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Energy Vampires

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On 2/7/2021 at 3:00 PM, Morpheus said:

Here's an article from a guy I like called Michael Tsarion, he's covered this subject in great detail on YouTube in a series, or there is this pretty good article which explains psychic vampirism:






I met him a few years ago at an event. Interesting chap to talk to.

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If you want to find energy vampires just go out in rush hour traffic


You will find some people driving incredibly slowly, even in the fast lane to hold everyone else up. They will hog the fast lane and prevent other people from getting around


Some people get a sick kick out of being assholes

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On 12/11/2020 at 3:33 AM, Michi713 said:

Energy vampires can be unconscious or conscious.  


Personality Profiles:



One dude would come over and just pet me and do what I wanted with no strings attached.  Seemed like a good arrangement but he was a miserable person.  He had low energy, sluggish, always melancholy and a blunted affect.  Whenever I would get excited or happy about something he would swiftly cut it down. 



One girlfriend was a status seeker, shallow.  Always active, in the middle of the action.  She had a high turnover of people in her life because she always had ulterior motives.  Like inviting you out, not to be with you, but to use you as a prop to make herself appear likable.  She saw people as objects. 


Both types have a draining effect.  One erodes you slowly over time, the other will make you feel terrible immediately.  

Well put and easy to understand. The bottom line is: there will always be people with less light than others. Those who don't have light seek to take from those who do have it (consciously or subconsciously). A narcissist could be a conscious example of an energy vampire.

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