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Liberals and Globalists : The insincere and weak half of humanity

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I spent some time recently with some liberal friends of mind and various things dawned on me about what goes on inside them.


White Man Van Goes to Ibiza

One of my friends ridiculed the guy who happened to go past in a recovery service truck.   He said, that guy probably takes his girlfriend to Ibiza.  Sneer Sneer.

So what - I said?

And the truth is this ... this guy with truck has a hard physical job.  He wakes up at 6 and gets on the road.  He changes boilers, the lays the cables in the road, he repairs you car.  And he has the good sense to go home to f*** his girlfriend and occasionally take her to Ibiza to have a nice time.  He is a worthy human being, salt of the earth and does a real man's job.

Now my liberal friends are always late ... they smear around in the afternoon.  They drift awake at about 9, check in online and then talk bullshit on a fucking whiteboard ... whilst running a Facebook campaign full of diseased African people to make others feel "shame on you".

FFS ... what kind of a job is that?  Your job is basically being a useless a**hole.  That's a liberal job.

No wonder hate the guy who gets up at 6 and is man enough f*** his girlfriend.

Liberals can't actually do anything, they are like politicians ... when you are such a loser the only thing you can do is go on FB and say shame on you.


World So Great

My liberal friends seem to thing the world is so great.  I couldn't fucking believe that.

Oh yeah, we are all progress ... look at all the new sexualities we can do now, unconstrained from old ideas.

Oh yeah ... I said ... what about Antifa in the streets of Oregon.

... liberals seem to think this is Trump supporters ... but of course BLM/ Antifa are Liberal.

They were quite shocked to ralised that NAZI means "National Socialist Party" and that Mao Zedong was a communist.

These people think that nastiness comes from the rightwing.


BBC my Transexual Guru

I said to one of my friends that everything they say just comes from the BBC news website and they literally do not know anything else.


- oh that's not true .. they say ... I listen to many people.

Well it appears that the BBC offers some alternative opinions coming from various sodomites and transexuals that they wheel on the BBC to offer "a different perspective".

Big Brother is cunning.  Alternative A : total MSM lies, Alternative B : pull down your pants for the transexual.

Liberals are so goddam small minded, they don't know anything at all.


Stock Options

Another friend who works in the NHS started talking about how much money he made in his stock options this year, much more than his stupid NHS salary.

See the liberal don't believe in anything they do. 

They have one face for work and their agendas .... and then their real face is an ugly greedy loser.

Another thing I know about these liberals is that they are so busy virtue signalling that they never reveal their real anger, their real hatred, their real sadness.

They lie, their whole lives are a lie.


Satan Be Like Me

We don't need to believe ... liberals have told me, they are so Progress they don't need all that old shit.

Like belief.

... so what do they mean by that ?  Do they mean they have found another way to save their soul?

No of course not, it means they don't care if they are thrown into a pit at the end.

The only thing they want to do before that time is to convince your children to be like them.

That's how they feel good.

That's all they've got, because they can't get it together to get up at 6am and do a man's job.


So that's liberals.

They are the shit half of human beings.

The useless political nobody idiots.


The only hope for humanking is the man with a white van.

Because he, at least can get it up.


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