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Thankyou ASDA


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I was in the local supermarket yesterday and there was one of those pre-recorded announcements that came over the tannoy. The exact words I can't remember I felt so reassured by them. They went along the lines of


"We care about the health and well being of our customers. We have hand sanitisers at the door and a mask wearing policy in place. All our staff are wearing masks except the ones who aren't who are wearing badges."


I scratched my beard at the connotations of this and smiled.


I was on the bread isle and I don't know whether I had suddenly caught coronavirus and become mentally ill or not but the loaves of Warburton bread speaking to me. It seemed some of them are so wrapped up in their yuletide wrappings that they think they are christmas presents and others recognise that despite the wrappings, they are still what they always were. I wanted to tell the bread that thought they were christmas presents that they weren't but they were just sat there not harming the other loaves of bread who thought they were loaves of bread so I was considering the wisdom of saying anything and just at that moment someone came onto the isle wearing a mask. I just picked up a loaf of bread and walked along. I said nothing. They might think I'm mentally ill if I start talking to loaves of bread.

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Gotta love those tannoy announcements - it's the time when the whole of the shop starts staring at the only person not wearing a mask!! Ha Ha! My shopping is done in record time by not wearing a mask - aisles clear and queues disappear! 


Is it just my area or are people everywhere still going along with this wearing a mask nonsense?

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