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The way they treated him a few years ago was disgusting 


I think it was 2016? He beat kiltchzo and he should have won it, in reality it was no contest,


It always seemed to me he was attacked for being a Christian and portrayed as some sort of monster when in reality he was the nicest person out of anyone up for nomination 


good example here



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4 hours ago, Liam3880 said:

The way they treated him a few years ago was disgusting 



Because he dares to speak out. 


Especially about Zionist Jews, bankers and media in the same sentence.

VIDEO: UK boxing champ Tyson Fury warns of Zionist Jewish brainwashing

"The Campaign Against Antisemitism, a British watchdog group, said it is submitting a complaint to the British Boxing Board of Control against Fury over the video


Tyson Fury, a British boxer who is one of the world’s top athletes in his category, was filmed warning viewers not to be brainwashed by Zionist Jews, who he said own all banks and media."




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