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Mesmer Syndrome


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This is my theory that people don't just watch television, they are mesmerised by it. In the presence of a television people with Mesmer Syndrome are unaware of the environment of the room they are in and become aggravated by factors which draw their attention back to the real world. It's a way of looking at things that the Mesmerised could easily explain but could never understand the world through the eyes of the escaped captive who once never realised he had the chains of Mesmer Syndrome. Have a look at those so misinformed that the once sacred right to informed consent has been forgotten in. Some are raising children who do not know that they do not know who have us as a hell of an awakening to what are basically deceived innocents born into bondage where they had no say. They expect their vote to be meaningful and their rights to be protected by policemen and politicians and television people who wrap their heads in lies and here we are standing on the rock of ages, the butt of insults by everything they love and hold so dear which has deceived them, and in their eyes it must be like getting out the frying pan and entering the fire that the enemies of the media was the truth and the media was death.


How can we heal the pain of innocents who hate us for no other reason than the lies their world would have pulled upon their head?

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Relevant joke

The BBC told the English that they "must" climb this mountain.
So then the English decided "for themselves" they must climb the mountain.
First English reaches the summit and says "I think it will rain".
Second English reaches the summit and says "I think it will not rain".
Third English reaches the summit and says "I don't like all this talk".


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Warrior : Get Off Your Knees

I have been puzzled by the weird way British people and other people are destroying themselves and have studied it, here are some details.


Two Humans

There are sheep-humans and individual-humans.  Sheep-humans is like a hive, billions of faces on one large thing.  And the sheep-humans are a vehicle where this one large thing lives inside.  They live and are "parasited" as a host for the one big thing which could be called the subconscious-collective-human.

The individual has torn himself free of the herd and lives for his own independent existence.  When he breathe, thinks and acts ... it his him for himself.  This is why he is immortal, immortality is when you exist.  Up until independence you are simply another face on a big sheep which has billions of faces.

And this is just the way the universe works, nothing to blame about it.

The journey of tearing yourself to become individual is quite painful and very difficult.


Acting For Yourself

Some might say ... well I do act for myself because I watch the BBC and do exactly what it says, because it knows. 
Hmm ... sheep do say that.
Some might say ... how can I know what truth is anyone, let the expert decide for me.
Hmm ... that's not good.
Some might say ... I pull down my pants and the demon screws me, so I am doing something.
Hmm ... the parasites know very well to give you a little "hit" whilst they drink your blood.  They are experts, they give you a little hit whilst they take your soul.  That is selling your soul.


Your Own Identity Is Earned
To separate from the herd and own your soul requires effort, it is a reward from existence for your effort.  An oak tree must grow a long time to reach a great size ... and as above so below.
This means we must choose and act.  Making conscious decisions and then do something.  Get off your ass.  And then complete things.
I will get up at 5am.  Complete that.
I will read war and peace.  Complete that.
I will punch someone in the aface.  Complete that.
Most people just drift, and are lazy.  And so are dying.
They never do anything, they just drift.
Thinking is also a challenging activity, you have to learn carpentry, or engineering, and think.  Or read history and think.
It's not for free.
Anything that is free will destroy you.
So spending hours reading the internet destroys you.


Get Off Your Knees
Worshipping The Sick and The Doctor
So many people are being destroyed in society today, because it's not physical it's just endless bullshit talk.
People are weak.
They start to hate those who are strong.
They worship the wheelchair.
It's all the result of being lazy, of doing nothing.
Of never acting.  Of never thinking.
Of switching on the TV and slowly dying.
Of selling out.
Oh doctor please save me.
From what ?  Get off your knees.


Without this there is nothing, first be honest about your pain.  Sit quietly and don't lie anymore.


The Demonic BBC
Is a river of sheep poison.  It will take your soul.
It also offer phoney alternatives, like listening to trannies who give you advice.
Sugar advice whilst you pull your pants down and kneel.
The sickness is old in this world.

Be a warrior or die.


Jesus Of Nazareth
Fought everyone.  Every single ahole that he came across was full of shit.  He fought them all and handpicked a few people to be with him.
He wasn't a fucking environmentalist .. he said God takes care of the birds.  Not you.  No the fucking EU.
You should take of yourself.


Destroy Your Self
Betray your family
Betray your nation
Betray your mind
Betray your soul
Betray your heart
... this is the message from the darkness that wants to eat your soul ... it is everywhere

They will take your soul.

And not even die, worse that die.  Parasited.

So get off your knees.



Modern Trends

What is my identity, am I alligator-sexual?  Or do I identify as weird flavour 57?

> right, what this all is ... is degeneration people don't know anything, they are parasited via their phones and the internet, and before that the TV.  The no longer feel it as degeneration but only feel alive when agendas live through them.  In other words being shafted by the devil is the only pleasure they have got.   Such is the destruction of reality inside them.

Another way to say this is that mankind is dying.

> nonduality, emptiness, nothing is nothing, we are all AI, matrix ... all these things are a different way of losing your identity and being dissolved into death and destruction.  A real man knows himself, his world, his life, it is concrete and he earns it with his strength.  These modern currents are the destruction of all spirituality into a pile of vomit.  The destruction is everywhere.

> so, it seems we are in a very damaging phase of existence, it might extinguish human beings ... perhaps it's the Kali Yuga.


When I was young the older people who sort out the young, as the older people were healthier and more real and more individual.

But things change today there are more sheep-people more people being parasited.

This is why satan worshipping is rising, it is the last gasp of someone losing their soul.


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I see sheep, goats and wolves. The wolves want to eat the sheep and goats, the sheep just go along with it. The goats don't go along with it and try to get the sheep to break their tethers, climb the gate and scale the mountains to escape. Sheep don't do that.

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37 minutes ago, killing raven sun said:

yeah, that is what its for, welcome to reality


the question is do you also watch tv?


if you want to know more about how you are being controlled by society look up edward bernays

I had total faith in TV and other media until the way every channel, every station, every publication just turned course on sovereignty and democracy sharply at Maastricht Ratification like the whole media was just one big thing and not some kind of variety of views but just one manufactured viewpoint creating the illusion of diversity. That scared the shit out of me but not as much as "Terrorvision Day" where they revealled themselves to me as the devil itself in ways the TV addicts would not believe. There is absolutely no way anything but slavery is going on in this country while the cult of television is not a public disgrace and the spiritual deception which enslaves people from cradle to grave is kept concealled by terrorism and persecution against the aware and demoralisation of those who aren't. That cult is everywhere, even reading this and responding like they are anything but what they are: Enslavers who would accuse those compelling none to obey to be what they are.


Maastricht Ratification was a long time ago and as everyone can see, no one voted for surveillance cameras, censorship, tracking APIs, and all the things enslavers said "could never happen here". I get my news from sources that don't feign surprise when their psychological warfare against the people is impossible to fully hide. News sources that warned me about vaccines which cause the vaccinated to be at risk from the unvaccinated. Holding centres on a par with Japanese American Internment in 1942 (and all the horrors that brings up to those who cared to look at similar things.)


We daren't call the people doing these things by their proper name since it sounds sensational and the vampires casting no reflection in a mirror will then accuse the people calling them out for what they are to be the vampires with the megaphone of television, drowning out all truth. Talking's over for me. There are those who see it and those who dont. I pray for the innocent blind ones born into slavery so harsh their master convinces them they're free but doing anything is like taking a balsa boat toward the rocks where steel towers that ennure the slaves present alot of danger. There's only so much that can be done but I have did everything in my meagre capacity to prevent this for 28 years while those who look on doing nothing, remaining silent and condemning any who speak, have thrived.


So much for the wisdom of giving a shit about democracy, society, our fellow country man or whatever you call it. Even love for children is being perverted to mean some kind of sexual deviancy in a world where only erotic love is known. The world I come from is not credible to the people of the surveillance despite that those my age once lived there. Everything has changed.

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35 minutes ago, Steph said:

I had total faith in TV and other media until the way every channel, every station, every publication just turned course on sovereignty and democracy sharply at Maastricht Ratification like the whole media was just one big thing and not some kind of variety of views but just one manufactured viewpoint creating the illusion of diversity.

dayum, you have my condolences


seriously, you need to look into edward bernays, the world was never what you think it was, lies have always been the currency of the realm, and you seem flush with coin

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The goal is to demoralise you and convince you all the doors are shut.

Then you stop living and stop doing your think, stop learning and stop taking what is yours.

So you become the first creature on this planet who is terrified to breathe.

Those who teach you this have learnt a way of feeding off others and feeding from the fear of others.

Anyway, breaking out from the herd into acting individually on the basis of your own feelings ... is a big step.

Many of the things in society are a total waste of your time and energy ... and you get weaker, and you stop feeling things.

When fear and violence is all you see ... it makes you insensitive.  Then you cannot see what is beyond this world.

You cannot feel your own feelings.


The sheep-people hate truth, hate individuality ... their job and their role is to seek out free people to seek out individuals.

And wipe them off the face of the planet.

So you have to be very strong, very warrior like ... and you have to know how to discover what you really are ... rather than running around repeating the lies you have been taught.

People are so confused they don't even know if their hands belong to them, or their blood or body.

They don't know if they are allowed to have thoughts.

Black is white.

Freedom is slavery.

Man is woman.


This place, this threshold between sheep and "the one" ... this threshold is very dangerous and very painful.

You must push through with all force.

Unto death.

If not you will die here, because sheep is death of man.


Jesus, Buddha, Socrates ... they put their life on the line.

They put their truth on the line.

And they knew if they did not fight they would simply die.


You will die anyway in the body.

But if you die like a man rather than like a sheep ... then existence notices you.

It remembers you.

This place is a test.

The real test.

To be ... or not to be.

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