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Is there an agenda to reduce the White European population?

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I was watching an old clip of 'Weirs way' where Tom was talking to people about protecting the area around Loch Lomond from over development and one of them made the point that they disagreed with the idea that the area should be made into a national park because that would see socialist bureaucrats meddling and imposing their petty dictats on people. Of course a national park was eventually created and sure enough we now see camping restrictions placed all around the loch. They say that people have been leaving rubbish but the solution to that would have been to place bins in popular camping clearings so that people would then put their rubbish in them.


That guy was right about the expansion of government and the creation of new job roles because what happens is you get these people given these posts with these vague job titles and once they are in that role and with that large, taxpayer funded salary coming into their bank account they now have to justify the existence of their new non-job so they start coming up with all kinds of meddling 'INITIATIVES' that are only going to fuck with peoples daily lives more...


I just want to say to these people: GET A REAL JOB and actually build something, instead of suckling at the teat of bloated government so that the state then has to rob the rest of us to pay for your pointless non-job....actually produce something of tangible value because empty words and meddling doesn't feed people or clothe them or put a roof over their heads which are the essentials of life

'Pampered' BBC diversity chief on £75k salary ripped for 'lecturing' poor, white Brits about 'privilege'

27 Dec, 2020 17:07 / Updated 23 hours ago
BBC Creative Diversity Director June Sarpong claimed even low-income white people experience "benefits" because of their race.

Spiked editor Brendan O'Neill has torn into BBC Creative Diversity Director June Sarpong for lecturing poor, working-class white people on their "privilege," saying she did this despite being "pampered" and highly-paid herself.

Appearing on the talkRADIO show with Kevin O'Sullivan on Sunday, O'Neill responded to Sarpong's claims that even low-income white people experience "benefits" because of their race. O'Neill noted that Sarpong, who is an "accomplished broadcaster," gets paid "£75,000 a year for three days a week of work," before adding, "This is a woman who lives a very nice life, on a wage that is paid for by us."

"Poor white people face criminal sanctions if they don't pay for their TV license and they own a TV. They pay her wages," O'Neill declared, before comparing the current climate of identity politics to "a new form of feudalism."


O'Neill argued that the UK now has "this feudalistic class of people who are looking down their noses at ordinary people, calling them privileged, calling them racist, calling them backward," even as many Brits – both black and white – have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We don't need lectures from pampered people at the BBC about how privileged we all are," he concluded, calling it the "last thing this country needs right now."




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1 hour ago, Macnamara said:

BBC diversity chief


britain has always had great regional diversity


it doesn't need june sarpong to improve it


i don't go to africa and tell people there that they aren't 'diverse' enough as if there is something inherently wrong with them existing as black people


i don't do that because i ACCEPT THEIR RIGHT TO EXIST

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I don't know if this has any relevance what so ever - but my gut it moaning at me and wants me to expose this little known fact so it might be of some worth to someone:

In the Quran it says that Jesus (peace be upon him) was given the Injeel - which is said to mean the Gospels - however in the arabic language the English people are known as "al-injeelizi"


Make of that what you will. 



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5 minutes ago, kestrel said:

Divide and rule is what the media want you to believe. When people believe the lies the media peddles, it makes us divided and easier to control. Colour is irrevant. Our race is human = human race :)


There is more to ethnicity and culture than just colour. Nords and Meds are not the same, but they still share European heritage.

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16 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

The more they push, the more people wake up, but then they panic and push more. It's getting dangerous.


Yeah well underneath all normal society has been destroyed, human beings are heading for extinction.  There are two factors that make this all but inevitable:
a. population density, if there was more space in society then there would be more opportunities but there isn't ... the onslaught of being surounded by unhealthy people

b. the pyramids are made of stone rock clay wood .. all biodegradeable ..  but modern materials won't degrade for millions years and when they come down the will form a poison dust that will destroy life

There is no way to fix this except two ways:

1. everybody become enlightened or return to the church

2. everybody becomes a sheeple so they no longer feel alive

That's the future


However right now and for some time there is some normality and space in society before it becomes truly kali yuga .. right now you can still escape, if you have any sense you do that with maximum prejudice

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19 minutes ago, rideforever said:

Yeah well underneath all normal society has been destroyed, human beings are heading for extinction. 


The majority of us yeah. The PTB still care about their bloodlines though, it's just us common folk that have been tricked into thinking like uprooted consumer slaves.


19 minutes ago, rideforever said:

before it becomes truly kali yuga ..


I feel like I have been riding the Kali Yuga for while now, but I agree.

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Saw the video below on david's headlines today about how woke frankie boyle has become and it has that segment from frankies 'new world order' TV show where there is a panel and one of the people makes the comment that they have assembled there all the enemies of 'whitey' and he lists:

-a black man

-a black woman (no doubt a self-professed feminist, of the third wave marxist persuasion)

-a white woman (no doubt a self-professed feminist, of the third wave marxist persuasion)

- a mixed race guy

- a celt (frankie himself)


This confirms right from the horses mouth exactly what the pirate council has always affirmed: that what is called today 'the left' is really just a coalition of the hateful all marching under the same banner. They hate society and they hate the majority of people who are white people who work for a living


Of course not all people in the categories above are like that but the ones with a hateful agenda are all marching under the banner of 'the left' which is not really a movement representing 'the workers' against 'the capitalist class' anymore but is now a movement funded and steered by CORPORATE-SOCIALIST elites who are gathering any hateful elements they can find under the same banner to employ them as brownshirt attack dogs to be unleashed on working people who do not agree with their values


They're admitting it themselves right there in that clip and they even joke that they want to get rid of 'whitey' which is an open declaration of war against an ethnic group and yet that is what is tolerated and even encouraged in the rothschild-funded-fabiainism which controls the BBC. Its just all about HATE towards whitey and when they orchestrated non white MASS immigration they then look to radicalise those people against 'whitey' through for example 'critical race theory'. How champagne socialists like frankie boyle think that celtic whitey is then going to somehow dodge that tsunami of hatred that he and his political ilk are trying to unleash on england once it has swamped the target population is a mystery to me. Perhaps frankie will simply use his millions earnt in a TV career pushing hate to then move his family abroad somewhere safe and leave the rest of the british people to deal with the shitshow he has helped manufacture



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Macnamara touched on it but I was gonna mention Boyle being of irish descent will see things a bit differently 


A lot of English people with Irish parents or grandparents sometimes see themselves as immune to this sort of stuff because of the ‘celtic’ but the reality is to the far left you’re just another white guy, 

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Guardian of procreation


There is now talk of certain ethnic groups being termed 'protected groups' and as a white male I am ethnically speaking a minority on the global stage


Even within my own ethnic group I am outnumbered by women so as a white male i am a minority within a minority so I was wondering when the United Nations is going to afford me protected status as a minority?


Also I would say that with mass migration and critical race theory I am in danger of becoming an endangered species much like the red squirrel in britain so when am i to be afforded 'protected group' status?


On top of this we are now seeing a growth in transgenderism but as a procreating heterosexual the responsiblity for impregnating women falls on my shoulders and as the impregnation of women is what ensures that the next generation of human beings will be born I would also like on top of my protected status as a minority within a global minority to be designated a 'guardian of procreaction'


I would like a day per year to be assigned to me as a guardian of procreation and i would also like to hold a parade every year to celebrate my status



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The Bible appears to hint that the coming Golden Age of the Christ's Kingdom on earth will commence in a white Anglo nation, which would make us a target for urgent DNA pollution and sterilisation, culling, etc., via RNA-altering vaccination.


Interestingly, the 4 leading nations in the race to vax their populations are: Canada, UK, USA and Australia: 




Every world war, every empire, every global crisis, every false religion (including atheism) has been about trying to stop the Kingdom from coming, but the time is almost up and Satan is going berzerk trying to roll out his last ditch effort to stop it. He will partially succeed but only for a very short time, a very dark and unprecedently evil time. And then it comes crashing down in a way that nobody can stop. 



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On 12/3/2020 at 5:18 PM, Macnamara said:


Coudenhove-kalergi was involved with the freemasonic hapsburg royals. Together they were involved with the pan-european group out of which grew the EUROPEAN UNION which is simply a vehicle to breakdown nation states in order to build a larger superstate


That superstate would in turn then merge with other superstates such as the african union, the asian union and the north american union etc etc


Each of these would form a step on the path towards their goal of world government which would crystalise when the unions all merged. The unions are coordinated through the TRILATERAL COMMISSION which was set up the rockefellers.


The coudenhove-kalergi plan was to flood immigrants into europe to create a mestizo underclass who would be ruled by a sabbatean-jewish, spiritual elite class


These sort of ideas go back for example to plato who wrote his 'republic' which envisioned a world run by an elite of 'philosopher kings' and that is how the illuminati see themselves. They see themselves as an elite and they are seeking to build a neo-fuedal world where there is no middle class, but instead there exists only the elites and an underclass of serfs


The 'great reset' is them making their move to destroy the middle class and create a two class, neo-feudal society where the masses are controlled by technology in what is called a 'technocratic system' (rule by experts). So for example when politicians are asked why boris has locked us down when the facts don't support that as the correct approach to use boris argues in his defence that he is simply bound by the advice of 'experts' in the SAGE team. Well the problem with this is that we didn't vote for those 'experts' and also who decides who is an 'expert'? None of us voted for a chris whitty or a patrick vallance to run our country.


Any dictator can simply declare their agents to be 'experts' and then defer all responsibility for their own tyrannical acts to their 'experts'


So that's what we are seeing happening: the development of a technocracy run by the technocratic class who use things like 'track and trace', 'immunity passports', facial recognition, digital currencies, universal basic income, social credit scores etc etc to monitor and micro-manage the mestizo serf class who have all lost their own individual sense of identity and their own history of their ancestors journey that led them to that place

Did you write that?

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