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My response to the Alien Interview at Roswell. Top secret classified information (official response)

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The following is a response to the book an Alien interview, I have tried to post this elsewhere on the internet but it is highly censored, so I will try here.



This book did trigger distant memories that must have somehow slipped through the erasing program. I believe this book tells the truth due to these memories I have. Otherwise why would I have these memories? I remember upon dying a few times, my efforts to escape, I think during these times I had somehow managed to find out what was going on, and had recovered a significant chunk of my memories,  I don't know how but I do have a sense I have been fighting amnesia for many lifetimes an was one of the ones against the old empire that was captured.  I can't remember the details of my situation but I may have being an active force against them. Apparently it is not the first time I have tried to escape either. So upon death I was trying to get away this time again (I have a sense I have failed quite a few times through trial and error).


I still refuse to let this be 'a final solution' or to be in despair about this prison system. There is some sort of program they have that captures you after death. Sometimes through a light or fake afterlife program where they try convince you to 'go back'. They may pose as guides or whatever they feel manipulates you best. If you question their logic or try to argue they more or less don't give you a choice. Sometimes they shower you with a fake love program or empathy, about Jesus or give you a life review that isn't yours, to make you feel guilty to go back or use your recent life against you. Many times I was convinced of 'the karma' excuse through guilt. This only worked on me when I was first captured. It never works on me by now. by the time each life ends I manage to remember some of what is happening somehow. There seems many different ways they can manipulate you into essentially the same outcome, to go back. Well during one of these incidents I had avoided the fake afterlife program and strayed completely away from their instructions.


When someone does this they go into a completely different mode of operation where they no longer try to hide what they are trying to do or to pose as something they are not. They go straight into a war mode. I was making my way out of earth being very careful about the traps. To my horror I did detect the screen that was around the earth. There is a great feeling of aloneness and helplessness when you find this out. There is the normal screen which just stops you going anywhere. then there is the electronic ones. I knew straight away that if I hit the electronic screens I would be paralysed by it's technology and black out.  It was a very strange moment to see that the entire area was around this field by this screen, and this entire time I had being confined locked in. That's when its  confirmed to you what's really going on, and it's not a pleasant realization but it makes you feel you are not crazy anymore and sobers you up in a hurry. Anyway as I continued to think about and find a way past these screens, some sort of army force was in fact starting to aggressively pursue me.


This is the sort of feeling as if you were an inmate that had just broken out of a cell. A  very alarming sort of battle/chase. This was after I had refused all these other deceptions and tricks. Now they were blatantly just trying to capture me by force. I was transporting myself around and flying around with my consciousness best way I knew how without a body. It's a whole other game when you are not biologically confined physically, but they still have ways. I even used some of my old ability to fight against them when possible. I was doing pretty well and thought I had a good handle on it, but they were extremely aggressive and they don't leave a lot of room for mistakes. During a battle where I was trying to dodge them I finally hit the screen when they distracted me with light displays and hallucination guns and their other tactics that are beyond what they dare show you on earth, I knew as I was hitting the screen that was it, it was over, soon as you hit that screen you are going to be wiped. From this point I have a blackout and few memories of being taken to an area for control. I was then implanted with false memories about "being on a mission to help earth", fake screen memories on top of the amnesia. This becomes confusing when you try remember things to separate the fake memories, and fake sort of commands which they thought would best work on me. 

So here I am again in this prison system, planning my next attempt at an escape. From my life growing up I have observed and noted carefully the secret operations of what is called in this book, 'the old empire' and the trail it has left in my environment, sort of like detective work, to piece it all together.  I am not easy to fool which is their biggest problem with me. Not even their amnesia and control programs works all that well on me so they rely on pure force and positioning, as they know their programming fades away with me fairly fast at this point. Thanks to this intelligence by "the domain", this book greatly accelerated many memories and helped me piece together quickly what how why I am in this situation, way quicker than usual. This book was a significant trigger to get me back to where I was before my previous escape attempts. Mistakes I have made in the past for others notes include:
-placing trust in the fake afterlife programs and it's illusions which end up convincing you of a different reality/situation existing, of fake reasons why you need to be here (they use projecting technology and other tidbits to convince you through an 'experience' of some sort, that there's no screens around the earth and to hide the real situation, all nonsense designed to control you. smoke and mirrors with augmented reality technology.


-giving IS BE's posing as guides that are actually agents connected to the old empire, too much command over you once you pass on, which leads to being manipulated and wiped. Sometimes these people will pretend to be angels or demons or whatever they have studied for you to go through. If all else fails they can even try pure sexual bribery where they send you into a sexual blackout that leads to a wipeout. These people are intense and determined in the way they run this prison. The Nazis do not even come close to the intelligence and tyranny from which they operate from. I suspect they profile each 'inmate' as they progress and apply to them individual strategies for wipeout. For example it is crucial to their operations on earth I always remain in complete poverty, never a rich person. As when they track me they cause things like financial ruin and they entice me into the prison populations or try to frame me in some way. They find ways to keep me isolated away from any leader role. At this stage they have agents that constantly make life difficult for me, even as I am on earth after a wipeout.  They control corporations and you can not get anything done because it's their system. If I was to use the money system in anyway I could trigger other people. So I guess they use extra strategies out of the fear of me communicating any of this.

-Running around randomly trying to avoid the secret police agents that captures you by force after death does not work. You eventually hit a force screen or are overwhelmed by their forces which are trained to capture you. There is no-where to go either, it's like being in a confined gladiator ring where it's just you verses an army. They emerge from their secret places like ghosts and you realize what a force it is. When you encounter this it becomes clear you are not stuck here out of laziness or chance, or some sort of lost phase that you did. You are here for a good reason they put you here under full force. When you are fighting them it becomes clear its not like you have a choice. They just hide so well that they make you believe it has been your fault.


Current escape plans
-These force screens are running at a specific frequency which is a dimensional control barrier. In order to slip past these screens, one needs an extremely high powerful frequency to move through it without a wipeout. this type of frequency most 'IS BE's' are brainwashed out of. Even after lifetimes of work on regaining my power or memory, I was no-where near the level needed to slip past these screens. They have made it virtually impossible as they tuned the screens through many layers of dimensions as far as they could go up. By the time one is able to slip through the screen, you would have to build yourself up from within a space that is not really designed to nurture that kind of power from this position. For an analogy, it's like a fish trying to prepare itself to live on the land from the ocean in one big jump. You are in an environment where getting to the level to get past these screens, would require a dimension so high up above you, that it would be like jumping between a massive cliff, spiritually. Yet, at this present time I do believe that is our only realistic chance of escape. I do not believe it is impossible, just extremely challenging. Unless we can disable the system from within collectively. I do see some signs of resistance in the population, some small leaks and changes in the way things operate. This inspires me that a collective revolt may at some time be possible. The natural environment usually lets you move through dimensions at your own pace, but this prison system actively works against you moving up higher levels. So to fight against this system to get to such a high level to get past those screens, is a huge undertaking.


-be aware that hospital psych wards or institutions can be used as a sort of recalibration of your brainwashing, when I started to get some of my spiritual power back, this includes things like dimensional travel and spiritual sight, they electro shocked me while still on earth in my body. do not display your powers openly if you obtain any.

-In order to confuse 'old empire' agents, understand that you are in a constant chess game with them on all levels. Do not show constant understanding or reveal everything you know at all times, act unpredictable, find out and know who is who, you can bet they are monitoring you, even down to your thoughts. Typing this sort of information out for me is dangerous personally, but I weigh this with getting the message out in the hope it will trigger a chain reaction of some sort down the line.

-use their own system against them. Language has a weakness, it is not pictorial or contain all emotional informations, maths has a weakness, it is not intuitive or heartfelt. use maths when combining things like synchronicity to confuse the system. Therefore use words to say one thing, and have a different emotion. This splits the ability of the AI technology to produce algorithms to control you. When you move in this fluid sort of way against their system. You will see in a transparent control system, the methods being used to control you. Once you get a hang of it you can use the flow of some artificial intelligence to assist you against them.


They cannot control what the artificial intelligence sometimes does only tweak it when things go wrong. become invisible in the system and flow into it like water. Do not seek fame, fame is a trap where they can contain your life a lot more. The idea of this war like strategy during your life is it gives them less tools when you pass on, to deceive you in your escape attempt. The goal is become unknown to them. mess your profile up to where they are relying on something that is not accurate. Make them go off wrong information. This will slow their ability down. Anything that makes them less prepared for you is a win. Remember these agents are actively trying to profile you all the time and setting traps up around your environment for that. They are attempting to tweak their programming and strategies all the time but its essentially the same old tactics. This is not a prison that just includes bars, a large part of their operations has to be psychological, as your eternal nature and power is something where physical confinement just won't cut it completely, they have to trap your soul through learned helplessness. That includes the old division tactics on earth among it's population. nothing is as it seems, deception rules this area, if something presents itself as one thing, it is it's opposite. All this can be very traumatic and confusing to come to terms with, but if you are strong enough to handle this truth, you will be that much stronger to face this situation. There is no running from it, you must only overcome it. The temptation to 'take the blue pill' and forget it all, to remove the pain, is very real. but it won't get you anywhere. It will only send you deeper into their imprisonment of you. Your best option is to face the horror of this head on, be brave, and never back down or give up. They can try and confine you, but they can never kill you!


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Interesting story descendant ... I read the first half ..


You correctly point out that the prison grid does not just extend over the physical realm but astral plane too!  ... So we have the three malevolent ET groups working with the Cabal keeping lockdown in the physical world,  and the fallen angels and their hordes of evil spirits holding dominion in our local astral plane.


The ET's and spirits are working together ... The spirits have limited reach into the physical world , but can mind influence humans , push them to lose their temper . 


But I think you've missed the point ... the goal is not to escape (die) .... but to demolish the prison so  everyone escapes ! 


That's why you're here . As long as you hold a physical body you are in the game , have a say , are part of the demolition team ...


The most effective way to proceed  is not to physically attack the prison bars , but to call on Divine Assistance to impulse the prison guards to loose interest and move along .


" I call on Creator to amplify my intent , to send healing and forgiveness to the evil forces oppressing humanity , that they depart and leave us in peace" 

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