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Is there an agenda to reduce the White European population?

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9 hours ago, Firebird said:

They're all, white people included, trained to hate white people. And it works on many. This is what many of us here are very much aware of, we know the game, we've been red pilled about the Jews and all the anti-white sentiment across mainstream culture.

It never used to be that way and I only really got red pilled on in since reading this thread. I lived in Melbs for the past decade and worked at a bank so the anti-white agenda really wasn't a thing that I had time to notice, plus Aussie is pretty based - White Australia policy and all, no where near as PC as NZ is/was.

HOWEVER, the NZ govt (been back 2 years) has gone big time woke this year, replacing portraits in parliament of Churchill with native people, renaming colonial street names and even now calling to have the country and every single place name renamed via law to the Maori name..and I've since learnt CRT is creeping into NZ primary schools... Maori people victims/White people colonisers/killers...


I've always been proud of the European civilisations and the Western world and country my ancestors fought and died for and it saddens me so to see it being purposely destroyed.... and to see the hurt and pain suffered by Euro children.


I'm made it a point to be even MORE bold and loud about my European heritage to counter the hate  and I've told my sister who has a 2 year old and a 10 days old girls to investigate the schools!! I don't want them going to school to learn to hate themselves... its a few years off, so shits going to hit the fan before then though.. but I'd be willing to home school them instead! lol 

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43 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

CRT is creeping into NZ primary schools... Maori people victims/White people colonisers/killers...

May 2021


A student at a Whangārei primary school had to stand up in front of their classroom and say what they had done to acknowledge their white privilege.

Act Party leader David Seymour says this is just one example he's heard from concerned parents about what he calls "racialised education".

But advocates of strategies to "de-colonise" Aotearoa's classrooms say rather than "racialise", such topics actually help dismantle the systemic racism that already exists, and holds back non-Pākehā students, particularly Māori.



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If there is an agenda it's working and it's simple mathematics.


Whitey has one child at 35. Whitey gets their one grandchild at 70. 3 white people over 70 years.


Miss Nigeria has her 5 children between 20-30. 25 grandchildren by the time she's 60. That's 31 people in 60 years.



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Why They Let Terrorists In (And Why They Keep Them In)


After the latest terror attack, this time involving a knifeman at an Auckland supermarket, it was discovered that the terrorist, Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen, was born overseas and had been given a refugee visa to stay in New Zealand. Efforts had been made to deport him, but the New Zealand Government insisted he stay. Why? This essay explains.


It’s a grievous error to think that the kind of people who make up the Government are motivated to alleviate the suffering of the New Zealand people, or that the democratic selection process is some kind of meritocracy that promotes philosopher-kings. Such errors occur because that’s how people think things ought to be, and they naively conflate what ought to be with what is.


This line of thinking causes great confusion when people consider why Western governments allow mass immigration of people from violent, low-IQ cultures. Considering that certain immigrant groups (Muslims and Africans in particular) commit an enormous amount of violence and sex crimes wherever they go, why do our rulers keep letting them in?


The usual explanations involve economics, particularly references to the GDP growth imperative, or conspiracy theories about Jews. The reality is even more sinister – you could commit to a zero-growth economy, and get rid of all the Jews, and the Western ruling class would still hold the borders open to terrorists.

Explaining why requires accurately understanding the motivations of the people who comprise the government.


The main motivation of the people making up every government in the world is to stay in control. What gets politicians out of bed in the morning is the desire for control and power. They want to be in charge, usually because they are deeply afraid on a spiritual level, and that fear is assuaged by power, as most fears are.

Having terrorists run amok helps the New Zealand Government maintain control in two major ways.


The first way is that it spreads fear. When a person hears of a stabbing frenzy at a supermarket, the logical thought is that more terrorists might be out there, waiting to attack again. The resulting anxiety costs energy, because a heightened state of physiological arousal must be maintained. The Government wants you to waste your energy in this manner, because it keeps you down.


In this sense, Islamic terrorism has simply replaced fear of the Soviet Union, which replaced fear of the Third Reich, which replaced fear of scientific and technological advancement, which replaced fear of the Devil. It’s now The Big Fear, which the powers that be can stoke whenever they like, simply by devoting television time to it. All that was needed was for Muslims to kill and rape enough people, and then the ruling class had another demon to threaten the plebs with.


Our rulers have long observed, from the example set by Europe, that Muslim immigrants murder, rape and destroy everywhere they go. So those rulers deliberately opened our borders to those same immigrants, and moved them into working-class neighbourhoods, as a kind of biological weapon.


The New Lynn Countdown stabbing is just one example of the inevitable friction created – something our ruling class is insulated from, having long ago retreated to their exclusive neighbourhoods, where violent immigrants are not allowed.


The second way is that it wastes money. As George Orwell wrote in Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, a people with surplus wealth will inevitably seek to use that wealth to obtain more freedom. Maximising control means minimising freedom, and, therefore, maximising control means minimising wealth. In the world of 1984, wealth was wasted by neverending wars and intrusive regulation and surveillance – just like in our world.


Emil Kirkegaard discovered that there was a strong positive correlation between an immigrant’s net fiscal contribution to their new society and the IQ of their home nation. There was a similarly strong correlation, only negative, between an immigrant’s net contribution and the Muslim percentage of their home nation. Low-IQ and Muslim immigrants cost the societies that receive them a great deal of money – but that’s precisely why the ruling class lets them in.


Low-IQ and Muslim immigrants, like compulsory te reo classes, the War on Drugs and rolling coronavirus lockdowns, suck up all the surplus wealth created by society. This keeps people from enjoying the leisure time that might see them come together and share their dissatisfaction with the government. This shared dissatisfaction is what leads to popular revolution, so if the Government can make the people too poor to express such dissatisfaction, they can secure their position against those they rule.


The supermarket terrorist was followed around-the-clock by a crack unit of Police called the Special Tactics Group, which was why he was taken down in roughly one minute. But these elite law enforcement officers don’t come cheap. There are believed to be at least 30 suspected terrorists being shadowed by the STG. The total cost must run into the tens of millions.


Allowing mass Muslim and African immigration, and allowing the many terrorists among their number to stay in the country until they attack someone, directly increases the fear and poverty of the New Zealand people. In doing so, the New Zealand Government makes us much easier to control. Not only do we become more compliant to directions from authority figures, but we also become more willing to police each other.


Had the Government simply been mistaken about the long-term consequences of allowing mass Muslim and African immigration, they would deport people like Samsudeen as soon as they realised they were terrorists. But they don’t deport them; they keep them around. They would only do this if keeping them around served a deeper purpose. Fear and poverty is that purpose.


The New Zealand Government imports terrorists, and keeps them here, for essentially the same reasons the governments of Europe let so many Muslims and Africans in, and America allowed itself to undergo The Muttening. The more the masses can be set against each other along fracture lines within the wider population, the less energy those masses have left over to direct upwards at the ruling class. Diversity really is strength – but not for us


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Its a free country...or at least it should be and i believe people should be free to do what they like with their bodies


However the bar at what age people can do things is being lowered more and more by politicians and some people have concerns about people being allowed to make life changing decisions when they are children even against their parents wishes

‘Don’t indulge young people who think they’re trans – many are mentally ill,’ says detrans woman who regrets removing her breasts

Chris Sweeney

Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The Sun and the Daily Record, along with several international-selling magazines. Follow him on Twitter @Writes_Sweeney

2 Oct, 2021 16:11
Laura Becker was female until 18, male at 20 and female again at 22. She feels there needs to be more awareness of the mental health issues many young ‘trans’ people face, before others damage their body needlessly as she did.

In recent times, liberals’ desire to embrace the burgeoning trans movement has meant that if someone says they’re trans, people have been encouraged to support them unconditionally.

On the surface, this may appear to be ‘doing the right thing’. But according to one woman who has detransitioned, there is a danger to this – as transition conceals a hidden mental health crisis. “Transition is a big Band Aid that ironically causes more damage,” says Laura Becker, who previously identified as a trans man. “If you lie to someone and put a Band Aid [on] to cover their problems, you can pretend they’re not there and ignore them. It’s OK for a little while, but then it catches back up to you.

You take that Band Aid off, and you have this festering wound that’s even worse than if you started treating the wound at source, even if it was really painful.”

That may appear harsh, but Becker believes honesty is the best policy, rather than being embarrassed or worried about upsetting someone. She, more than anyone, knows the cost of the liberal approach, after starting to take testosterone aged 18 and having a double mastectomy two years later. By 22, she was detrans – but she will never get her breasts back.

In her opinion, the vast majority of young people considering changing their gender are being pulled into something unnecessarily. She continues, “The rapid onset of gender dysphoria among young people and these skyrocketing rates of young girls identifying as trans… I don’t think they need it. It’s a misguided attempt to explore their identity.


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