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Is there an agenda to reduce the White European population?

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It has been a tiring year watching people try to deny us of an identity, but here is a reminder that there are still people out there that care about our right to exist as a group of people:




Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day! Keep your chin up!


Lots more here and on other pages, and it's only early so I expect even more by the end of the day.



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Politicians should follow the Archbishop of York’s lead and embrace Englishness and national pride

8 Aug, 2021 07:49

Paul A. Nuttall is a historian, author and a former politician. He was a Member of the European Parliament between 2009 and 2019 and was a prominent campaigner for Brexit.

The Most Reverend Stephen Cottrell has criticised the London elite and called for the English to show pride in their nation. Could the Church of England deal a blow to metropolitan wokeism and rekindle our sense of patriotism?

What a breath of fresh air Cottrell’s words are, especially when compared to the woke utterances of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who behaves like a climate activist and seems to want to apologise for everything. 

Whereas Welby jumps on every virtue-signalling bandwagon, and often sounds like an overgrown student, Cottrell seems comfortable embracing patriotism and highlighting the disconnect between the city-dwelling metropolitan liberals and the rest of the country. 

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Cottrell said, “Many English people feel left behind by metropolitan elites in London and the South East, and by devolved governments and strengthened regional identities in Scotland and Wales.” 

He also said of the English that “their heartfelt cry to be heard is often disregarded, wilfully misunderstood or patronised as backwardly xenophobic.” 

Hear, hear to that, I say. Most English people do not live in cities and have very different attitudes when it comes to issues such as Brexit and immigration. 

Whereas the city dwellers were instinctively in favour of remaining in the European Union, and pro immigration, the majority of those outside the urban areas voted to leave and want to see stricter border controls. Holding these opinions is not racist, regardless of what the metropolitan liberals might say.

Cottrell is also right when he states that many English people feel ostracised by the current construction of the UK. They bristle when Nicola Sturgeon and her Scottish National Party acolytes bash the English. They wonder why the Scots have a parliament that deals solely with Scottish affairs when there isn’t an English equivalent. And they’re puzzled why Scottish MPs can come down to London and vote on issues that affect only England. That’s just plain wrong!

Many are also fed up that Scottish and Welsh nationalism can be celebrated without issue but expressing their English national identity is classed as racist. The Scots and the Welsh can fly their national flag, celebrate their patron saint’s day and sing patriotic songs with pride. Yet the English are afraid to fly the cross of St George or celebrate St George’s Day as they’d like because metropolitan, middle-class, liberal snobs deem it racist.   

Cottrell correctly points to the fact that Englishness is often conflated with Britishness. In contrast, the Scots and the Welsh have maintained a distinct identity. To solve this issue, he suggests the English should sing their own national anthem at sporting events, as the Scots and Welsh do, and then all UK nations should sing ‘God Save the Queen’. I would suggest that next year’s Commonwealth Games, which take place in Birmingham, would be the perfect occasion to test out this innovative idea. 

I really do think Cottrell is on to something here. He may well be the saviour of his own Church, which, for many years, has had declining attendance. Indeed, I hope that he’ll replace Welby  one day, and become the Archbishop of Canterbury.  

I would encourage politicians to follow Cottrell’s lead and embrace Englishness and national pride. But that must be just the first step in rebalancing the UK. The next is to establish an English Parliament for the English people. If it’s good enough for the Scots, it’s good enough for the English. 

Stephen Cottrell has been very brave in saying what he said. The left-wing Twitter mob will no doubt attempt to have him cancelled. You may even see the Socialist Worker brigade picketing his church. But I would argue that we should not only applaud his courage, but also his common sense and his pride in his nation. 

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Catholic clergyman killed in France, suspect reportedly under police supervision for arson of cathedral

9 Aug, 2021 11:18 / Updated 10 minutes ago
A Catholic priest has been killed in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre, a commune in the Vendee, by a man who had reportedly been placed under police supervision, having set fire to a cathedral in Nantes in 2020.

On Monday, a Catholic clergyman was found dead in the town of Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre. Sources told French news outlet BFM TV that the suspect had already turned himself in to the police.

Police have said they are not currently treating the incident as an act of terrorism.

In a tweet, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin confirmed the horrific incident and announced that he would travel to the scene of the crime. “[I offer] all my support for the Catholics of our country after the dramatic assassination of a priest in Vendee.”

The victim has been identified as Father Olivier Maire by Bruno Retailleau, senator of the Vendée, who described in a tweet the clergyman’s death as “a great loss.”

Je veux rendre hommage au Père Olivier Maire, supérieur des Montfortains assassiné par un criminel qu’il hébergeait par charité. Sa mort témoigne de la bonté de ce prêtre que je connaissais bien et et dont j’avais pu apprécier la profondeur de la foi. Sa mort est une grande perte pic.twitter.com/NbH1KogPvR

— Bruno Retailleau (@BrunoRetailleau) August 9, 2021

Retailleau stated that Maire had been hosting the perpetrator at the time. “His death testifies to the kindness of this priest whom I knew well and whose depth of faith I had been able to appreciate,” he added.

Sources told BFM TV that the suspect had already served prison time for his role in a fire at Nantes Cathedral in 2020 and was under police supervision.

As part of his supervision, he had been hosted for several months by the community of Montfortians. Maire was reportedly the chair of the community.

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Bradford child sexual abuse: 19 men arrested as police clamp down in major investigation

BRADFORD police have arrested 19 men as part of an investigation into child sexual abuse in the area.

PUBLISHED: 09:00, Wed, Aug 4, 2021 | UPDATED: 11:39, Wed, Aug 4, 2021

The inquiry is connected to offences committed against one female in the Bradford district between 2000-2005, West Yorkshire Police said. 

The 19 men, aged between 36 and 55, were all arrested in Bradford over the last month. 

They have been interviewed and released on police bail pending further inquiries, the police added.

Det Ch Insp Alan Weekes, of Bradford District Police, said: "We would urge anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse, whether recent or historic, to report it to the police.


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A very succinct conclusion in this article which I think is rather on point.


No Forgiveness for 1492



The fundamental crime of the white race, for which there apparently will be no forgiveness, was pulling ahead of the rest of humanity from roughly 1400 onward.


It seems like every movie trailer in recent years ends with the promise that the heroes will “change the world…forever,” but 15th-century Europeans really did. The accomplishments of Europeans in the 1400s were perhaps the greatest turning point in history.


Brunelleschi launched the Italian Renaissance by building Western Europe’s first dome in a thousand years (to aid in which he likely invented perspective). Prince Henry the Navigator began Portugal’s eight-decade-long research and development effort to sail around Africa to the Indies. Gutenberg devised the movable-type printing press. And Columbus discovered America.


These and countless other breakthroughs over the past six centuries allowed Europeans and their overseas descendants to socially construct the most valuable real estate in the world.


This immense wealth increasingly attracts the covetous eyes of the rest of the human race, who are realizing that, crazy as it sounds, they might just be able to shame whites into allowing their wonderful property to be expropriated over the sins of their ancestors.


But why are many whites going along with such a transparent scam? What’s in it for them?


Peter Nimitz recently hypothesized:

I think once you replace enough of your population, the old myths are forgotten & memorials are obliterated to demonize the old majority & justify the rise of the new rulers of a land. Wokism crystallizes during the population shift – allows the old majority to moralize their dispossession & allows them some sort of status in the new order as loyal collaborators.

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17 hours ago, Weedo said:










Mods - Can we get rid of this off-topic anti- White stuff from this thread, please. And block this cant because he's doing the same thing with the same shit brained talking points AGAIN.


I see the mods removed all his blatant WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL/RACIST/SLAVERS posts - that I specifically documented - memoryhole this bullshit too.. we don't come here to be lectured  to by some barbaric eye for an eye Bacha bāzī  mentality.


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13 hours ago, skitzorat said:

Mods - Can we get rid of this off-topic anti- White stuff from this thread, please



Despite the worst provocation please don't post pictures mocking other people's religious icons. 



After have multiple complaints about this thread I have taken my (free) time to read the last 7 pages. 



@Weedo Do not post in this thread anymore.

If you post anything at all here after this warning I will ban you immediately. If you have a problem with this then use the PM facility. 




(the thread is now open again. The deleted / hidden recent posts will stay that way) 


Any more problems then report or PM me and the other Mods. 



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17 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:


ADL hasn't added Horse Face to their hate-speech glossary yet so they should eat hay.





Fixed it.. 


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Just more PRS. Nationalism and European culture is the problem for TPTB, it's ''old fashioned'', ''racist'', ''conservative'', less centralized. So you open the borders to cleanse the continent of said problems, to create a new, perfect world with new, perfect values. One World where everyone is ''happy'', ''mixed'' and ''tolerant''. America 2.0.

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