s Food For Good Initiative, the We Over Me Farm became a reality. Today, the organic farm boasts an annual yield of 30,000 pounds of food, 15-20 percent of which is donated to local food charities. The farm has also gotten the college back on the right track and it’s now listed as a local food producer.

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Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) is dedicated to preserving free speech and enabling citizens to exercise their rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Local involvement is the spirit of Free Speech in America. We believe in the role of the citizen stakeholders in their local communities, and encourage active involvement in local processes, boards and elections.

Vision Statement

The Vision of Citizens For Free Speech is to restore and defend the art of peaceful, intelligent and productive communication through local action.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." - First Amendment, U.S. Constitution

Our Mission

CFFS promotes successful local activism by showing its members how to effectively communicate and exercise their First Amendment rights in every public or private situation. We mobilize our members to achieve success in their local communities by giving them tools, strategies, training and encouragement to restore civility in the civic arena and to teach others to do the same.


The U.S. Constitution is the foundational document of the United States of America that was created after a bloody and successful revolution against England. Many of the specific grievances held by early Americans are seen in the First Amendment: Freedom from government-mandated and sponsored religion, freedom of personal speech, freedom of the press, the right to peaceable assembly and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. It is not surprising that the first thing blurted out by founding fathers was "Congress shall make no law..." to nullify these precious rights that were viewed as essential to a free society. 

However, John Adams, signer of the Declaration of Independence and second President of the United States warned, "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."*

With the steep decline of morality and religious virtue in America since the early 1960s, the Constitution as a whole is under unprecedented attack, but no more so than the First Amendment in particular. Today, as the First Amendment is twisted, misused and misinterpreted, its original intent is completely obscured. 

The only path to reclaiming the high meaning of the First Amendment is for men and women of moral and religious integrity to assert their influence in their local communities by actually doing it. In other words, the First Amendment is actualized only to the extent that it is practiced. 

John Adams, The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States, Charles Francis Adams, editor (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co. 1854), Vol. IX, p. 229, October 11, 1798.


CFFS is the only organization that reaches out directly to citizens to give hands-on, how-to training in the actual exercise of the First Amendment. Although litigation is important, it is critical to understand that no amount of legal proceedings will ever solve the dilemma presented above.

Our personal communication training material has already been tested and proven in local workshops throughout the western United States. We work in collaboration with experienced, top-tier activists who have already developed successful strategies to transform local communities back to Constitutional norms.


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If i were as rich as Ed Sheeran...


Occaisionally it will say in the newspapers that the euro lottery has a rollover jackpot of some insane amount of money like 100 million or thereabouts and sometimes I like, as a mental exercise, to fantasise about what I could do with that sort of money. The exercise is I admit a little hollow as I don’t play the lottery but lets not get hung up on the details!


Of course I would want to share the good fortune with loved ones but there are also so many other things that could be achieved. How much wealth is locked up in the top 1% of humanity where it is not making any positive difference to the world?


It really seems to me that money is wasted on the rich. The newspapers are always full of snapshots of the lives of the rich and famous and it seems that whenever someone gains great wealth for example through acting or a music career, they always behave the same way. They buy a large house near other celebrities and a fleet of fancy cars and they inevitably end up in planning disputes with their neighbours because they want to build new swimming pools or lakes or studios or something on their estate. In their wikipedia pages there will often be a subsection titled ‘activism’ that will mention a charity that the celeb is affiliated with for some sort of woke cause where no real tangible difference is made to the world but they get to make empty gestures that signal their faux-virtue to the world.


My vision of the world is completely counter to the centralised vision of the globalist elites who want everyone in smart cities that they control with total authority. I would like to see decentralised communities of self-sufficient people living their lives with meaning and purpose, able to coordinate their efforts in order to ensure that everyones needs are met so my fantasy revolves around how to facilitate that. Is it a pointless exercise? Well if energy flows where attention goes then perhaps not as all action begins first with an idea. So here’s some of the ideas I fantasise about pursuing if I became as rich as Ed Sheeran…


In Scotland we have a tragic heritage of displacement of people from their land most famously in the ‘highland clearances’ where in some cases people had the roofs of their homes burned above their heads to drive them out and some were physically forced onto boats to be relocated abroad, but the clearances also took place in the lowlands and England, Wales and Ireland too have suffered their own forms of social engineering that inevitably displaced the common man. So one area I’d be looking at closely is to assist in ‘community buyouts’ of land. These would place tracts of land into the care of the local communities that live on them. Success stories include the isle of Eigg which also has renewable energy in the form of a community windfarm. Having people on the land and owning a stake in it creates a greater bulwark against the globalist agenda of the cabal because they wish to drive people off the land and into ‘smart’ urban zones so if people have a stake in the land they are more inclined to resist such moves.


Part of the problem that rural communities have had is the retention of their young folk who obviously crave the company of other young people and the buzz of social life. People are spread out in Scotland and this has been ovecome in the area of education through the use of remote teaching methods such as MOOC’s where a person can attend a distant lecture through their computer. Of course the open university has been carrying out distance learning for a longtime.


So perhaps a one-stop-shop online social hub could provide a point in which people could pool their knowledge and resources and reach out to others to find mutual benefit. What could such a hub provide? To the elites the internet represents a way for their artificial intelligence to study humans but a positive flipside to the internet is its ability to enable people to communicate over distance and to come together in a meeting of minds.


The beating heart of a community is its culture as that is the glue that binds people together and enables expression and creativity. To that end a hub would encourage engagement with areas like music, language and the arts as well as education and trade. In Scotland an informal gathering of people to tell stories or play music is called a Ceilidh and a hub would provide a means through which such gatherings could be organised to create a buzzing network of venues. Decentralised farming communities often say that young farmers find it difficult to find love and a hub would also encourage people to get together. We already have websites and networks that perform these functions such as dating sites and music sites and so on but if people are going to find likeminds within their own community there needs to be a more culturally integral nucleus.


Modern decentralised, small holdings or crofts could take the best of the past and combine it with the best of the new to provide an easier self-sufficient life than that of the past. For example modern renewables can provide low cost, decentralised power and the internet can form a virutal market place where people are able to barter their goods and services. The hub would have a mechanism through which people could advertise their wares and search for what they required to facilitate the movement and sharing of resources over distance. If you had pigs but wanted to make beer and didn’t grow barley then you could find someone who had surplus barley and wanted weaners. However barter could also operate on a more complex level than this. For example there might not be someone who wanted weaners and yet they had surplus barley however there might be a third party who did want pigs that might have something that the barley grower wanted. If the needs of the three parties were fed into the system it could enable a complex arrangement of interdependent trades that would enable all parties to emerge with what they wanted.


There are already swap sites for people who want to get rid of items they no longer want or need and I saw one newspaper story of a lady who started with a hair pin and ended up with a cabin through a series of swaps! Then there is freecycle for people who simply want to give things away and there is gumtree for people who want to sell things. The hub would facilitate all of the above.


We have seen problems with centralised platforms such as facebook and twitter drawing everyone onto them and then deciding to control the traffic and a centralised one stop shop website could fall foul of the same issues so it would either have to be placed in ‘trust’ for all the members to co-own and/or it would be a portal to other decentralised websites.


Putting the hub aside for a moment, before it becomes too boring, another area a decentralised world needs is low cost housing that enables young couples to start out and begin families. The National Trust in scotland ran a scheme called the ‘little houses’ scheme in which it used a pot of money to buy up properties which it then renovated before then selling them on. The proceeds would then be reinvested back into the scheme and through this it was able to finance the rescue of dilapidated or shabby buildings. This was used for example to regenerate Dunkeld which is now a popular destination for visitors because of its character. I would start my own little houses scheme to utilise the incredible legacy of building stock we have in this country that is currently sitting empty or ruinous. I’d be looking to make the properties as self-sufficient as possible for example utilising renewable energy, rainwater capture, eco-soakaways and composting toilets. This would then minimise bills for the owners moving forward and make them less reliant on centralised corporate providers of energy and services. I would (through the hub) employ local contractors to do the work and find local buyers to ensure continuity of local community. I’d sell at cost price as a not for profit venture.


I would create, through the hub, a credit union to enable people a safe place to store their money that did not behave as an investment bank and therefore did not gamble peoples money. I’d create a finance scheme that enabled people who bought properties through the little houses scheme to pay for the houses in small instalments, over time so that they never had to pay any interest.


So far we have housing and the social side of things as well as a system of exchange of goods and services that could see a cottage industry of decentralised crafts and production thrive, covered. Education has been touched upon with the idea of remote MOOCs to enable people, through the hub, to do modules in any subject in which anyone would care to produce teaching modules. They wouldn’t necessarily be to gain qualifications as such but rather for personal development and true cultural enrichment.


I think school level education needs to be completely rethought to give children an education in things that will be truly useful to them in life and I like the idea of forest schools that teach outdoors and in the wild. I would fund the creation of a network of forest schools throughout the country that would get children outside and in contact with wider nature to learn about the plants and animals and to realise that they are co-dependent with them and that we are guardians of the land and of culture that must seek to pass them on to the next generation undamaged. I’d fund the start-up costs with the arrangement that parents paid the ongoing costs.


The forest schools would provide a grounding in the skills and knowledge that would enable children to then progress into decentralised crofting and small holding or more specialised skills that would always make them useful to the wider community. There would be no useless ‘degrees’ in ‘eco-feminism’ that would condition people to perceive other people as ‘the other’ whilst providing the person with no useful skill through which to make a living and contribute meaningfully to their society, ultimately leading only to debt and embitteredness. Out with that crap!


Mobile surgeries could be created that travel around carrying out medical procedures arranged by appointment through the hub and traveling doctors could also use local facilities. This is already done in areas like laser eye surgery where doctors travel to a location and carry out a bunch of operations. This intensive approach could be used to clear backlogs in key areas.


In the not too distant past, most people lived in the countryside but the agricultural and industrial revolutions saw a mass movement of people into the cities and towns where most of the population now resides. Many of the same principles above could be applied in cities though for example through the creation of community gardens for localised food production. Affordable housing could be created in the same way through the regeneration of old industrial buildings that could be flatted. The equivalent of forest schools in cities would use those community gardens to teach farming. Suitable buildings could be used as vertical farms.


Land that could not be utilised effectively for decentralised farming could become forest graveyards where people are buried and the family plant a tee on top of their grave. This would allow mixed, deciduous forests to grow up over time. Expensive caskets would be discouraged and biodegradable coverings encouraged with the ethos that the person was returning to the land. Don’t you think a growing forest would be a better place to visit to remember a loved one than a graveyard not to mention a better and more biodiverse environment to create? Cremation on the other hand puts nothing back into the soil.


All this might be beyond the riches of even Ed Sheeran but some easier wins would be:


The creation of a legal team dedicated to the cause of fighting for truthers and various areas of activism currently associated with the truth movement. This could include the building of class action lawsuits in areas like 5G harms, vaccine damage, lockdown harms, roundup and so on.


Perhaps the creation of a pirate hub for truthers through which actions could be coordinated. I would also fund scientific research in  certain contested areas such as the existence of chemtrails and the link between autism and vaccines. I would also buy the equipment required to measure the microwave levels coming off 5G masts and make this available along with filming equipment to truthers through the hub. The hub could form a platform for truthers to share their research and pool their resources but also to reach a wider audience.


I’d also fund truth researchers by buying their books in large quantities and then seeding them up and down the country with an instruction in the cover that the book is to be passed on once the person has read it and containing of course a weblink to the hub through which they would then find more information and like-minds. I came across this marketing technique once when I found a book in a public place which I read and passed on. The book had in it an email address so that people could post their thoughts and also the books location as it traveled around thereby making the process fun and interactive. The technique worked as I went on to read more content by that author!


Clearly all this is pie in the sky but it’s fun to dream and dream we must if we are to begin imagineering a future beyond the ‘new normal’ that the Davos, corporate clique wish us to embrace.


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Lockdown Viking update


My shower has broken down so now I'm washing like a viking....out of a bucket....so that's good. You don't want warm water for this, tepid is ideal. Also you should wash in an unheated room with a steady, cool breeze coming in because you didn't get round to fitting the outer flaps to your extractor fan. You want to feel the icey grip of the Cailleach around your scrote as you wash. This will make you appreciate your fire more.


I read on the side of a coffee packet about the swedish custom of 'fika' which is the art of taking time in your day to just sit and be and enjoy a beverage in quiet or in company. Nowadays that is likely to be coffee in the morning but no doubt the vikings enjoyed a good horn of beer once the days work was done. In lockdown a designated hour of beer therapy is no bad thing. Now the one drawback of drinking your beer out of a horn is that you can't put it down, as it has no base. Your options are either to craft yourself a holder of some sort, such as the example below or simply to keep hold of your horn until you have drained it to the dregs.



As you quaff from your horn, spare a thought for the clan chief of the MacLeods of Skye who had to drain the horn of Sir Rory Mor in one go before he could be allowed the title of clan chief.



I myself downed a yard of ale, as a youth, in little over a minute. I even made it out of the pub doors before it came back up again. The pirate council does not condone reckless drinking unless you are about to embark on pillage upon the seven cyber seas.


Another scandie concept is that of hygge which wikipedia defines as: 'a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment'; in scotland we call this 'coorie' and in order to be a lockdown viking in the increasingly harsh conditions we now inhabit it is vital to master the art of comfort in a trying environment. Perhaps success in this area relies on appreciation of the little things in life. A toast to Frigga for the warmth of your fire can't hurt

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Tired of crap pop music on the radio?


Fancy something different? There are a number of good folk music podcasts that can be downloaded and there are few boring chores or car journeys that can't be brightened up by having these on in the background:


Mr Thoumires Fine Tunes also known as the Foot stompin podcast can be found on the 'hands up for trad' website here: https://projects.handsupfortrad.scot/handsupfortrad/


Folk on Foot sees Michael Bannister meeting different artists around britain before going on a walk with them to hear them play and learn about their area and their relation to it and of course their journey as a musician: https://www.folkonfoot.com/


Traveling folk with Bruce MacGregor on the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00tlyrt


Celtic Connections hasn't been able to hold their usual annual live music event this year due to covid-hysteria but the artists performances are available online: https://celticconnections.com/how-to-watch/

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On 2/3/2021 at 8:42 PM, Macnamara said:

Some simple steps to voting with your feet


Don't use 'non stick' pans as they have endocrine disrupting chemicals on them that


I watched the film 'Dark Waters' recently which is based on the story of the lawyer who challenged Du Pont over their teflon chemical which they polluted the biosphere with. It's a 'forever chemical' and is found in most humans now. The film also reminded me of a news story about one of the heirs of the Du Pont family who was convicted of pedophilia but spared jail because the judge said he wouldn't be able to cope with jail...


Revealed: Multimillionaire du Pont family heir was spared jail for raping his three-year-old daughter because judge decided he would 'not fare well' behind bars 

  • Robert Richards was charged with fourth-degree rape of his young daughter but was spared jail
  • Shocking details about the offense and an alleged assault on his infant son have emerged in a lawsuit brought about by his ex-wife Tracy
  • Richards is an unemployed heir living off his multi-million dollar trust fund
  • His ex-wife is suing for compensation for her two children and the emotional distress they've endured
  • In sentencing him in 2009, Judge Jurden said Richards would benefit from participating in a sex offenders rehabilitation program rather than prison

By Daily Mail Reporter

Published: 05:56, 31 March 2014 | Updated: 14:07, 31 March 2014

Shocking details have emerged of how a multimillionaire heir to the du Pont chemical business was convicted of raping his three-year-old daughter but escaped serving prison time after a Delaware Superior Court judge ruled he would ‘not fare well’.

Robert H. Richards IV was charged with fourth-degree rape in 2009 after he admitted that he had raped his daughter almost a decade ago.

News of the shocking leniency shown to Richards, 46, only emerged on Tuesday in the details of a lawsuit filed against him by his ex-wife Tracy.


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On 1/10/2021 at 1:58 PM, Macnamara said:


Changing the world one gift at a time


The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 5,338 groups with 9,038,985 members around the world, and next door to you. 


Freecycle has shut down its groups in some areas, so we use Freegle instead. Basically the same thing. https://www.ilovefreegle.org

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On 2/25/2021 at 7:44 PM, k_j_evans said:

Freecycle has shut down its groups in some areas, so we use Freegle instead. Basically the same thing. https://www.ilovefreegle.org


cool. I haven't really looked into swap sites but they seem like a good idea too. I saw a story about a lady who started with a hairclip and swapped it all the way to eventually owning a small cabin!


Apparently in new zealand they have sites that are like our council run dumps except you can take items that are otherwise still working but which you aren't going to use anymore and you can leave them there for anyone who wants them to come along and collect them which sounds like a great idea....kind of a council run freecycle type deal


So if you had a sofa or a bike or kettle or whatever that was in good working order but you just didn't need it anymore you could leave it there and someone who needed the item could come and collect it

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What to say to the police if stopped


I just watched the UK Column news for 3rd march and they said that if the police stop you and demand your name and address you should calmly refer them to the 1966 case of Rice v's Connelly (NB when you say a legal case you don't say 'versus' like you would a football match, you say 'against' so it would be Rice against Connelly even though it is spelt 'v's')


This case ruled that you do not need to provide your name and address unless the police have reasonable suspicion of an offence

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What to do if a 5G mast is being placed near your home


Under legislation passed in 2016 you are able to sue the person whose land the mast is placed on. The legislation you can sue them under is. The government have effectively protected themselves by passing over the legal responsibility to the landowner so its them that you need to sue directly.

The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016

The information on this page will help you understand what you need to do as an employer under the CEMFAW Regulations (PDF) which came into force in July 2016. It may also be useful to others with responsibility for health and safety, ie employees and safety representatives.

What must you do?

An employer is required to:

  • assess the levels of EMFs to which your employees may be exposed;
  • ensure that exposure is below exposure limit values (ELVs);
  • take action if employees are exposed to EMFs in excess of the ELVs;
  • when appropriate, devise and implement an action plan to ensure compliance with the exposure limits;
  • when appropriate, assess the risks of employee's exposure and eliminate or minimise those risks. Ensure you take employees at particular risk, such as expectant mothers and employees with active or passive implanted or body worn medical devices, into account.
  • provide information and training on the particular risks (if any) posed to employees by EMFs in the workplace and details of any action you are taking to remove or control them. This information should also be made available to their safety representatives as appropriate; and
  • provide health surveillance or medical examination as appropriate.

The CEMFAW Regulations contains a Schedule which introduces limits, explains the effects of EMFs and provides details of safety conditions which must be met. In addition they allow the sensory-effects ELVs to be exceeded when certain safety conditions stated in the Schedule to the Regulations are met.


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Courting the Muse


O clear sighted one, granter of the Imbas forosnai,

weaver of the web of wyrd and voice from the silence.

I have shattered my old life and laid the pieces at your altar

I have drunk of your waters and been replenished.


Excerpt from the Introduction of ''The White Goddess'' by Robert Graves:

‘What is the use or function of poetry nowadays?’ is a question not the less poignant for being defiantly asked by so many stupid people or apologetically answered by so many silly people. The function of poetry is religious invocation of the Muse; its use is the experience of mixed exaltation and horror that her presence excites. But ‘nowadays?’ Function and use remain the same: only the application has changed. This was once a warning to man that he must keep in harmony with the family of living creatures among which he was born, by obedience to the wishes of the lady of the house; it is now a reminder that he has disregarded the warning, turned the house upside down by capricious experiments in philosophy, science and industry, and brought ruin on himself and his family.

’Nowadays’ is a civilization in which the prime emblems of poetry are dishonoured. In which serpent, lion and eagle belong to the circus-tent; ox, salmon and boar to the cannery; racehorse and greyhound to the betting ring; and the sacred grove to the saw-mill. In which the Moon is despised as a burned-out satellite of the Earth and woman reckoned as ‘auxiliary State personnel’. In which money will buy almost anything but truth, and almost anyone but the truth-possessed poet.

Call me, if you like, the fox who has lost his brush. I am nobody’s servant and have chosen to live on the outskirts of a Majorcan mountain-village, Catholic but anti-ecclesiastical, where life is still ruled by the old agricultural cycle. Without my brush, namely my contact with urban civilization, all that I write must read perversely and irrelevantly to such of you as are still geared to the industrial machine, whether directly as workers, managers, traders or advertisers or indirectly as civil servants, publishers, journalists, schoolmasters or employees of a radio corporation. If you are poets, you will realize that acceptance of my historical thesis commits you to a confession of disloyalty which you will be loth to make; you chose your jobs because they promised to provide you with a steady income and leisure to render the Goddess whom you adore valuable part-time service. Who am I, you will ask, to warn you that she commands either whole-time service or none at all? And do I suggest that you should resign your jobs for want of sufficient capital to set up as small-holders, turn romantic shepherds — as Don Quixote did after his failure to come to terms with the modern world — in remote unmechanized farms? No, my brushlessness debars me from offering any practical suggestion. I dare attempt only a historical statement of the problem; how you come to terms with the Goddess is no concern of mine. I do not even know that you are serious in your poetic profession.





“All modern people feel alone in the world of the psyche because they assume that there is nothing there that they have not made up. This is the very best demonstration of our God-almighty-ness, which simply comes from the fact that we think we have invented everything physical – that nothing would be done if we did not do it; for that is our basic idea and it is an extraordinary assumption. Then one is all alone in one’s psyche, exactly like the Creator before the creation. But through a certain training, something suddenly happens which one has not created, something objective, and then one is no longer alone. That is the object of certain initiations, to train people to experience something which is not their intention, something strange, something objective with which they cannot identify.’’

“This experience of the objective fact is all-important, because it denotes the presence of something which is not I, yet is still physical. Such an experience can reach a climax where it becomes an experience of God.”

-Carl Jung

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On 12/14/2020 at 4:10 PM, Macnamara said:

Natural Law


Mark Passio does a three part seminar on natural law from his perspective as an ex-occultist who understand that the hermetic principles taught in the mystery schools. This ties in with common law because it is about your rights and sovereignty. The first part kinda sets the scene but the second part really starts getting to the crux so although its long, stay with it...it's worth it!









Thx for the vids and all the other messages you have provided in this thread. I have just become aware of Common Law and I am completely shocked how the people in power have been able to do what they do because the English people are asleep.

If we had been provided with this knowledge from birth then the elite, reptiles or Satan worshipers what ever you want to call them might not have been able to get away with what they are doing now.


It is great shame that so many other people do not know about this because learning Common 

Law is one of the best tools for fighting back.


We have been deceived and lied to on an anonymous scale. I am learning a lot of common law on telegram with like minded people.



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18 hours ago, Halojim73 said:

Thx for the vids and all the other messages you have provided in this thread. I have just become aware of Common Law and I am completely shocked how the people in power have been able to do what they do because the English people are asleep.


No worries...


David has posted a link to a Canadian website working with the common law which at a glance looks interesting:


Stand4THEE Mission Statement

Canadian Alliance Empowered with Action.

 We will stand strong using lawful, peaceful and effective ACTION to end the tyranny of those who are actively attempting to take away our Rights & Freedoms. We will hold them accountable for their actions using truth & facts. We will act in service to others while rising up to defend ourselves and our families

The 4 pillars


We take the initiative to defend and protect our Rights and Freedoms. Through various actions we will overthrow the current narrative and guard our Rights and Freedoms, standing strong until we conquer all of our Liberties.  If we truly want VICTORY we must stand on guard for our freedoms, now. 


We are based on moral principles that are uncompromising to our God given Rights and Freedoms. Through our actions, we will hold the elected officials accountable for their actions and crimes against humanity. We will use facts, laws and universal truth to support our initiatives. We will act with the integrity that we expect from those in government.


With unified participation, we gain strength. 

We encourage those who want to take serious, decisive and lawful action, to join. We all have a place in this change. We will align with individuals/groups that work towards creating a better world and life for humanity. We will do this while being a part of the True North Visionary Alliance and the International Tribunal


Facts. Education. Truth. 

We are a group of people in service to others. We will be a resource of facts and actions, so that you may learn the information and steps required to stand on guard for yourself and defend the Rights and Freedoms of your country and those you love. 


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Prepping for cyber polygon


The cabal are already telling us what their next move is going to be with a cyberwarfare drill in which the global financial system is going to be crashed.


We know the cabal want to create a world government with a digital currency so we know that they need to somehow transition us to that which requires a controlled demolition of the current financial paradigm. Usually a drill is then followed by the actual event for example the drills carried out before 911 or the london bombings or event 201 before the covid-hysteria etc so precedent suggests that cyber polygon will be a drill that will go live.


What does this mean for us folks on the street though shipmates? Some scenarios that have been discussed in the past include the declaration of a bank holiday where accounts are frozen whilst the banks carry out a bail-in where they take a slice of peoples savings. This was trialed in cyprus years ago where they swiped a load of money from russian millionaires. However cyber polygon suggests an even more ambitious move in which the entire financial apparatus becomes sabotaged. Could this mean a destruction of the current fiat currencies that would see peoples savings wiped out in a stroke? Could this mean mere short term disruption to financial services or could it mean a complete restructuring of the economy to a new global and digital currency run by the central banks on their blockchains?


Either way I feel it has to hurt mainstreet otherwise it won't have the impetus to bring about real change. If the public are panic'd then they will more likely accept a solution that is suddenly foisted upon them in order to be able to buy essential groceries and pay bills etc. So I think cyber polygon will need to remove peoples access to their finances. Will their finances be wiped out forever or converted to a new currency? Either way it may be a good idea to prep for the coming crisis.


Some people will of course turn to crypto-currencies such as bitcoin but if there is a global cyber-crisis could this not see the internet disrupted and peoples access to bitcoin trades disrupted? Can cryptos be relied upon in such a crisis? Silver offers a solid and tangible alternative that can be used in small enough denominations as to be practical in an ad hoc black market economy of essential goods and services whilst official finance channels are down.


There is no point owning gold and silver certificates as gold and silver in other peoples vaults can simply be impounded by the authorities. Physical ownership is necessary.


Next a supply of the essentials of life is a good idea: a stock of food, a water filtration system, some emergency petrol (you won't be able to carry out any transactions eg at petrol stations or shops etc) and fuel for your heating and cooking.


Off griders will of course fair best under such circumstances and as we see the cabal mess with the economy it will become increasingly apparent why some of us have been pushing the idea of self-sufficiency for so long along with the need to build communities of like minded people with who you can barter essential goods.


Turning your garden over to growing food instead of other purposes as well as developing useful skills and knowledge are a good idea. If there is no internet then its back to books for knowledge so ensure a good library of factual books.


We have allowed ourselves to become too reliant on the corporations and the internet and this makes us easier to control. We need to roll that back and cyber polygon will be their way to exploit our dependence on their corporate monopoly

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