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Non-smart meter installation

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Hi all,


Does anybody know of an energy provider that offers non-smart meter installation in the UK? It seems this is a pretty difficult thing to find. I am moving to a renovated house that doesn't have a meter of any kind, so one needs to be installed...I just hope not to have a smart meter!



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22 minutes ago, Lawrence Rook said:

Thanks Basket Case, its true, it is not compulsory to upgrade existing meters....but I am finding it hard to get any company to install an old style, non-smart meter as they are not stocked or made anymore



Any chance of finding a second hand one somewhere and fitting it into place without connecting it (obviously) and then asking a company to come and connect your meter again ? 

Just play stupid and tell them it was there but disconnected. 


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Make sure you don't have WiFi!

I live in an old house. The gas meter is outside in a metal box.

They can fit a smart meter but it won't work because there is no WiFi signal.

As a result - no smart meter in my house!


Cable up your house so every mains plug socket has an ethernet (RJ45?) socket next to it. Combined mains/ethernet sockets exist.

Then whatever you use for internet just gets plugged into the ethernet socket.

You probably don't want to want an iPad... Some Android tablets might be OK with an ethernet cable.



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