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Who is Boris Kipriyanovich


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Now, he has an interesting story. Born 10 years after me. He has completely disappeared off the map and is under house arrest of some sorts from the Russian government. 


Its interesting, I remember no lives from mars, and what he has said others have claimed over the decades.


He also hasn't said who Putin really is.


I have. lol 


Who is the Russian boy who claims he was born on Mars, how old is Boriska Kipriyanovich now and what has he said? (thesun.co.uk)


Doesn't ever change, does he/she? Give him a CANDY CANE (CAIN) for Christmas!!! lol 

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Peter is missing from our group of 4. 


Indigos are bigger then that though. Probably more important then us for the most part. 


Me and Edmund were born in the USA. The lacky Edmund this reincarnation. 


Would make sense there are also two in Russia.


Sun Major. Moon Major. Moon minor. AND Sun minor.


As above, so below.


Indigos are way more talented and way more special in my opinion. The trick of the game is to stay pure away from "selling out" and the dark side. To give up your life means someone else is living it. Hands down, I would rather be a normal Indigo and I'd still have a normal life. lol


Modern religion has emphasized "Sun Major", and there are many claiming to be Magdalene. I find it quite entertaining. lol Did you expect me to say Emanuel??? lol I think not. Why?? Emanuel was MOON MAJOR!!!! An easy way to weed out the interesting stories. That I do myself like to read. 


Who knows, maybe God and his WIFE gave America 3 out of 4. lol As above, so below. Cain be with that extra!!! lol  People can change or they can become slaves to weakness. You shouldn't have turned on your sibling the first time, nor should you be targeting innocent children, you will get that karma back, and God tore down the world over your mistakes. So, think about that when you go to mass pretending to TALK TO ME. lol Put on a nice show and all.


lol Entertaining at least, am I right, am I wrong?




It doesn't mean I am okay, I have to be okay. 

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