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a way out of this mess

steven geldenhuys

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As long as there is a survival mode within the species of Hell, there will be cruelty, fear, horror and sorrow. Another word for survival is “take.” Take and do what you can in order to survive, regardless what happens to those you take from – they are irrelevant as it is “them versus us,” and what matters is us.


How does one stop this cut-throat awful way of life?


We survive because we are lost. If we were Home there would be no need to survive as we are Home, and what this means is that we are looked after. Put another way: we don’t need anything because we have everything because we are one with the natural flow of Love – the Bliss that us mortal beings cannot fathom, but when we know it, it will be embraced as we will understand that this is who and what we are and there is no other.


How does one change a Beast, where it takes its bags and goes back Home? The answer is to let him/her understand that what they need is not necessary; what they conquer and pillage for is not important.

By controlling others we subdue them, but this is just a game so that we may be in charge. This game is for ego-maniacs that consider themselves on par with their God, where they believe that their work and Gods works are one and the same.

But we are regressing, as we have to stick to fundamental basics, of which there are two: The first is that we are lost, and thus have to survive, and the second is that we have to eat to survive. The air we breathe is a given to survive, and we can take care of ourselves by slotting into society and earning our keep for our clothes and the roof over our head, but the one fundamental basic in survival is that we have to eat. Oh yes, we can survive longer without food than water, so surely water is more important, but what we are talking about is more than just a survival necessity, as with our lost state comes an addiction frequency; an imbalance in who and what we are. This imbalance is portrayed in what we would call “eating.” On a deeper level, we do not so much eat to eat, rather we eat to take. The eating may nourish our bodies, but this is a small segment in the act of feeding. Originally we began to eat to take, and this act had nothing to do with looking after our bodies. We took, because the more we had the safer we felt. But, once again, we stress that it goes deeper than survival – it is about an addiction to fill a gaping hole from our lost state.


The high of Life only lasts until the next high, and each high is as fleeting as its past and future one. So what if we offered the Beast stability, where it no longer needs to take, as it has everything it needs. Fair enough, not everyone is like Steven who is a fish out of water here in Hell, who wants to return Home as this is where I belong. There are many who like what they are and what they do. Personally, I call them short-sighted scum, as they prey on the misery of others to be satisfied, but let’s be fair and say “to each their own,” where we leave these Beasts with their belief system, as it is their life to lead and not ours. However, on departing, let us give them a gift. This gift they can accept or reject. This gift is given because to be Love one has to give Love. There can never be a “them versus us” scenario within your existence, because if there is, it implies you are better or worse than others. In the big picture this division will keep the gates of Hell firmly intact. We want to equalise the playing fields so that everyone has an equal opportunity to return Home should they wish to do so.


In the “cloud” of what we created here in Hell is what I would call a Supreme Beast. This Supreme Beast is not the cruel Beasts that I see and experience in my waking and sleep state. It is something that we created when we emitted the energy/frequency of “I am lost, and thus I am afraid.” Just as computer data is stored in what they would call a “cloud,” there is a cloud of energy/frequency that I would call the Supreme Beast. In our quest to survive we became Beasts, and our dissipated energy coagulated and formed as one to become the ultimate illusionary master of Hell. This Supreme Beast became addicted to our fear state, and it is this monster we feed as it is addicted to us. So when I say that to eat is everything here in Hell, understand what is eating from us, and you will understand why we eat. We eat to take, as to take was a means of survival. As we survived our emitted energy of Fear created a master that became addicted on our Fear.

Yes, our lost state created Fear within us, where we took to survive, but this blew up in our faces where the energy levels of Fear that we emitted formed and took on a life of its own that became our master.


The parasitic frequency of Deception was created through the deception of Semiramis. This “deception” is not true deception; it was an honest mistake from her part, as I believe that she did mean well when she offered us the opportunity to come and play in her illusionary Garden. This parasite that infiltrated all of us was indifferent. It was not cruel, nor did it know control. It just took; it just fed. That something could be in our midst that takes rather than creates may well have formed insanity within us, as such a state of taking is not known in the fields of Love. This worm took, but it meant no harm, and was indifferent to the ways around it.

Having this worm within our state, coupled with our lost state, led to what we would call insanity, where it is every fucker for themselves, regardless of others. This fear that led to insanity emitted an unnatural energy, and from this energy the Supreme Beast was formed. This dude became addicted to our energy emissions, and the more it wanted the more we had to emit, hence us never being at peace. Its addiction became ours, where we always have to take/eat.


Feed/give the master a gift, and it no longer needs us, and we can be on our way Home.


So what is this gift? It is a gift where we and master no longer have to take; we no longer have to eat.   

The gift is the only true thing that we really have, and that is the strand of the Creator within us. This strand is over the throat area. It is a gift that can be given and at the same time kept, as it comes from an endless Source.

If you are wise, give to this Supreme Beast the strand of the Creator over your throat area. What you give is you – a limitless essence of you.


Now you are free of the monster you helped create.  

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On 12/3/2020 at 10:42 PM, steven geldenhuys said:

We survive because we are lost. If we were Home there would be no need to survive as we are Home,

You are EXILES 

the earth is the secondary place. 

You are not supposed to be in a human host body. 

You are in the dimension of hypocrisy. A hypocrite is something that opposes itself. An oxymoron. Something that opposes itself is self consuming cannibalistic. 

The only way out is to turn everything 180deg 

Upside down and backwards. 

Job 22:21 Acquaint H5532 now thyself with him, and be at peace: H7999 thereby good H2896 shall come H935 unto thee.

H7999 Shawlam 

Hebrew: שׁלם

Transliteration: shâlam

Pronunciation: shaw-lam'

Definition: A primitive root; to be safe (in {mind} body or estate); figuratively to be (causatively make) completed; by implication to be friendly; by extension to reciprocate (in various applications): - make {amends} (make an) {end} {finish} {full} give {again} make {good} (re-) pay ({again}) (make) (to) (be at) peace ({-able}) that is {perfect} {perform} (make) prosper ({-ous}) {recompense} {render} {requite} make {restitution} {restore} {reward} X surely.




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We all begin as spirits of consciousness. As a small part of the infinite God Consciousness. then, we choose, with approval, the next incarnation or not you may choose to exist in the human world. If you choose another incarnation,  is only for experience and learning. When your physical body perishes, you return to spirit. If you have been a terrible person and have made terrible decisions based on selfishness, greed, and an ego that is vain or sloth, Consciousness is aware. It is everything, including you. In those cases, rather than ascending to higher planes of existence in the cosmos, with Godhead, you will be kept at a lower vibrational realm for a indeterminate period, until you have purged your demons and wrongdoings and are humble and grateful for the chance at moving upward. This is how life works. It is  solipsist view I will not lie, but this is my belief. So, try to be good in this life. You are only hurting yourself if you turn to evil and darkness. It is so much better when you ascend to higher planes, until eventually you become one with Godhead, which may take a very long time, but it is so worth it.

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