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Founded by Lynn Forester De Rothchild with vatican and usual suspects CEOs


list of the companys/organizations involved 



"Join the global movement with other CEO's, leaders and individuals transforming our economies and societies."


i guess they missed that us billionares have increased their welth for 1 trillion in this covid times..... 


all the usual buzz words(their goals pardon me)




one is very dangerous imo "Equitable outcomes"........

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The vatican city is not part of italy. It is legally a seperate enclave and is the religious centre of the new world order

The city of london, 'square mile' banking district is not part of the UK and is a seperate legal enclave. It is the economic centre of the NWO

Washington District of Columbia is not part of the wider USA. It is a seperate legal enclave and is the administrative centre of the NWO


In freemasonic terms they could be said to correspond to the generative organs, the heart and the brain of the macro-freemasonic body

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