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Fearing he will contract the coronavirus, man with the intent to abduct, rape, torture, and cannibalize children wants compassionate release and to return to England


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I don't think he'd be safe around children ever, not now or even in 27 years.



Geoffrey Portway is in a Virginia federal prison after police found stashes of child pornography and a dungeon complete with torture devices in the basement of his Worcester, Massachusetts, home in 2012.

Investigators found a network of locked doors in the basement of the home leading to a sound-proofed dungeon, a chair, a television, a child-sized homemade coffin and castration tools, according to a statement from the Department of Homeland Security.

Under the terms of the plea agreement made, Portway is set to be deported after serving his nearly 27-year prison sentence.


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This is the product of a society run by the insane and psychopathic.  Their specialty - the degradation of the human mind, soul, and spirit.  Little wonder they find themselves in the very position they'd never wish on their worst enemy.  An eternal hell-world with their cohorts

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Ha, ha, ha! When paedophilia is punishable by automatic death?! I believe one of the choices these days is a lethal injection, which could be the real virus that the Cabal wanted to let loose on humanity too, but was stopped in time! Just what he would deserve! And what an ignorant idiot too! When it has been proven that there is no lethal virus that the general population can catch. He is just afraid of his death sentence, that is all! Well, no chance, mate! Execution for you too now! Not when so many others like him from Europe are already in the US jails like GITMO and Greenland or Iceland. (Sources can't seem to agree on which of the latter.)

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