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What is the Special Frequency

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On 2/2/2021 at 5:03 AM, Duewy said:

For those who are skilled in music

Dow, Ray,Me .... are a kin to set notes or frequencies.

What are the notes or frequencies for "Kin, Nee, Gon"?

But then again am I getting the proper pronunciation of the three words from the Emerald Tablets which were written in the 1920s?

The Emerald Tablets are very ancient texts and were not written in the 1920s. They were created by Thoth the Atlantean thousands of years ago to leave the human race the answers to what we are.

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On 1/2/2023 at 1:26 PM, DaleP said:

144 and 432.

Look at 18 mins 12 sec.




These numbers have played a massive part in my spiritual journey. 432 is the heart chakra frequency. 

432, 720, 1440 are coded into the Hathor Temple where life was created.

We are beings of water, frequency and light. Sound and light combined can heal disease.

Jain108.com  has some very interesting charts on how these numbers are connected too.

My entire journey has been about the revelation of frequency.  Nowadays, I can tap into my heart space simply by listening to certain tones through a 432 filter.

432.com is an app to convert your music for that if you are interested.

All of this is why tv and music is such a big control tool for the cabal.

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It may sound a little fickle to understand, but, the Schumann resonance is the ideal that you want your journey, Hu the ideal that you need your name, and Fibonacci ignores both. Aum/Om is the ideal that you have your own soul itself. Compassion, piety and vanity, are this triad in the emotions. Anybody that listens to frequencies is being religious to have to stay that way. So you know the big deal, that we are all here to remember love or at least others. All covert manipulations are based on that!

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Frequency, light and water, eh? I haven't read all over this forum however the theory that strikes me is that science has found a way to produce silicon-based lifeforms that know how to think. Carbon thinks when it's believing, I have had my revelations there. Silicon thinks when it's...


... communicating.

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