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Paid for Vaccine Articles posing as news...let’s keep a list

Mikhail Liebestein

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"Experts" (translation: people paid by the death cult to say what the cult want them to say).

Most idiots out there would believe Donald Duck or Goofy telling them this crap if it was presented by a mainstream media outlet.

At this point I have lost any sympathy with anyone who does not see what a scam this all is. If someone is stupid enough to get a vaccine developed in under a year (although I call bullshit on that too) then those that take the jab will have to take the consequences of their choice.

Un-elected Tecnocrats

Media prostitutes

PoliTICians (sucking the life blood out of the human race)

Muzzled up freaks (demanding everyone else acts as cowardly as they do)

and the "we want a vaccine now" crowd, who are so clueless, stupid and ignorant they would let a monkey inject them with a syringe full of cat piss, if told by authority "it's safe"


They are all culpable in facilitating the coming nightmare of top down tyranny that will make what is happening today look like an english tea party.

These same idiots, psycho's and money prostitutes are the very people who have walked willingly into this tecnocratic nightmare and will continue to dive further into it the deeper it goes.

At this Point in time idiots, psycho's and money prostitutes are going to get what they deserve, unfortunately a lot of people who do not accept this are going to suffer as a result of these peoples actions.

Fuck everyone who supports the new religion of Covid-19!

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