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UK: Mass turkey cull (Another pandemic)

Reptile hunter

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It serves the bird growers right. 


So let me get this straight.  The birds MIGRATED through or to the UK?  IN THE WINTER!


FFS. The simple truth is that on a huge scale all birds sold to the public HAVE to be vaccinated.  Within that vaccine is avian flu.  We know how this works.  Ty he batch is crap and it simply caused ALL the birds to die or become unwell.  They were seen by a vet and he diagnosed AVIAN INFLUENZA.


I say it serves the growers right but it's laws that dictate.  For me I don't put anything into the birds I eat.  It causes some to die and others to get strong.  I breed the the strong ones.  No objection required.


"Ere!  Wanna buy a turkey guv?"

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Its interesting that just a few weeks ago the farmers where all complaining they would have 1000's of unsalable birds as the Covid crap meant fewer large family gatherings. this seems to have conveniently sorted that problem for them. and I'm sure they are insured for such things as avian flue whereas lack of sales due to Covid would be on them.

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