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positive test and also ill


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Hi all,


I'd hope I've been around long enough now not to be seen as suspicious, and that I'm open minded enough to look at each side of an argument, after all minds work differently and mine can defiantly get tunnel vision.


So recently I tested positive for covid1984 with a Gov test, after being sent home for having a high temp, the test was mandatory otherwise I would not get paid unless positive.


So it came back "yes you have the covid" , over the next week or so I felt horribly ill. Fever, loss of smell, coughing, needles in the back of my eyes, headaches, loss of appetite, then runny nose, couldn't sleep, freezing cold whilst fully dressed and under blankets and couldn't not breath well, needing to lay down just to stop being dizzy with blue lips.


Took 2 weeks to get better and I still can't smell anything.


The reason I'm sharing this is the following;


1. There actually is a virus, people are getting ill, but recovering fine like me.


2. I had something else like a seasonal flu and the test was a false positive


3. Something else?


I'm very interested in hearing people's view points, as of right now I'm not sure what camp I stand in anymore.


I'm defiantly of the view point opportunists are using the current world climate for their own gains, sneaking things though parliament, had shakes over dodgy deals, cashless traceable society being fast tracked and the the rest of the provable obvious stuff we see, the world has gone very Oceania.


Please let me know your thoughts guys and girls.

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I live in Brighton right next to that superspreader .. also I had the policy right back then to go round to all the cafes and bars every single day to get the damn thing because I wanted immunity asap.

And I did come down with something quite nasty.  But I have had worse a lot worse flus in my life.

So yes there is something.
Is it Covid19?
It's quite possible that SarsCov2 is identical to SarsCov1, and is just the same flu recirculating again.

Or it could be any other flu at all, even a generally mild one.

The way ventilators were rammed into the throats of old people, and the fearmedia did their job .. that killed a lot of people without the flu, let alone those who died from cancer because the nurses were too busy dancing to do any work.

The PCR Test is completely rigged and just a way for laboratories to make millions charging £200/test to the Government,selling millions of them at a time.

It is actually unknown what happened.
Flu waves come through the country right now.  Covid is not the only flu in the air right now, lots of others, always changing.
In 2011 and 2018 were some bad flus in the UK, 2009 Swine Flu.

So nothing unusual is happening at all.

Nature fixes everything, even when humans are busy making things worse.
That's my 5c

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I am in Tanzania right now and got the flu for a few days and felt like shit. Last year in the UK, before all this Covid BS I also had the flu, a very bad flu, probably the worst I've had in my life, took 2 weeks to get better and I'm young and healthy. Everyone gets the flu, most recover quickly and get better after a week or two, some immunocompromised or very elderly people may not and may even die. It is just the flu and everyone is affected differently depending on age, health etc. 

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