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Nurse Shows Truth Of Vaccine Content


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slow sterilisation others have said, followed by death. In Africa they have already said that the previous vaccines have sterilised large parts of the population.


You missed the point that it will change your DNA

This is what is in it:( along with lots of poisons such as aluminium, chromium, flouride etc

CHAd 0x1 vaccine - tested on monkeys 

recombinant= DNA molecules formed by cloning from multiple sources- originating from ANY species- ie; not found in nature

RNA sequencing from human MRC-5 = from lung tissue of aborted white male foetus of 14 week old

MRHA = expected high volume of adverse reactions

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It was acquired from a baby jew in an extermination camp by the Third Reich using human beings as assembly line products. Maybe there's some details I'm inaccurate with but I'm sure those who don't suffer from ignorance and bigotry get the overall message despite my typographical errors and such. You don't need to be perfect to see there's something fucked up besides my spelling. Some would point out the error I make which is fair enough so long as they aren't blind to the fact someone has made a mistake.


In memory of Chad! A little human being the cannibals will feast on and should they have knowledge before they drink his blood, they will not be called innocent in the halls of his father. This is beyond ritual. Do you believe in vampires?

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12 hours ago, jesuitsdidit said:

Can you please give a basic summary. I don't have 80mb free ATM.

ie who is she, position, hospital, location.

What is her message?

Why is she doing this?


I gave a summary above if you check back. She is doing it because she is a nurse who sees what is going on and did some research about what was in the vax based on the info on the box. She has been speaking out for a while and they keep deleting her posts from YT etc. She wants folks to know what they are doing if the vaccinate with this crap. The vax also has a LOT of toxins in it. They even admitted they are expecting a lot of problems and are trying to develop an AI to deal with all the issues. However, in the news today is the fact the the vax company have been granted indemnity against prosecution should they kill or maim anyone with it. 

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I see that it has polysorbate 80 in it which makes the blood-brain barrier permeable.  When given to old people it will increase their chances of getting Alzheimers, just like the flu shots do (as Hugh Fudenburg discovered).  It may cause paralysis in young, sporty types (like HPV vaccines do).  It may causes birth defects if pregnant women receive it, possibly even microcephaly (like TDaP vaccines caused in those Brazilian newborns when their mothers received multiple jabs during pregnancy).


And of course it will do absolutely nothing to protect you from any disease (just like every vaccine ever created).

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The second link still works? Top video was YT version I think so may have been deleted by them. She mentioned a site called 'wearevaxxed' in the video. I could only find the FB group https://www.facebook.com/vaxxed2/

There are the two films by the same name that expose what vaccines are really about. Also, if you go to archive.org there are lots of physicians pamphlets from way back to the 1800's declaring vaccines as quack science

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44 minutes ago, RobinJ said:

Top video was YT version I think so may have been deleted by them.


You uploaded that video on this forum, but for some reason it's gone? Can you try checking inside the new comment box (lower right corner) where 'Other Media' button is and 'Insert existing attachment' if it's still in there?

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