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Locals in Mallorca queuing to test for Antibodies...

Dagmar Gross

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This image was posted along with others by the town hall admin of Sa Pobla, the village in Mallorca near where I used to live for 26 years and where my husband was from. My son and family still live on a rural property near there too. I felt great sadness to see how the locals there are still being brainwashed into believing in the extreme danger of this virus! Here they are queuing to have an antibody test. In the rain and children with masks on, as over six-year-olds have to wear them there in urban environments. So very depressing to see and naturally all these people, young and old believe what their authorities tell them... What a reaction they will have when they will be told all this was a monumental scam their governments, both national and local, played on them! It can't be good...


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