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Peoples Rights


Peoples Rights are a network in the USA who help each other out when one of them has a problem such as a legal issues. They also have meetings in which they discuss their rights and familiarise themselves with the law. Its an interesting concept and it would be good to see something like this develop in the UK. Have a look on their website to get an idea what they are about and how their system works. I'll post the link to their website and then cut and paste some of the info from it:




Uniting Neighbors to Defend Their Families, Faith, Freedom and Future.

Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your rights?

Being a free people requires certain duties and responsibilities that can only be ignored at our own peril.



The responsibility to defend you and your family ultimately rests upon YOU!


You have a DUTY to assist your neighbors in defending ALL rights together.


Historically, you cannot successfully defend your rights, nor your neighbor's rights, if you STAND ALONE.

You must unite with your neighbors, organize yourselves and prepare for WHEN those that believe they have the right to take control of your property, your children, even your body, come to force their will upon you. 

WHEN they come, if you are united with your neighbors, you will be able to stand side by side each other and say, NO WAY. You will be able to successfully defend yourself, your family and your neighbors against those that would forcefully take what does not belong to them.

Let's face it, our governmental systems of defense are deteriorating quickly!  Government officials, more and more, are becoming the type of people we must defend ourselves from.  As people in government deteriorate our traditional defense systems, you and your family become less and less secure from all types of criminals.  Government criminals and street criminals.  We must not be left defenseless!

Ask yourself this crucial question...          


      Who would you call right now if you needed help defending your rights against a government agency?


When it is no longer "legal" to grow your own food, educate your children or operate your own business, who will you call?  Who will you call when the law mandates that vaccines be injected into your body or the bodies of your children?  Who will you call when street criminals roam your neighborhood, threatening your family and the police will not respond?  Who will you call when due process is denied to you because of political opinion?  Who will you call when things like contact-tracing are implemented in your state and you refuse to participate? 

Do you believe this would never happen to you? 

Government officials all over the United States are enforcing a “NEW NORMAL” and as the excuse decreases, the forceful mandates increase.  Riots have raged in neighborhoods all over the United States with no response from the law.

So...who will you call when state officials are trying to take your children away because THEY believe differently than YOU?   Who?   Do you think you can stand against them alone?  Do you think 911 will respond to protect you and your family in a riot?   

The question now has an answer.

People's Rights is currently more than 37,000 strong.  An average of 340 people every day are joining together to assist each other in securing their rights.  We are in every State of the Union, and are quickly become an effective tool in bringing like-minded neighbors together.


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Guide to reduce the role of corporations in your life


As we watch the corporate elites at Davos tell us that they are going to piggyback the covid flu hysteria to bring about their 'great reset' that sees all small privately owned businesses destroyed whilst the mega-corporations gain a market monopoly more and more people might be trying to think of ways to disentangle themselves from the corporate network. The noncorporate website has a guide to help you breakdown areas of your life to re-imagine them and to find alternative providers of goods and services




This site is for people who don’t want to support giant corporations any more. We make it easy to switch to non-corporate alternatives. Login or register to find out how non-corporate your life is:

Get Your NonCorporate Score

Browse Sectors

Improve your score by switching to non-corporate providors

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The Bradbury to the Rescue! - By Justin Walker



If a sudden financial collapse happens today…

The Chancellor must immediately trigger an electronic version of the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound and so ensure a prosperous, debt-free and taxation-free future for us all!

By Justin Walker, Campaign Coordinator for the British Constitution Group and The New Chartist Movement


There is currently a lot of ‘chatter’ on the internet by political commentators and mainstream economists that another downturn in the global economy can be expected as debt levels rise into uncharted territory.  However, some of the more controversial ‘outside the box’ financial experts believe that a collapse far worse than 2008 is now imminent as the central banking ‘globalists’ contrive to ‘re-set’ the global economy to their immediate advantage - a sovereign nation drowning in ‘debt’ is far more likely to be compliant to the will of global financial and corporate governance than a sovereign nation that is free from debt and therefore free from the tentacles of the very little known Bank for International Settlements with its central banking system that includes the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. 

The so-called ‘debt’ that the world is currently drowning in (apparently, the Derivatives Debt Bubble hanging over the world is now approaching two quadrillion dollars) has been very largely arrived at by sovereign nations’ governments borrowing ‘money’ from the usury practicing private financial and banking sector – ‘money’ that has been created completely out of thin air as debt and which is not backed by gold or assets of any description.  This is called ‘fraud’ by most normal people and the entire ‘debt problem’ is only perceived as such by people who are very ignorant of how money is actually created and by whom. And it is also the case of the British people not knowing their own history!

In August 1914, at the outbreak of the First World War, to avoid the imminent collapse of the private banks and the Bank of England itself, Parliament passed a Bill through Parliament in two days which authorised HM Treasury – not the Bank of England – to create, issue and control money that was debt-free and interest-free because it was based entirely on the wealth and potential of the British nation. The high-street banks reopened and people who had planned to withdraw their savings in gold were more than happy to accept these new Treasury notes created by HM Government and there were no problems at all concerning inflation. The private banking system was saved from collapse but unfortunately the politicians (who were, and still are, subservient to the wishes of the City of London) went back to borrowing debt-laden ‘money out of thin air’ from the private financial sector which resulted in the bankers being able to make a killing out of the killing on the Western Front.  And it also meant that the National Debt went up unlawfully from £650 million in 1914 to £7,500 million in 1919.

The simple truth is this:  any sovereign nation, through its treasury, can create, issue and control debt-free and interest-free money that is based entirely on that nation’s wealth and creativity (labour potential). This way, all of a nation’s essential needs can be met without the requirement for a complex and invasive taxation system; and without being dependent on the vagaries of the international money markets.  And damaging and soul-destroying poverty and austerity need never happen again. A nation’s security, prosperity and indeed happiness can be secured forever by the use of this very simple, effective and proven measure of money creation (HM Treasury call it ‘M0’ whilst money reformers call it ‘Sovereign National Credit’).  And our elected servants in Parliament need never again go to the City of London and the private financial institutions to borrow money; nor ever again need their decision-making be affected by the machinations of the privately controlled Bank for International Settlements with its global central banking system of increasing debt strangulation.

So, the bottom line is this: if a sudden economic downturn or collapse happens, then the entire part of our nation’s lawful economy – that is pensions, infrastructure, industry, share-holders and the value of our money – can be immediately under-pinned and protected by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. He does this by declaring that HM Treasury will now immediately resort to 100% M0.  He does this by simply restoring the 1914 Bradbury Pound both as physical cash and as electronic money. The British economy will therefore become completely impervious to the international and privately controlled central banking system and the criminal mind-set behind it. And all of the British people will enjoy the rest of their lives living in a tax-free country that enjoys continuous prosperity rather than experiencing the cutbacks and food banks of austerity.  Just look at what can be done - the NHS will have all the money it needs to provide a first-class service; the vulnerable and the elderly in our society will have all the social care they need; and the Armed Services will have all the personnel, equipment and resources that they require to effectively defend our nation’s shores and sovereignty. And all student debts will be written off without delay whilst all future education will be free at source. Not a bad list to show what can be done by simply harnessing common sense and an historical precedent that worked brilliantly!

But the only way all this will be allowed to happen is if people send this article to everyone they know – it’s only our collective ignorance that allows the present criminal, usury-based and debt-creating money system to prevail. The bankers and financiers are scared stiff that this simple and proven solution will soon become common knowledge. So, it’s up to you – please help to make this go viral!


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Freedom Cells


Want to link up with likeminded people and work together on projects for example off grid living, food growing or skill shares? Freedom cells might be the answer



Freedom Cells are peer to peer groups organizing themselves in a decentralized manner with the collective goal of asserting the sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.


In the beginning, small groups can work together to accomplish goals such as every group member having storable food, encrypted communication, a bug out plan, and ensuring participants have access to firearms and know how to use them safely and proficiently. All the while, cell members make themselves readily available to render mutual aid to their tribe, in whatever form that may come.

Groups then begin to encourage the creation of other small groups while existing cells organize themselves into decentralized larger groups. Like the smaller groups, the larger groups too have the common aim of asserting the collective sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.

Through building and supporting alternatives such as local food networks, health services, mutual defense groups, and peer to peer economies and communication networks, Freedom Cells will be better able to discconnect and decouple themselves from state institutions they deem unworthy of their support.

Once groups become large enough in numbers, it becomes quite possible for participants to opt out in mass and entrust to themselves the securing of their liberty.”



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Agorist Market


Connecting Counter-Economy Buyers With Sellers



This site is a simple and effective service for the Agora, connecting counter-economy buyers with sellers accepting various forms of payment outside the banking system.

Find what you're looking for with our very simple search method on any of the pages linked from the main menu above.

Business listings are free for Agorist / Counter-Economy sellers accepting payment methods outside the banking system and not violating the NAP. This service is for those continuously selling, not individual items. Persistent broken links reported and no other method of contacting the seller will be removed, so it doesn't get cluttered with dead links.

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Common law Pt1


The UK Column has a podcast series called 'The Dissidents Guide to the Constitution'. You can find part 1 on their website using the search box. In the series they are exploring the various forms of constitution and their pros and cons and also the role of COMMON LAW in the constitution


Britain Has A Constitution

Britain has a constitution of considerable standing, the foundations of which were established almost 800 years ago with the signing of Magna Carta in 1215, and reasserted 322 years go with the Declaration of Right and Bill of Rights in 1688.

Parliament was not party to either Magna Carta or the Declaration of Right and thus has no authority to impinge upon the contract agreed i.e. our constitution. They are, however, obliged to obey its provisions. The Bill of Rights is a parliamentary affirmation of the Declaration of Right, it does not replace it or stand above it, it is merely a confirmation of it.

If parliament breeches our constitution, it renders itself illgitimate to us, for as long as the breech remains. No breech may stand as binding upon us.

Our constitution has been emulated by countries around the world as it is recognised as a benchmark for the protection of the people against the tyranny of rulers and errant politicians.

Our constitution provides a stalwart barrier to dictators, tyrants, and the political elites engorged with their own self-importance - but stands only subject to the vigilance of the people who must be prepared to defend it or lose it. The dire consequences of the latter being once lost it will take civil war and bloodshed to reinstate its provisions which are the very foundation of our rights and freedoms.  The natural instincts of the politicians are to grasp power for themselves and to try to diminish any authority which stands in their way.

Our constitution has for the past 100 years (since the 1911 Parliament Act) been progressively and deliberately undermined by the progressive political elite party system, which has sought to destroy it in pursuit of greater power for themselves.

A Call To Arms

We are now calling on all of those whose responsibility it is to help to defend and protect our constitution; these being the peers, bishops, politicians, judges, magistrates, senior civil servants and police officers alike, to work with us to undo the damage inflicted upon our system of governance by reasserting our constitution in every aspect.

We call upon them to assist us in every way possible and where there may be attempts to cajole them into opposing us, to resist and instead to look to their duty. We also ask that these same people assist with the implementation of new provisions in our constitution to take account of modern circumstance, to provide enhanced protection of our rights and freedoms for centuries to come.

But above all we are calling upon the British people themselves to lend a hand to our campaign to reinstate our constitution. For without the support of the people we are lost and become mere servants to do the bidding of a new political order, an elite which has deemed itself the soul arbiter to decide how it is we will be governed, which in their vision means that we serve them and not they us i.e. a dictatorship.

The Time To Act Is Now

The time to act is now. This is a call for all people who value their sovereign rights and freedoms to stand with us to help push back the tide of tyranny and bring to account all those who have knowingly, willingly and deliberately helped undermine our constitution for personal gain, at our expense. Chief amongst these traitors is Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, whose impact during office was enormously destructive.

Blair in particular has played his hand so well, like a smiling assassin armed with his cheesy grin and affable demeanour and having disarmed the general public, he has been able to introduce an enabling act (Civil Contingencies Act) and other oppressive legislation, all designed to suppress our constitutional rights and liberties and all this on the back of the phoney war on terror.

Following Blair, we had Brown, a dishonest and devious tactician, who further bloated the public sector while penalising the private sector. He sold the nations gold for a pittance, sold private pension funds in order to boost public pensions causing conflict between them and then plunged our country into unsustainable levels of debt beyond anyone's imagination, all part of a carefully contrived plan to diminish the status of our nation and oppose an ever greater tax burden on the people for the ultimate benefit of the banking cartel.

We now have Cameron, who, like Blair, is affable and disarming, but every bit a member of the elitist group whose aim it is to strip us of the protections that our constitution provides so that they can secure power for themselves.

Make no mistake about it... these people are not working for our benefit.  The true character of Cameron will not be difficult to expose... it will reveal itself when we ask for his support to reassert our constitution. Cameron has no need of a constitution... because his agenda is that of unconstrained political power – which a constitution would and should prevent.

The BCG is convening two constitutional conventions, for October and November 2011 and several more in 2012, the purpose being to mature the process of taking back control of our country from the traitors who now govern us. Follow up conferences around the country are designed to educate people as to what is going on re the suppression of our rights and to secure their support for the reassertion of our constitution with appropriate updates, to include such things as the rules governing the retention of DNA, privacy, excessive surveillance, and who should control the means of the production of our money supply etc.

At the heart of the convention will be ‘The Declaration’ a document that will lay the foundation for the restatement of our constitution. It is our intention to set this document in stone, such that it will last for many centuries hence, to provide protection for our children and their children, as is our duty so to do. As history continues to demonstrate, in the same way that tyrants tried before and are trying now, so they will surely try to take control in the future – our task therefore is to put in place the mechanism to stop them... that mechanism is our constitution, restated and reasserted with all its provisions intact and undiminished.  

The first two constitutional conventions will focus on informing officialdom of our grievances with a specific offer for them to provide us with redress and make amends, i.e. for them to start acting in the best interest of the British people... and to stop acting for the benefit of special interest groups, such as the banking fraternity. We will also be outlining the proposed consequences to them if redress is not forthcoming, to include, loss of pensions, confiscation of wealth and in many cases prison sentences for proven acts of treason where their actions have contributed to the diminishment of our sovereignty and the depletion of our national resources/wealth where contrary actions would have done the opposite.   

We have already seen the gradual implementation of a soft-dictatorship, through the tightly controlled political parties, with the pretence of different objectives whilst in reality following a preordained blueprint for control – whilst the parties in government change, the agenda remains the same. What politicians say they oppose whilst in opposition, they will all too frequently endorse when in office... and thus the dictatorial juggernaut rolls on.  This clever step-by-step implementation has been perfected over many decades so that no single generation has been exposed to all the changes and thus less able to perceive the dangers that these changes have brought.  The strategy being employed to implement their controls is to suppress our constitution gradually, piecemeal and imperceptibly, so that we have become slowly accustomed to their unlimited and arbitrary powers and through this process of gradualism we have become incapable of understanding what has been taken from us.

Our counter must be to explain the provisions of our constitution to the general public, explain how these have been deliberately undermined and by whom and for what purpose. Through our declaration we will challenge the elites to explain themselves. It is vital therefore to spread the word of our constitution... to the police as well as the general public, so that everybody has a clear understanding of what it is we are dealing with... i.e. an oppressive regime being built right under our noses.

Our biggest problem has been ignorance and apathy and the lack of basic constitution knowledge at grassroots level leading to our inability to defend our constitution because we do not know what we are defending nor understand the need to do so.  We expect the police to uphold our constitution on behalf of the British people and help us to claw back the controls that we have lost. Failure by those in authority to respond positively must be seen as a declaration by them of their support for the oppression of the people... surely an act of war against the people... and treason.

Our objective, to take back control of our country and reassert our constitution can only be achieved if we can secure the support of the people from throughout the United Kingdom. The constitutional conventions are the means by which we will start this process... following which we need to get helpers handing out leaflets in every town, village and city in the UK.

If you want to play a part in our constitutional conventions (and we do need help) – please call 0151 601 4694 and put your name forward as a helper and please copy this article/letter and send to your work colleagues, family and friends.

You can also help also by joining The British Constitution Group. If you have not already done so.


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Common Law Pt2


Mark Windows has info and videos discussing common law on his website windows on the world: https://windowsontheworld.net/what-is-common-law/

What is Common Law?


Listen Here: What is Common Law?


There is a lot of misleading information which is being touted around as common law. The descriptions below are as accurate as it gets. The customs and traditions upon which it is founded have also been wrapped up in sound bites and are guaranteed to get the gullible and ignorant into trouble.

Ever since the “Freeman” movement was injected into proceedings the courts have become wise to it and do not hear the arguments which are mainly irrelevant to all court proceedings.

Only a knowledge of how a court works will have any effect.

The worse aspects of common law are execution and all manner of cruel punishments.

The best parts are the upholding of natural law and truth through tradition. As the court is directed by the judge a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a good solid understanding of the court procedures and common law can help you win, if you know what you are doing.

(Check out our archive for more)




This short introduction is in the main from “The History of Common Law in England” by Sir Matthew Hale published in 1739.

Sir Matthew Hale (1609 – 1676) attended Lincoln’s Inn to study the law. He became the chief justice of the Court of King’s Bench,


There are two types of law:

Lex scripta, the written law and Lex non scripta, the unwritten law.

Not all laws have the original text available in writing.

The unwritten laws have obtained their force by immemorial usage and custom.

Written Laws are usually called statute laws or acts of parliament.

Written up for the tripartate of King, Lords and Commons,

Without the consent of all three, no such laws can be made.

The monarchy with the advice of the parliament can make laws.




There are two types of statutes:

Those not in time of memory and those within time of memory.


Time within the reign of Richard 1st was classified as within memory.

Therefore within time of memory in a legal sense was from 6th July 1189.

Because any time before this was presumed to be without beginning the laws previous to 6th July 1189 are part of common law through usage and custom.

The first statute roll is The Magna Charta and is in The Tower (as at the time of writing in 1739).

Leges non scripta or customary laws before William 1st the conqueror and in the time of Richard 1st. This is the legal limitation of time of memory.

Those statutes extant in The Book of Magna Charta

The first available record of a summons to parliament was during the reign of Edward 1st.

The records before this have been lost or mislaid.

The laws before memory are not only of course oral, they have been written and transfer from one age to another.

A vast number of Legis non Scriptae are all allowed as the rule and direction of justice and judicial proceedings.



Common law in its usual and proper acceptance is:

The Law which proceedings and determination in the Kings Ordinary Courts of justice
are directed and guided.

(This is why common law is useful in holding court, you can steer the court into common law if you know what to do.)

The various and particular customs of cities, towns and manors are thus part of the common law.

The common law does determine what of those customs is good and reasonable and void.

The common law gives to those customs that it adjudges reasonable, the force and efficacy of their obligation.

The common law determines what is that continuance of time which makes such a custom and the limits and extensions thereof. It cannot be altered or changed by an act of parliament.



Ecclesiastical and Civil law

Neither canon nor civil law have any obligation as laws within this Kingdom as the Popes emperors made those laws.

All strength that either the Papal or Imperial Laws have obtained in this Kingdom is only because they have been received and admitted either by the consent of parliament and are part of the Statute Laws of Kingdom are else by immemorial use or custom.

Their authority is founded merely on their being admitted and received by us which alone gives them their authoritative essence and qualifies their obligation.





There are three courts of note, wherein the Civil and in one of them the Canon and Ecclesiastical Law has been, with certain restrictions allowed in this Kingdom:

1 The Courts Ecclesiastical of the Bishops and their derivative officers.

2 The Admiralty Court

3 The Curia Militaris, or Court of the Constable or Marshal, or those persons commissioned to exercise that jurisdiction.

(Neither the canon nor the civil law have any obligation within the kingdom, as they were at the time of writing not recognized as they were of foreign authority) The only inclusion of these laws would be by Act of Parliament and not derived from themselves. The courts of England are not bound by the courts of the Pope or Justinian. The only jurisdiction is therefore derived from the Crown.

The sentence in Ecclesiastical courts is excommunication as at time of writing in 1739. (Henry V111 legitimatized the issue of common law writs of execution for heresy by burning in conjunction with the Ecclesiastical Court)

The Civil Law is taken in as a director in exposition in court, especially of Wills and Legacies.

The Admiralty was restricted to a thing done at sea but from 1296 courts were using the Admiralty jurisdiction on land and
rebuked by the wig lawyers for it, yet these same lawyers were also using it for their own benefit. See The Development of Admiralty Jurisdiction and practice since 1800 (page 4).

This was used until 1861 after which anything within the body of a country on land or sea was removed from the Admirals Court and declared triable only at common law. Various devices consisting chiefly of legal fictions were employed in the common law courts but writs of prohibition were issued against civilians who tried using Admiralty during the reign of Elizabeth 1 – James 1.

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Common Law Pt3

Welcome to the site of the Common Law Court

Help to Reclaim Our Rights And Lawful Remedy

The truth is that throughout everyday life, people everywhere use and rely on Common Law to live and work together. It is simply the inherent way that people conduct their affairs together. Liken it to the roots that bind together human communities by unconditionally upholding the life, dignity and well-being of every man, woman and child. These roots are especially necessary and foundational in the face of powers that seek to subvert such natural freedom.

To extend our everyday reign of Common Law into all areas of life means to challenge the arbitrary rule. But the very fact that it is the Law of we, the vast majority of humanity, means that it only needs to be consistently practiced by enough of us to allow the Sheriff Officers and the authorities to enforce.

Registering your Birth Certificate
Getting Started

The Common Law Court has created an International database for all living men and women. By submitting a declaration for your birth, you have confirmed that you exist.

Currently, the only existing record for you is a legal fiction which the state has attached to you; this means that you fall under their rules. By recording your birth with the Common Law Court, you now have an option, you can remain under the statutory system and rules or stand under the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court.

There is no charge for recording any information with the Common Law Court.


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Common Law is an English system rather than a British one. In Scotland there are elements of common law implemented into a system of civil law. The civil law is a far more advanced system closer to blessed anarchy (maritime law) than common law.


In common law a bunch of things are defined by case law to be 'tortures' on a subject and the tortured subject who wins a precedent has a specific torture prohibited. We live in a world where wicked plots never cease and just as tortures are freshly prohibited, new tortures are freshly invented. No sooner was slavery abolished and serfdom was the way.


In civil law the standard is higher and a duty of care is expected from all subjects like in maritime law, a ship is required to aid a vessel in distress unless there is lawful excuse not to. In common law there is no requirement to be neighbourly, merely to not be unneighbourly. The disadvantage is that the standard is high in a world where the invasive common law brings advantage to those who need only avoid tortuous behaviours while gaining advantages of what appears as charitability rather than law to the person accustomed to common law.


I've never been in the military but I can imagine those dodging bullets to provide support are more respected than those who fail to provide support in order to dodge bullets. Without some basis for morality, there is only war and while common law and civil law are both basis' for morality, everyone being compelled to do right by their fellows is a far healthier situation than everyone being compelled to do no wrong. Its a matter of choice in the Scots hybrid system and its unwise to extend the civil law to those only extending common law.

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The Solidarity Economy

The solidarity economy can be described in a nutshell as follows:

''The Solidarity Economy is comprised of businesses and institutions that don’t extract wealth from communities, as corporate branches do. Examples include worker and housing co-operatives, community energy, community-supported agriculture, credit unions, free & open source software, community land trusts, self-employment and mutual credit''

The next great transition will be to the Solidarity Economy with a mutual credit exchange system
Posted Feb 26 2018 by Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org

I’ve been working in the environmental field for over 20 years, and I believe, like the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, that we’re headed for ‘biological annihilation’, and like the good folk at the Dark Mountain Project, that a crash is coming that we may or may not recover from, but if we do, it will be at a much lower level of technology than the one at which we’re currently operating. Humans have destroyed habitat and devastated wildlife for thousands of years, but in the last couple of hundred, the size of our population and our economy has put so much stress on the biosphere of our home planet that we may have established patterns and processes that are already impossible to reverse. Attempting to extract so much from the biosphere means that we’re now in the latter states of a Jenga-type game that may cause our extinction when it falls over.

The best we can do now, I think, is to try to put things in place that will delay the inevitable, mitigate its effects, and provide the means for the continued survival of our species after it happens. Since 2001, Lowimpact.org has been building a network of specialists to provide information, books, courses, online courses, products and services to inspire and train the public to build natural homes, install renewables, grow things, forage things, make, fix, preserve and maintain things, so that as individuals, we might not be quite so helpless in a low-tech world.

We’ve helped many thousands of people to do these things, which is great – but it’s not enough, when:

only a minority of people are interested, and the rest are distracted by ever-more sophisticated bread and circuses
we have an economic system that is predicated on perpetual growth
our economic system also perpetually concentrates wealth, which overflows into our political systems to ensure that ultimately, we don’t have the power to change direction.

System change is required, but not to the kind of system that so scares the right – centralised, big-state socialism – whether implemented by violence or by voting. The trouble with violence (if it’s not obvious already) is that people get hurt, and soldiers are required to seize power, then to re-distribute it. History has given us plenty of examples of the former, but none of the latter. Soldiers (of either left or right forces) don’t distribute power when they’ve seized it. If the 20th century taught us anything, surely it taught us that.
Voting and political parties aren’t the solution either – which would be fine if they didn’t take such an inordinate amount of our time and mental space. If we manage to elect a government that will genuinely challenge corporate power and distribute it to communities and individuals, it will be punished via capital flight. Corporations and corporate investors will not keep their money in countries that don’t roll out the red carpet for them. Why should they when they have so many other governments desperate to court them? A genuinely anti-corporate government will last one term, if that, before a pro-corporate government replaces them, and their policies. We will continue to steer towards disaster, tacking slightly left or right, depending on the flavour of party that won the last election. Not a solution in the long run. These problems are a stumbling block for the left – but not for a new system that is neither left nor right.

If we study the way in which the last great system transition happened – the one between feudalism and capitalism – we can see that it wasn’t down to violent revolution (the French Revolution was just the culmination of something that had happened peacefully and more thoroughly in England 100 years previously) and of course not down to parliamentary shenanigans. No, capitalism started to grow in the cracks in feudalism – providing the things that fedualism couldn’t or wouldn’t provide. The moneylenders and the merchants were not the most respected people, and the thought that given time, they would knock the monarchy, the aristocracy and the church off the top of the hierarchy would have sounded absurd at the time. As the late, great Ursula LeGuin said:

“We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings.”

And so it is in the cracks in capitalism – and there are plenty of them – that the next system will grow. And that next system will be the ‘Solidarity Economy’, whose productive units are non-hierarchical. Now this is currently a stumbling block for the right, who don’t believe that a non-hierarchical system is possible. This has become entrenched since the right’s latest darling, Jordan Peterson (although he says that he’s not of the right, and I believe him) has traced hierarchy, and the seratonin boosts that climbing it bring, back through 350 million years of evolution, to lobsters (human antidepressants work on lobsters, apparently). But that would mean that we can never achieve gender equality, because it’s never happened before, or that we can’t fly or travel underwater, because that’s not what we’ve evolved to do. He’s a fan of agency, but this is denying agency. We can build the kind of society we want, and I suggest that it should include gender and racial equality, but not hierarchy. Hierarchy and the attempts to climb it have brought us to the brink of extinction, and it’s time to jettison it.

But to reiterate, the next system will be neither left nor right – that is a battle that can never be won. The Solidarity Economy is free-market anti-capitalism. The hope is that the left will be attracted by the anti-capitalism, and the right will be attracted by the free market. And so they should – capitalism will expand until there is no room for a functioning biosphere, and then burst, almost definitely taking us with it. And a free market would be an excellent replacement for the extremely unfree market that we have now, dominated and twisted as it is by corporate and financial interests, with help from their state accomplices.

The Solidarity Economy is comprised of businesses and institutions that don’t extract wealth from communities, as corporate branches do. Examples include worker and housing co-operatives, community energy, community-supported agriculture, credit unions, free & open source software, community land trusts, self-employment and mutual credit (more on this last one later). These things have grown, and are still growing in the cracks. Wikipedia is a classic example of this. A seed was sown in a crack, and it has now grown to such a size that it appears impossible that any corporate entity will ever be able to profit from the world of encyclopedias ever again. The trick is to work out how to replace multinational corporations in all sectors of the economy.

The Solidarity Economy is already being built, and I know it will succeed because of the quality of the people involved. I intend to do everything I can to help them, and to try to persuade you to do the same. This is a huge step in the right direction, but I can already see that, again, it won’t be enough – because of the money system. I believe that we need a mutual credit exchange system attached to the Solidarity Economy, because money always concentrates, and is doing so now in the corporate and banking sectors, building up a fund that will be used to block the growth of alternatives.

As Douglas Rushkoff points out in Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, modern capitalism is not about the production and sale of goods and services. That’s all very 19th century. Now, the derivatives market comprises over 90% of the global economy. The world’s most powerful algorithms, on the world’s fastest computers, owned by the world’s wealthiest investment houses, intercept bids from less powerful algorithms on slower computers, buy up their targeted stock a few nanoseconds before they get to it, then immediately sell it to them for a few pennies more than they would have paid had they got to the seller first. The few pennies don’t make much difference to each sale, but the combined reward for such activity globally is in the hundreds of billions.

Meanwhile governments provide banks with monopoly powers to create money from nothing at all (we have zero-reserve banking in the UK), so that they can borrow from them to fund their ever-growing expenditure, and taxpayers pick up the bill for the interest. This same monopoly power allows banks to charge 300k interest on a 300k mortgage, and demand the interest first. This is a bizarre way to run an economy, and it has concentrated enormous power in the corporate sector, and especially the banks. Indeed, it was designed to do just that. Trump’s cabinet – the boardroom of the world – is filled with moneylenders and merchants, not educators, artists, scientists, judges, philosophers or doctors.

I’ve read, in great detail, ideas put forward by superb people to replace this absurd system with one that provides an exchange mechanism that doesn’t allow wealth to be creamed off by banks, corporations and professional politicians with seats on corporate boards. Murray Bookchin’s libertarian municipalism, and Michael Albert’s Parecon systems are tours de force that could indeed seed and grow in the cracks in capitalism – that is, if they weren’t so complicated, and if they didn’t involve endless meetings. Now, how many of you relish weekends and evenings with community meetings on how to allocate resources? Exactly.

Over the last year or so, I’ve discovered mutual credit. I read Tom Greco’s The End of Money and the Future of Civilisation, the Credit Commons White Paper by Matthew Slater and Tim Jenkin, and I participated in the Money and Society MOOC. I’ve become convinced that this idea, or something very much like it, will become the money system for the Solidarity Economy, and that the Solidarity Economy will be the thing that grows in the ever-widening cracks in capitalism to eventually replace it.

Tomorrow on this blog, I will be interviewing Matthew Slater, one of the authors of the Credit Commons White Paper. Here is a basic primer for mutual / collaborative credit, but I will be asking Matthew more in-depth questions about how it might work, how we spread it, how it can provide the means of exchange for the Solidarity Economy and what we can do as individuals to help. You can join in too, in the comments section, and in a webinar that we’ll be running about the mutual credit idea. We’ll run this on March 10th. More details tomorrow.
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7 Good Things That Happen Every Time You Decide to Buy Local
Shopping local will help you live longer—and better.
By Valerie Vande Panne / AlterNet
September 15, 2017, 7:50 AM GMT

The impact of this simple action is so profound you might add years to your life, and to your neighbor’s. Here’s what happens when you buy local.

1. You live longer. Every time you walk into a local store, you see people who live in your community. Over time, you get to know these people—even a simple daily smile or hello can foster feelings of comfort and be good for the soul. This, in turn, curbs loneliness—a condition affecting nearly 60% of the U.S. adult population that is as harmful to your health as “smoking 15 cigarettes a day” and can shorten your lifespan by eight years. So skip Amazon and go to your local store. It might cost a few dollars more, but you’ll be adding years to your life.

2. You support a local family—and they support you. Each dollar you spend in a local store helps them pay their bills and stay in the community. If you spend your dollars at the local hardware store and not at Home Depot, what do you think will happen? You’re helping put food on their table, pay their bills and stay in the neighborhood. They, in turn, get to know you. Those few extra dollars overall you spend in your neighborhood are goodwill. One day you might forget your wallet, or your car might fail to start. Your local shopkeepers and their families will know who you are and will care—they might let you run a weekly tab, or help you carry purchases home, or do some other small kindness Walmart would never do, because it’s just not in their rule book. That kind of support is priceless—it's a reciprocal kindness you will not get from a big-box store.

3. Depositing money into your community is better than paying to advertise a brand that sucks money away from the community. Why pay $150 to advertise Adidas? Or Nike? Whether you’re paying $20 or $200, the bulk of that money is going to corporate salary, expenses and shareholders, and a tiny bit to cheap labor. Keep your community unique and special by purchasing brands produced locally and products made with local pride (and think the little guys or hyper local teams, not the big leagues like Cleveland Cavaliers or the New York Jets). This way, you are promoting your own neighborhood and the people in it, and you are helping to keep your community special. After all, a Starbucks cup from Boston is the same as a Starbucks cup from Miami.

4.You support local prosperity and justice. Chain stores and brands pay notoriously low retail wages and often produce products overseas where labor is cheap. Even big brands like Forever 21 that claim their products are American-made are using undocumented labor that pays below minimum wage. Plus, many big corporations use prison labor. Why pay to promote a store that uses prison labor? When you buy at the local store, the bulk of that money stays with the owner and employees who live in that community, generating local prosperity, creating more local jobs for more people in your community, keeping the community healthy and the kids out of prison.

5. Quality. What tastes better: McDonald’s or a burger from your local mom-and-pop restaurant? You know it’s the local burger. Sure, mom-and-pop might not have a dollar menu, but what’s going to be healthier for you in the long term? It might not be as fast, but consider the benefits of slowing down and eating a good meal with people you care about, including healthier food, better academic performance, and again, less loneliness.

6. You are voting with every dollar you spend. If you think of your dollars as votes, every time you spend money someplace you are affirming you support them and their business practices. Do you really support overworking and underpaying employees? Prison labor? Donald Trump? If the answer is no, turn your attention to your local stores.

7. Local peace. It’s that simple. Shopping local cultivates community health, and that in turn, cultivates global health. That’s a little less sweatshop labor, a little less taking advantage of already vulnerable people, and a little less stress on the planet and your fellow humans.

The bottom line is the cost of sickness and loss of identity and loneliness is exponentially more expensive over the course of your lifetime than a few extra dollars here and there, deposited regularly into the account of community kindness.



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Agorist Hosting

Web for the Freedom Enthusiast


Being pro rights and pro freedom can make your website a target. Being activists ourselves, we feel providing a secure hosting environment with bi-continental redundancy is imperative to ensuring censorship or cyber violence don't disrupt the pro-freedom work you do. In support of free markets and private exchange, we use only bitcoin for payments.


Windows and Linux Servers

Great hosting is a balance of security, privacy, adaptability, performance and cost. Bi-continental redundancy ensures we can meet those needs. We go beyond rubber stamp packages to personally help you determine the right server environment for your site, or provide the environment that you specify.


Our managed packages provide the least possible attack surface for your site, keeping unnecessary services off the servers and providing a robust network architecture with on-demand firewalling and automatic DDOS protection. Our system monitoring mitigates site issues should an attack occur


We don't collect any more information on you than is absolutely needed to service your account, and all account information is held privately by us. We will not volunteer any information on our customers to anyone without explicit consent. We also accept bitcoin which keeps billing and payment simple and private.

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IPFS powers the Distributed Web

A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol
designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open.

he web of tomorrow needs IPFS today

IPFS aims to surpass HTTP in order to build a better web for all of us.
Today's web is inefficient and expensive

HTTP downloads files from one computer at a time instead of getting pieces from multiple computers simultaneously. Peer-to-peer IPFS saves big on bandwidth — up to 60% for video — making it possible to efficiently distribute high volumes of data without duplication.

Today's web can't preserve humanity's history

The average lifespan of a web page is 100 days before it's gone forever. It's not good enough for the primary medium of our era to be this fragile. IPFS keeps every version of your files and makes it simple to set up resilient networks for mirroring data.

Today's web is centralized, limiting opportunity

The Internet has turbocharged innovation by being one of the great equalizers in human history — but increasing consolidation of control threatens that progress. IPFS stays true to the original vision of an open, flat web by delivering technology to make that vision a reality.

Today's web is addicted to the backbone

IPFS powers the creation of diversely resilient networks that enable persistent availability — with or without Internet backbone connectivity. This means better connectivity for the developing world, during natural disasters, or just when you're on flaky coffee shop wi-fi.



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The Orchard Project


The Orchard Project is the only national charity dedicated solely to the creation, restoration and celebration of community orchards. We aim to make a serious contribution to a better food system, based on people working together where they live to produce and harvest their own fruit.

We work closely with community groups in hubs around England and Scotland helping to design and create new orchards that will last for decades to come, as well as restoring England’s old, neglected heritage orchards. We rebuild orcharding skills and knowledge, hold fantastic orchard celebration events and help groups make the most of their bumper harvests.

Our aim is that every home in every city, town and village across the country is within easy-reach of productive, well-cared-for, community-run orchards. We believe that orchards have the potential to build stronger communities by providing cherished, nature-rich, community spaces and empowering people to contribute to reducing food miles.


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Natural Law


Mark Passio does a three part seminar on natural law from his perspective as an ex-occultist who understand that the hermetic principles taught in the mystery schools. This ties in with common law because it is about your rights and sovereignty. The first part kinda sets the scene but the second part really starts getting to the crux so although its long, stay with it...it's worth it!








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The Covid-19 Notification API bomb shows ddg is as guilty of search results manipulation as google, yahoo and bing. Furthermore, old school search engines like lycos and alta-vista are no longer search engines in their own right but engines that look up the manipulated engines which have become portals for media corporations (since 'net neutrality' changes pushed for by the powerful media corporations). Two internets are now opening up, one, the original now corrupted by powerful vested interests creating an illussion of free speech and the more secure internet which cant be seen by those not taking precautions online.

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Care: the law of the Land


'The queen of heavens sacred year...this ancient three-season year is discussed by Nilsson in his Primitive Time Reckoning (1920'




'Then since the sun's annual course similarly recalled the rise and decline of her physical powers- spring a maiden, summer a nymph, winter a crone- the goddess became identified with seasonal changes in animal and plant life, and thus with Mother Earth who, at the beginning of the vegetative year, produces only leaves and buds, then flowers and fruits, and at last ceases to bare.'




'Time was first reckoned by lunations, and every important ceremony took place at a certain phase of the moon; the solstices and equinoxes not being exactly determined but approximated to the nearest new or full moon. The number seven acquired peculiar sanctity, because the king died at the seventh full moon after the shortest day. Even when, after careful astronomical observations, the solar year proved to have 364 days, with a few hours left over, it had to be divided into months-that is, moon-cycles- rather than into fractions of the solar cycle. These months later became what the English speaking world still calls 'common-law months', each of twenty-eight days; which was a sacred number, in the sense that the moon could be worshiped as a woman, whose menstrual cycle is normally twenty-eight days, and that this is also the true period of the moon's revolutions in terms of the sun. The seven day week was a unit of the common-law months'


'...since the 364 day year is exactly divisible by twenty-eight, the annual sequences of popular festivals could be geared to these common-law months. As a religious tradition, the thirteen-month years survived among european peasants for more than a millennium after the adoption of the Julian Calandaar; thus Robin Hood, who lived at the time of Edward II, could exclaim in a ballad celebrating the May Day festival:

How many merry months be in the year?

There are thirteen, i say...'





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People are going to need to unionised and probably in brand new organisations that have not become corrupted or insipid:


‘COVID’: Open letter to business owners

Posted by Jon Rappoport Posted on 31 December 2020

And an offer…

As I’ve been saying for months, people have to open up the economy every which way they can.

A few bar and restaurant owners have seen the need to band together and fight the lockdowns.

As a business owner of any kind, you need to think and take action along these lines. But in a much larger way.

You need to form associations of your types of business: barber shops, salons, bars, restaurants, small grocery stores, gift shops, caterers, food trucks, inns, independent truckers…

Each type of business puts together its own association(s).

In addition to whatever you do to survive, you each file lawsuits against governors and state public health departments, for unconstitutional lockdowns based on false science. [1] [2]

Several lawsuits along these lines already exist. They reveal how to proceed.

Every lawsuit is accompanied by a major publicity push, alerting the press and the public, and describing the horrendous effects of lockdowns and closures on business owners. [3] [4]

Whether or not the lawsuits succeed, they provide an occasion for the dissemination of truth.

Imagine this: associations of barber shops, bars, restaurants, truckers, etc., each filing its own lawsuit and each launching a PR campaign to expose the truth of what’s happening to small and medium size business owners.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are decidedly independent-minded. You each have your own way of building your businesses. But you can form these associations, create and bolster your power.

“Today, in Missouri, a group of 50 bar owners jointly filed suit against the governor charging that lockdowns of their operations are illegal…their representative spoke to reporters outside the capitol…”

Multiply that action by 100 more like it, launched by associations of business owners across the country, and you have something. Something formidable.

There is no doubt that governments are targeting you. They’ve been coming after you like rabid hounds. They want to close you down and out for good. Their pals are already buying up the bankrupt properties of small businesses at bargain basement prices. Your enemies want to concoct a new world where only large corporations survive. They’re counting on you to remain scattered, unorganized, and weak.

Your response to this war needs to be strong. And in this case, there is strength in numbers.

I make this offer. For any new association of small businesses, with at least 30 true and honorable member/owners ready and willing to fight the lockdowns, I’ll give you every piece of advice about acquiring publicity I can muster. [contact: qjrconsulting

I’ve been running NoMoreFakeNews.com for 20 years. I’ve gained some knowledge about disseminating the truth.

THEIR side has tremendous resources enabling them to flood messaging through media and government. OUR side needs to find ways to counter that force.

All is not lost. Freedom doesn’t die in people’s minds and hearts. It’s there forever.

If it’s asleep, it needs to be reawakened.

Nobody said it would be easy.

But those who say it’s impossible are wrong.


[1] https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/09/15/grand-ohio-covid-legal-case-against-kings-on-their-thrones/

[2] https://pcrclaims.co.uk/videos

[3] https://bongino.com/new-york-gym-owner-gets-huge-court-win-over-cuomos-covid-19-restrictions




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One of the most revolutionary things you can do right now as the elites try to build their smart-grid control system is to get rid of all your smart tech including your PHONE.......'but i like my phone'......well whats more important your freedom or your smart phone? JUST DITCH IT!

Smartphone Apps Under Development For Global Vaccine Passport

The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum created the Common Trust Network, which developed the CommonPass app that’s intended to act as a health passport in the near future.


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Forest schools


I like the idea of forest schools where children go out into woods and learn not only their school curriculem but also about nature, of which we are a part


School in its current format is pretty absurd when you think about it. How many times have you heard it said that people have never really used any of what they were taught in school in 'the real world'?


Take a moment to pause and think about all the things school doesn't teach you:

-how to cook (ok some schools do a little home ec but that's not the same as teaching people how to cook)

-how to grow your own vegetables and herb garden

-how to start a business

-how to run a business

-how to manage your business accounts


-how to navigate your way around in the wilds, read a map and compass and start a fire and build a shelter etc


I'm sure there are many aspects of school that some people would gladly swap out in order to do the above things. It's very telling about what kind of citizens the elites are trying to churn out of the schools when they aren't even taught these most fundamental things about life

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