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A large section of the Public is Foolish and Ignorant.


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I have shared the new video below from Doctors/Scientists/Medical Professionals from around the world and often told this is nonsense and the Pandemic is real. (Where I am life is much like normal but with remote hand washing in most shops/garages and no face coverings) So governments are succeeding in the divide and win policies that are splitting families with false information. I will never take a needle in the arm from Microsoft man and his vaccines firm. (I could never trust a person that cannot even produce a simple PC that has virus issues) The public are so foolish and ignorant of real facts and have been brainwashed.



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I am concerned that a large number of friends/relatives/contacts and old people I know have taken the so called vaccine. Several different brands to date and unsure about adverse reactions but most of the old people had been told could not travel outside home on bus/train to friends/shops unless vaccinated. That is disgusting lies and should this be from NHS people then action will be taken.

The pressure from the Radio and TV and Newspapers must be constant and a form of brainwashing with the addition of being under house arrest with lockdowns.

Time will tell on health problems and no doubt there will be nonsense that there are now mutations so more INJECTIONS of unknown substances needed so arms will look like a pin cushion. 

Microsoft Nerd said the population needs to be reduced but he has three children. 

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