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Cult is terrified as David is saying, confirmed by "schizophrenic"


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"They know who we are, they will find out! We have friends in a government, they will help us" said my "schizophrenic" uncle not long ago.

My uncle has started to connect with very low, dense vibrations, he always listened to heavy metal music, loved to drink too much, and get into fight etc. He also had interest in ancient cultures, especially south American, Egyptian etc. he also loved reading and watching horrors. At the same time he was very talented in drawing, painting and arts but unfortunately he went the wrong way, and instead of raising his vibrations he lowered them to a point when he started hearing voices, those voices were clearly evil. They were trying to control him, tell him what to do all the time, scare him etc. It got to a point that he was not able to sleep, waking up and marching around the house like a soldier, when asked why he's doing it he would answer, they are telling me to do it. People around him, his parents, sisters, got scared of what was happening to him, and send him for a psychiatric treatment, but when i was told what is happening I immediately understood the true nature of what is going on. He directly connected to the cults, spiders, reptilians frequency and got taken over, he started listening to some chants of murderers on youtube, getting himself deeper and deeper into this low vibration. But like I wrote  before he confirmed what David was saying all along, they are afraid of us finding out who they are, just like Castaneda wrote in his books, once you know about their existence they will leave you alone, and I would add they will cease to exist or be forced to change their vibration to match ours to continue living.

This is very exiting times, I want to say thank you David for the work and information you are putting out. Reading your books, watching you videos and listening to you is always making me reach highest vibrations to a point I have tears coming down my cheeks, and I want to go out and scream FREEDOM! Always sharing your work with others :)

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Interesting thread.


Someone recently posted this amazing scene from Revolver where the ultimate enemy, Sam Gold, is revealed to be the 'voice' of the self.


I would say in that respect we are all schizophrenic to varying degrees, it depends how much we are dominated by the voice inside us.


We need to recognise and learn that the voice we think is us, isn't our true self, it is a kind of mental parasite.


I honestly do not know what this voice actually is, whether it is actually other entities hijacking our mind to feed themselves, it probably is something like this.


But don't be frightened and start to freak out. Just learn to do Zen meditation and gradually quieten and learn to control this voice.


We do not serve the ego, the ego should serve us. But perhaps something has gone wrong in our development which has led to us identifying the ego as our true self.





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heavy metal music is dense low vibrations? Pantera - Planet Caravan (Official Music Video) - YouTube

"The nature of the vocals is meant to invoke the speech of aliens. The song is about a fleet of alien ships that travel through the universe, looking for others who are ready to do the same. The song explains that they have just discovered Earth, but they bypass it. Why? There a couple of hints as to why: first, the moonlight is describes as falling down like tears, invoking sorrow. The second and most important clue comes from the lines, "And so we pass on by the crimson eye - Of great god mars". Mars is described not as a planet but as a god, and if you know your Roman mythology, you will know that Mars was the god of war. Hence, humanity, which is still embroiled in war, is not yet ready to receive the amazing gift of advanced technology which would allow them to join the fleet of universal explorers, the planet caravan. The aliens are saddened by this, because of the distance they've traveled, only to find a species not yet evolved enough to join them. It is a sad, chilling and beautiful anti-war song."

whilst the song is not heavy metal, it's made by heavy metaler's, a cover of hard rockers and there's truth in all vibrations


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