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Shocking Prediction from 2014 [Anthony Patch Interview]


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Anthony Patch ! ...I've not come across this guy before !


Clearly a genius who has got deep insights on what's going on with corona and the vaccine, and every other issue  .


A hard core scientist combined with biblical scholar 


It will take many weeks to digest his information.  

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Just now, Defbalt said:

Any chance of a synopsis? The second video is 2 and a half hours long and some people don't have the free time to watch it, plus comments are turned off so we've no idea of what's being discussed.


I did watch the whole thing , just 5 hours ago ... As I say it's the first time I've come across this chap ....


Struggling to remember what he said , it's disappointing how much we retain , really do have to watch such things many times ... But lets have a go... 


He seems to have a strong understanding of microbiology ... covid he says is related to sars and HIV ...The vaccine will re-enginer our DNA turn us into controllable zombies , it will be activated (in those who take the vaccine) by 5G being switched to full power .... Worse even if you avoid catching covid , and refuse the vaccine , those who do take the vaccine can infect you!  once 5G activates the virus within them ..


Last part of the video dealt with financial reset  which will start within a few months all tied into covid , no vaccine , no access to new system , gold and silver and anything else  will have no value , only electronic credits (he says) ... the third video deals with this reset " No property, no privacy but life is good" ..This is something we've heard elsewhere , sort of communist system , the state owns all property and goods (cars, washing machines etc.) you lease them! 


Back to the second video ... He is tied up in Christian prophesy and sees this all as prophesized ...is expecting the arrival of the Anti Christ at any moment! 

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Okay, well he's up the left about the Antichrist thing, as that's a diversion from old red socks in the Vatican.


We're past that now; this is Satan's big push to stop the Kingdom from coming. Daniel 2 and  Romans 11 and Revelation 11 are the pertinent scriptures at this time in history.


If you can see that the Reformers and Puritans like John Bunyan were right about the Papacy being the office of Antichrist, then consider these dates in history after you read all of Revelation Chapter 11:

754 - A treaty is made promising that the Papacy can become a temporal power for the first time. Alexander Hislop in "The Red Republic" (written in the mid 1800s) dismisses the significance of this but is distracted by the Pope's ecclesiastical claims as being the essence of Antichrist, and diminishes the temporal power issue which had direct bearing on the persecution of the saints as much as the ecclesiastical had. 754 + 1260 = 2014... but the public witness for Christ, albeit greatly muted, was still present in 2014, so 754 is too early.

756 - Papal Rome appears to receive its first territories over which it is directly sovereign, but lacks real hold over them and needs external aid from the Franks to fend off invaders. 756 + 1260 = 2016... but the public witness for Christ was still present in 2016, so 756 is also too early.

765 - Rome appears finally settled and secured for the first time as a temporal power in Europe when Pepin III restores its privileges in Tuscany and elsewhere that seem to have been lost since 756; at this point, it seems Rome has finally and in a real sense broken free from the Byzantine authority in Constantinople and can now begin flexing its muscles, leading to centuries of persecution of those who held that salvation is in Christ alone and cannot be earned through good works or membership of theRC institution. 765 + 1260 = 2025... will the public witness for Christ still be present in 2025? With the censorship, hate speech laws, wokeness, etc., and the dead and increasingly silent churches?

781 - Charlemagne defines the Papal territory and codifies the regions over which the pope exercises temporal sovereignty. 781 + 1260 = 2041, but that's 21 years from now and if there is a public witness for Christ still lingering until then, I would be surprised, given the present trajectory of Marxist-woke tyranny.


Here is a quick summary of how things presently stand in the world regarding the public witness for Christ and against sin (esp. Sodomy, gay marriage, abortion and general fornication):


Russia: It is illegal to evangelise in public or to invite unbelievers to church services; the festering morass of apostasy that is Orthodoxy remains untouched by this law, which Putin introduced in either 2017 or 2018. Islam is also tolerated for now.


China: Even worse than Russia, with real persecution for preaching witness against sin.


The Muslim world: See comment on China above.


The West: Almost total silence from all evangelicals concerning these gross sins of our age, especially the Sodomite agenda. Many of them self-censor, to go along to get along, others have been deplatformed, banned, fined, or otherwise silenced. Almost nobody dares speak against this for fear of condemnation by the angry mob or losing their job, so the witness for Christ and against gross sin is almost totally muted now, worldwide. But it still lingers in isolated pockets, few and far between, but Satan can't bear even that.


So, going back to Revelation 11, John Gill (writing in the 1700s) intriguingly and compellingly identifies Europe as "the holy city" of Revelation 11:2 in his commentary. Gill, interestingly, also equates the "outward court of the Gentiles" with apostate Protestantism that will generally merge with Popery (or, as I myself would suggest, at least gravitate towards it informally), "towards the expiration of this date [the 1260 year] era".

So what is the expiration date Gill speaks of?

I think the earliest we can consider it - without falling into the "in my lifetime" trap that Hislop fell into, would be 765 + 1260 = 2025. The Papacy as a secure temporal force can't have begun any earlier than 765 (going by the above dates + notes) and that's when "the holy city" aka Europe began to be trodden down by the Papists, as per Rev 11:2.

So if Hislop is otherwise correct in his general thesis, 2025 is the year when the public witnesses on earth (or, at the bare minimum, in the Western nations) against sin and for Christ is finally silenced. As Gill writes (albeit he conflates the beast from the bottomless pit with the Papacy whereas Hislop, more correctly in my view, identifies it as secular, globalist Marxism), "they will lose all credit and esteem among those, who once pretended to be their friends; who will be ashamed of them, and will join in reproaching and rejecting them; so that their ministrations will be quite shut up, and at an end." - compare this to the present self-censorship of wokeness in the apostate churches and their hatred and contempt for Christians who speak against Sodom or other gross sins and for Christ and the doctrines of grace.

At that point, when the witnesses are silenced or a short time after that, the Marxist, atheistic juggernaut that is "the Beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit" will turn on the Whore of Babylon to finally, formally and very swiftly terminate it as an ecclesiastical entity and possibly, given this beast's atheistic nature, kill off all other false religions too. Hislop - and I think Gill also - suggests a literal destruction of Rome and other major European cities; Hislop reckons it will be performed by Russia raining down some kind of weaponry on Europe (nukes didn't exist in his day), but that's another issue.

The key thing is, the 2 witnesses or Revelation 11 are miraculously resurrected by God after a literal 3 and a half years to the astonishment of the world, and at or shortly after that time, the Jews worldwide awaken to Christ as Messiah and the Golden Age of Daniel 2 + Romans 11 begins, in answer to the first petition of the Lord's Prayer: "Thy Kingdom come".

The next part, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" can, in my view anyway, only occur when Christ literally reigns on a sinless earth, but that appears to be at the end of the Golden Age.

A mistake the older commentators made was thinking the 1260 years = the reign of Papal supremacy, when in fact, it's only the duration of the hated witness for Christ in sackcloth; so yes, Rome's supremacy as a temporal power has been over for a long time but, despite its decline even in Ireland and other hardcore Romish lands, it still retains ecclesiastical respect and admiration (until the beast from the bottomless pit turns on it), with the whole world still wondering after the beast of Revelation 13 asking who can make war with him. Even Bono, Bayern Munich and our lovely German Queen have visited Rome and kissed the Papal ring; but the Queen, as a fake Protestant, is part of the temple's outer court, those apostates whom Gill predicted would - towards the end of the 1260 year era - flirt with or join Rome.

This all ties in with the current world crisis thus: the devil knows his time is short until the Kingdom comes, so he wants a cull or a mass sterilisation push to minimise the number of people on the planet that can be saved (yes, he knows the prophecy that there will be an innumerable multitude saved but he's compelled by his own illogical hatred to try to stop it anyway, just like he tried to murder the infant Jesus).

So we're now in the endgame for Satan's attempts to thwart the coming Kingdom; Rome has largely served its purpose and had to be pushed aside to pave the way for a "science" (so-called) centric technocracy based on Darwinian atheism and is politically 100% socialistic, censorious and tyrannical. It will succeed, but only for a very short period; if I'm right, 5 years from now + the 3 and half years afterwards and then the image with the feet of iron and clay in Daniel 2 begins to topple over, and Satan knows the game is up, his influence pushed back further and further until it ceases to exist. It might even be the case that the brightness of the resurrection of the witness for Christ so angers the beast as to provoke it into finishing Popery off for good, in which regard 2 Thess 2:8 might be fulfilled concerning that wicked whom the Lord shall consume with the brightness of his coming.

Anyway, Hislop suggested Christians have been given such information so that we can prepare for evil times ahead and sure, while he was wrong about it being in his lifetime, I think it's good advice for us.

The key to it all, as far as observing world events goes, is the public witness against sin and for Christ; it's very plainly almost at an end but Satan will likely want it ratified by law, which can only happen under the kind of tyranny that seems to be hurtling toward us.

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On 12/5/2020 at 7:20 PM, oz93666 said:

Anthony Patch ! ...I've not come across this guy before !


Clearly a genius who has got deep insights on what's going on with corona and the vaccine, and every other issue  .


A hard core scientist combined with biblical scholar 


It will take many weeks to digest his information.  


He used to be on the Kev Baker show a while back talking about CERN and D-Wave computers. Most of what he said went over my head. I shall have to listen again.

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On 12/6/2020 at 9:28 AM, oz93666 said:

Worse even if you avoid catching covid , and refuse the vaccine , those who do take the vaccine can infect you!  once 5G activates the virus within them ..



Where does he say this part? 2 hour 12 minutes he does awnser a question in connection to people with the vaccine shedding to unvaccinated but says 99%+ will recover like a mild flu? Other than that he just talks about people who take the vaccine suffering and having the mark of the beast, and basically the tech inside the vaccine will interact with 5g.

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2 hours ago, ShillDaBill said:


Where does he say this part? 2 hour 12 minutes he does awnser a question in connection to people with the vaccine shedding to unvaccinated but says 99%+ will recover like a mild flu? Other than that he just talks about people who take the vaccine suffering and having the mark of the beast, and basically the tech inside the vaccine will interact with 5g.


That's right ...at 2:12:00 he covers that those who get vaccinated will be producing and shedding to others covid virus ... so this is a good way of making sure everyone will catch covid .. you will not die but it will change your DNA ! 


Right at the beginning of the video (second video above) 1:40 ..." covid change a persons DNA ..it's a retro virus , enters a persons DNA and permanently changes it "


So they don't want to kill us outright ... how unimaginative would that be ? They want to change us into zombies,  which I think he says will happen when 5G is cranked up ...


The lie that covid is deadly is just to get people to take the vaccine! 




The flesh eating zombie meme has been all pervasive in western culture for decades .... MILLIONS of people go on zombie walks in every major city of the world every year .Western Armies do training exercises about countering this threat ... Reading between the lines , I think this is what they have planned ! 


May 16, 2014 — It has also devised an elaborate plan should a zombie apocalypse befall ... of military plans and order development through a fictional training 
Oct 31, 2012 — No prank:  US military forces train for zombie apocalypse. ... That's the latest training exercise that US Marines and Navy special-operations forces will be taking part in on an island off the coast of San Diego – starting on Wednesday,  “This is a very real exercise".
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the symbology of the zodiac, first discussed in zeitgeist

scropion is on one side of the libra LAW and the virgin is the other with the Lion licking its lips, as it approaches the virgin the birth of christianity and the burning and feeding of the lions.

Libra is shrinking black holes and disapppearing and the scorpion islam is now running to destroy the virgin and it is being pushed at high speeed by orphicus the new star signs, with that the law is being mocked, removed attacked and destroyed so they can rape the virgin of everything, all cosmological

sagitarius the horse archer the hunter is opening up so the snake can chase and eat the virgin virgo.

Libra is the crux the cross and was first mentioned and identified by constantine. who created christianity.

a narrative to explain the fall of the roman empire and moslems are racing to destroy it all.

after the beast lays down with the maiden the virgin, the daniels lions den, it opens up the crabs and stds, of therin actions, and a fire in the belly, that causes split personalties and stds, gemini the twin personalitys the splitting of the brain the male and female sides, until the madness of the bull and the insanity of stds

they then ram the state up the backside sodom and gommorah, and that causes the fishes to spill their seed pisces, until the water man comes and cleans them for spilling their seed. and the old goat the farner starts again, until the archer the war man starts coveting riches and land and we start again.


covid is actually the great divoce same letters, and this is the great separation the revelation sof the seals the great harvest. and separation of wheat and tares.



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6 hours ago, Free_your_mind said:

What's the prediction exactly? The covid19 vaccination will turn us into a serf class?


Not a serf class ...Zombies !! 


First video above .....00:45 ..."Zombie Apocalypse "  .... "no cure for rabies and cases exploding " .... so imagine a variation on rabies, people foaming at the mouth wanting to bite you  ...you must have seen the movies  ...

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He talks a lot about the microneedle array 'patch',  like a small plaster, which he thinks will be distributed globally by Amazon when the problem of the vaccine needing such cold storage fails. It's all in the plan.




The patch can also be used for  'wearable bio-signal recording', meaning it can monitor what's going on inside your body continuously. 

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