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Is there an agenda to reduce the White European population?

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5 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

lets now take this understanding of this psychological operation a step deeper

So we know that the rothschilds fantasy is to create a race war between white, black and hispanics and muslims. This is i believe their wet dream. They want everyone at each others throats which is why they have created IDENTARIAN politics to split everyone up into competeing teams which ultimately can only end one way. Such factionalism goes directly against the GOLDEN RULE which is to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. The sabbateans have launched a direct attack on the golden rule.


Hollywood is part of the propaganda wing of the sabbatean new world order which is why the movies coming out of there are an endless parade of wokeism


They have created a series of films based on a concept called 'the purge' where americans are permitted for a day every year to commit any crime they wish including murder for 12 hours to act as a kind of release valve for all the build up of hate. You have to wonder if this is the sabbatean cult preparing people psychologically for some sort of future breakdown situation but more on that idea in a moment


The latest in the series of grim movies has some rich ranchers employing mexican immigrants as cowhands. One mexican cowhand is depicted acting as an almost mystical horse whisperer to create this impression in the mind of the viewer of people from outside of the US borders having some sort of magical connection with nature.


The purge goes ahead but after the sirens sound to end the 12 hour rampage a coup occurs by 'ever purgers' who want the purge to continue forever. The ever purgers are of course exclusively white and they turn on the rich ranchers who are rescued by their immigrant employees.


We then see an alliance of rich white people and immigrants fighting their way past hordes of expendable white ever purgers who are butchered in their droves as our heroes fight their way to the mexican border where they can be safe in the civilisation of mexico! A narrator then tells us that 200 million americans have fled as refugees into canada and mexico which is of course the majority of americans implying that the remaining 160 million odd must be white ever purgers who we are no doubt supposed to associate with trump supporters being as they are mainly white working class americans.


So we see a number of things going on here in the popular culture of america. One is the demonisation of white working class americans. Another is a cheapening of the life of white working class americans or what clinton called 'the deplorables' and such a dehumanising process always historically precedes any genocide. We see a depiction of immigrants as virtuous and heroic and of white americans as inherently racist and devoid of compassion.


Who is the target audience of such propaganda? MILLENIALS. Millenials are also being targetted with critical race theory in the schools and universities. So the youth are being subtly (or not so subtly) programmed to reframe how they view themselves and others.


An accusation is made in the move that america has been a violent nightmare since they stole the land from the natives who end up assisting the main characters over the mexican border after helping them to massacre some white ever purgers. I have an issue with that accusation though because the american people had a revolution in which they took the country off the people who stole the land from the natives.


The british 'crown' (freemasonic hierarchy) and the sabbatean-jewish banksters who fund them created the american colonies and it was their wars in europe that saw american colonists being taxed higher and higher leading to them throwing off the crown. American history has ever since been a struggle by the banksters to regain control of the americans through the creation of a central bank. This history is well documented in bill stills documentary 'the money masters'. J.P.Morgan who became the richest banker in the US was nothing more than a front man for the rothschilds.


Its safe to say that the globalist banksters have regained control of america and are now working for its complete and utter destruction


The rothschild cabal banking dynasty the rockefellers are the key players in the covid scamdemic and the roll out of the clotshots. Bill Gates is just a mask on the face of rockefeller


Movies like 'the forever purge' are part of entraining people to see the world through the sabbatean gaze which hates white people so that people will not only aquiesce to the genocide of white people but even actively work towards it. If the movie did not have two white people amongst its main characters it could easily be labelled a an anti-white hate crime. I would argue that is exactly what it is





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It will cost us a lot more than that; the great replacement gathers pace and we find out why they have been building new houses up and down the country:

Resettling Afghan refugees will cost British taxpayer £2.5billion and councils must be awarded Treasury cash 'urgently', report says

  • UK has evacuated more than 15,000 people from Afghanistan since August 13
  • That figure includes 8,000 Afghans who had worked with UK armed forces
  • Ministers want councils to offer support with more than 100 coming forward
  • So far £400million has been put forward to resettle Afghans, report says

By Mark Duell for MailOnline

Published: 05:44 EDT, 3 September 2021 | Updated: 06:51 EDT, 3 September 2021

Resettling Afghan refugees in Britain will cost UK taxpayers more than £2.5billion over the next ten years under 'Operation Warm Welcome', a report has claimed.

The leaked document suggests the Treasury needs to 'urgently' confirm more funding for councils before they can begin making offers to house the refugees.

The UK has already evacuated more than 15,000 people from Afghanistan since August 13, including 8,000 Afghans who had worked with UK armed forces.



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Black takeover day? UK broadcaster Channel 4 is campaigning against racism… by being racist

3 Sep, 2021 15:14

Paul A. Nuttall is a historian, author and a former politician. He was a Member of the European Parliament between 2009 and 2019 and was a prominent campaigner for Brexit.

In a stunt apparently designed to make people think more about diversity, for 24 hours it will be black faces only on Britain’s Channel 4. But such ill-advised virtue signalling is more likely to fuel racism than prevent it.

On Friday September 10, Channel 4 will be holding a ‘black takeover’ day. From 6am, all of the channel’s presenters will be black: ‘The Big Breakfast’ will be brought back with black hosts, all the newsreaders will be black, teen soap ‘Hollyoaks’ will have an all-black cast, all of the contributors on ‘Celebrity Gogglebox’ will be black, and even the legendary Trevor McDonald will be hosting ‘Countdown’.

Kelly Webb-Lamb, Deputy Director of Programmes and Head of Popular Factual announced that “this project involves every slot, every genre, and every corner of the channel, and will therefore be the most radical and meaningful intervention into diversity in the channel’s history.” In its press release, Channel 4 claimed that the ‘takeover day’ will “mark a year since the international protests and debates sparked by the killing of George Floyd and lead into Black History Month 2021.”

Now we all know that Channel 4 has a history of pushing the boundaries and being edgy, but surely this time it has gone too far?  I mean, how can Channel 4 claim to combat racism by choosing who can and can’t be on its channel based on the colour of a person’s skin? Can you imagine the uproar if there was an ‘only white’ day on a TV channel? There would be outrage and rightly so.

I am also convinced that these kind of gestures, or stunts, are doing nothing for race relations. In fact, I think they’re having the opposite effect and making moderate people feel angry and bitter. The idea of having a ‘black takeover’ day may sound like a great idea during a brainstorm between metropolitan TV executives, but it won’t go down well in the rest of country. It will just anger some people and lead to others rolling their eyes. People know virtue signalling when they see it, and it gets their backs up.    

The same principle applies to ‘taking the knee’ at football matches. The vast majority of people in this country who oppose that gesture are not racist – they just feel as though they are being blamed for something that had absolutely nothing to do with. They had nothing to do with slavery, even if they are white, and they certainly did not murder George Floyd. And the more people read about what the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement actually stands for, which includes defunding the police, the more they don’t like it.

Yes, there is racism in our society and only a fool would suggest otherwise. I would argue that it is nowhere near as bad as it was 20 years ago, but unfortunately it still exists, and it needs eradicating. However, it is not going to be eliminated by dividing people through tokenistic gestures like taking the knee or having ‘black takeover’ days on our TV channels.

So why is Channel 4 doing it? Well, Vivienne Molokwu, one of its commissioning editors, justified the takeover by saying that “the true reality is that when you turn on British television, you’d be hard pressed to see for a few hours, let alone the whole day, only black faces anywhere.”

Now I can honestly say that I have never read a more ridiculous explanation in my life. Firstly, we never see ‘only white faces’ on British TV anymore, which is obviously a good thing, as TV should represent society. And secondly, black people only make up around 3% of the population, so why should we see “only black faces” on our TV screens? 

Now if a privately-owned channel pulled such a silly and arguably racist stunt, I would not be happy about it. I would, however, accept that it is privately owned channel, and the controllers can do what they want with it. But Channel 4 is not a private channel, it is owned by us, the public.

So surely it is time for someone on the government benches to grow a backbone and denounce what is going on… and do it soon. In the longer term, the government is considering privatising Channel 4, and I would say “Amen to that.” I hope next Friday’s divisive gesture focuses the minds of government ministers, and hastens the channel’s privatisation.   

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On 9/3/2021 at 11:51 AM, Macnamara said:

The deep state NHS wants its white staff to hate themselves; there will be more and more of this psychological re-education in order to NORMALISE the replacement of white people so that white people do not have a normal emotional response to being ethnocided


Instead their super ego is being re-educated to perceive themselves as being essentially flawed and therefore their removal and replacement would be a good thing. I call the process of making people see the world this way 'the sabbatean gaze'. This means that they want white people to see the world through the eyes of sabbateans which is to mean to hate white people


They are not just re-educating white people to see the world through the sabbatean gaze they are also entraining black people to see the world in that way too which is what the BLM psyop is all about as well as IDENTARIANISM

White NHS staff are told to study their ‘privilege’ and that they should feel ‘uncomfortable’ by website that trains workers for senior roles

  • 'Anti-racism' guidance shared 'for white people' working for the NHS in new blog 
  • NHS Leadership Academy advises senior staff to read articles on white privilege, prepare themselves for political conversation at work and 'work on empathy' 
  • Former Tory minister Sir John Hayes slammed the move as 'woke nonsense' 

By Jacob Thorburn For Mailonline

Published: 21:06 EDT, 2 September 2021 | Updated: 05:14 EDT, 3 September 2021

New 'anti-racism' guidance has been shared 'for white people' working within the national health service in a blog post on an official NHS website.

The NHS Leadership Academy, which prepares staff to take steps into more senior roles within the organisation, shared guidance for employees including recommendations to read up on 'white privilege' and ready themselves for political discussions at work. 

In five new tips published by Aishnine Benjamin, the head of equality, diversity and inclusion at the Nursing and Midwifery Council, white members of staff are told they should not be defensive and that 'ignorance isn't an excuse.'



Not sure if you have seen this from back in March.






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5 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

I definitely need to look into that. I have food growing in a polytunnel, but I should think about medicinal herbs too.


a herb spiral doesn't take up much room. Just make sure and avoid risband joints like the ones in this picture (just a wee reshuffle of those stones and it would be fine but otherwise it looks quite nice):




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Torrent of racial abuse


I saw this news story today about this american tennis player who is saying that she has received a torrent of racial abuse in the wake of what some people see as a poor performance.


When i hear these stories i am highly skeptical in the same way that when i see a storey about say someone painting a swastika somewhere it often turns out that the person who painted it was themself jewish or black and is then caught in CCTV or something and what they are trying to do is drum up anti-white sentiment by creating a perception of a level of hatred that doesn't exist.


I wonder what the true source of these abusive tweets and posts are. I wouldn't be surprised if they are done anonymously by antifa types who are trying to create a perception of the existence of a level of hate towards this tennis player that doesn't exist with the obvious intended scapegoat being white people.


Equally when i saw a news story about antifa people clashing in a british city with police after they came to counter protest an anti-mass-immigration rally i often wonder why those antifa people are so keen to always mask their faces. What are they hiding? Could it be that under those masks are a bunch of angry jewish youth and could it be that if you were able to look into their hearts you would find large amounts of anti-white HATRED? I suspect that is the case.


It certainly seems to be the case that there are some people out there who are DESPERATE to destroy relations between white and black people and they are willing to engage in dirty tricks to achieve a breakdown of relations in the hope of manufacturing some kind of societal crisis as part of their cultural marxist attack on society:

Tennis star Sloane Stephens, ranked no. 66 in the world, shares some of 2,000 vile Instagram messages she received threatening to cripple and rape her after her defeat in the US Open

  • Sloane Stephens shared some of the vile hate messages that she received following her third-round defeat to during the US Open on Friday
  • The next day Stephens posted on her Instagram story letting her followers see some of the racist, sexist, and threatening messages she received 
  • The 28-year-old black tennis star is currently ranked number 66 in the world 
  • 'This type of hate is so exhausting and never ending,' Stephens posted 
  • Stephens discussion about her mental health comes as other young black athletes including Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka have openly discussed theirs

By Adriana Diaz For Dailymail.Com

Published: 06:17 BST, 5 September 2021 | Updated: 09:10 BST, 5 September 2021


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I don't know who this cvnt is but sounds about right....get ready for an influx of Bacha bāzī 




Last Sunday he tweeted that he had entertained 'over 150 families' who had provided him with over a thousand names of other Afghans who they wanted to join them in the UK. 




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16 minutes ago, Ibizan Hound said:

Mexicans are the only ones really breeding out Whites from existence. Most Blacks aren't with the jewish agenda. The jews want Blacks to breed out Whites but these Mexicans are the ones happily on the job.

I agree, Black people know they've been used by commies and other subversives for means other than their own good for centuries (think Trans-Atlantic SlaveTrade) and no matter how hard they push miscegenation, stats prove it's not at all working because - funnily enough - people like to be, and breed, with their own type because they innately want their offspring to look like them and feel a deeper sense of belonging, and thus safety, within a tribe. It's just a simple 100K+ year old evolutionary fact and no amount of woke noness and race baiting is going make that fact otherwise.

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Love the Independent's lame attempt to justify it all in the headline by saying a woman had to tape a baby to her - as though they came over miles of choppy seas (when the sea was super smooth all day, otherwise they would never have launched, as you can see from the pics). Never occurred it was just as a safety net to get from boat to shore after landing? Of course not. Hideous, disingenuous journalism that should be punishable. 



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1000 people in a single day!


All this while we are hearing about orchestrated food shortages.....how does that end?

Boris Johnson urges the French to 'stiffen their sinews' and stop wave of migrants crossing the channel after a record THOUSAND make it to Kent in small boats in just one day

  • Packed lifeboat was seen arriving on a beach in Dungeness in Kent today as crossings boosted by heatwave
  • While officials led passengers away, one woman was seen clutching a small baby who was strapped to her 
  • Images show other young boys and girls being carried or escorted to safety among several men and women 

By Dan Sales For Mailonline

Published: 07:00 EDT, 6 September 2021 | Updated: 17:19 EDT, 6 September 2021

Migrant crossings have hit another record high with at least 1,000 men, women and children spotted making the journey to the UK today - as Boris Johnson urges France to stop the crossings.  

The astonishing new figure, based on witness sightings collated by Sky News, is thought to be the highest daily figure and well over the previous record of 828 on August 21. 


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You'd never get a piece like this on the BBC...

In a stunning victory for diversity, parody-proof CNN reveals America’s next generation of white supremacists aren’t even white

Graham Dockery
is an Irish journalist, commentator, and writer at RT. Previously based in Amsterdam, he wrote for DutchNews and a scatter of local and national newspapers.
7 Sep, 2021 15:48
When news organizations look you in the eye and tell you that the white supremacists of the future aren’t actually white, that can only mean one thing: The racism industrial complex is up to its old tricks again.

CNN writer John Blake put forth an astounding theory over the weekend: that even in a future where white people are no longer a majority in the United States, “white supremacy” will still infect the country, its toxic creed carried on by mixed-race Americans and Latino immigrants.

The article begins with a prime example of what conservative scholar Michael Anton calls the celebration paradox.” In this case, the shrinking of the US’ white majority is celebrated, despite being written off as a conspiracy theory when others speak of it negatively. “I want to believe my country is on the verge of this Brown New World,” Blake writes, pointing to examples of other commentators celebrating the “countdown to the White apocalypse.”

Analysis | "The assumption that more racial diversity equals more racial equality is a dangerous myth," John Blake writes. https://t.co/tNKMblos2I

— CNN (@CNN) September 4, 2021

But the celebration is short-lived. Instead, Blake argues that the beige mystery-meat Americans of the near future will still be racist, as “white supremacy” finds new hosts among the country’s exploding Latino population. 

Aside from being a vile piece of anti-white propaganda, the article is confused in its tone. Mixed marriages are presented as an antidote to racism, before being described as a “shield” for white supremacy. Readers are instructed to ignore the “biological fiction” of race, but only after being told that “you can no longer fight racism if everyone believes their country has moved past race.”

Blake finally states outright that the “radical change” America needs is the “uprooting of "systemic racism embedded in our public schools, neighborhoods and justice system,” and a “more equitable sharing of power and resources.” 

There we are. It’s about money and power, and more specifically robbing the white majority of its grasp on both. This Zimbabwe-style redistribution is already endorsed by activist groups like Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives, globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum, academics, and certain sectors of Congress and the federal government itself.

What Blake has done, however, is set out a plan for labeling anyone as a potential white supremacist and enemy in the neverending battle for racial equity, regardless of their skin color. No examples of white supremacist policies or crimes are mentioned in the lengthy text, no white supremacist leaders are identified, and no real issue is raised with white people individually, save that they’re white, and that this whiteness,” which can be exhibited by non-whites too, is the problem.

It’s the domestic equivalent of the Bush administration declaring the ‘War on Terror’ two decades ago this month. Like terror, ‘white supremacy’ is an undefeatable enemy, especially when those fighting it regularly redefine what it means. The military-industrial complex made a killing waging pointless wars against terror, and the racism-industrial complex, of which CNN is a leading organization, is doing the same right now. 

It works like this: The media agitates about the threat of racism; academics, experts and activists get rich selling solutions to the problem; and the government alternates between throwing money at the issue and milking it to expand its own powers

And it’s all based on baloney. Bush said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, so off to Iraq the US went for nearly two decades. The media says that Trump supporters are white supremacists, so it’s time to purge them from the military and send the FBI after them. It doesn’t matter that the new breed of white supremacists won’t even be white, the good fight must continue.

There are no white supremacist leaders in the United States, so the racism industrial complex invents them. Consider real, hardcore racists like former KKK leader David Duke, Stormfront founder Don Black, and the revolving cast of no-name extremists who run the American Nazi Party. These names have been political poison for decades, and nobody takes them seriously.

nstead Americans are told that Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist for drawing attention to the exact same demographic change Blake wrote about (remember the celebration paradox). Donald Trump is a white supremacist, despite passing criminal justice reform and pledging to invest half a trillion dollars into black communities.

And even more laughably, there’s black white supremacists too. Like California talk show host Larry Elder. Looking at Elder, one would think he’s black, given the fact that his skin is black. But Elder is challenging Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in this months’ recall election, and he doesn’t believe in “systemic racism,” so therefore he’s been declared “the Black face of white supremacy” by the Los Angeles Times.

Candace Owens is a tool of racists for holding middle-of-the-road conservative opinions while black. Kanye West is an Uncle Tom for supporting Donald Trump. Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, radicalized a young man who painted swastikas on a synagogue. Despite being Asian, Andy Ngo is a white supremacist because he reports critically on ‘Antifa’ violence.

If all of this seems ridiculous, that’s because it is. If it doesn’t, you might just be watching too much CNN.

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