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Is there an agenda to reduce the White European population?

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6 hours ago, Coldrum said:



white men are facing a wave of hatred that's for sure. One of the people in that clip says that they didn't 'earn their white privilege' and yet it seems that we are all expected to inherit white guilt....


how does that work?


If we shouldn't have 'white privilege' because we didn't earn it then why should we have 'white guilt' if we personally didn't do any harm to any non whites and therefore don't deserve it?


Are all whites guilty for the crimes of some whites? Does that mean that all black people are guilty for the crimes of some black people or that all jews are guilty for the crimes of some jews?


They would of course say 'of course not' and yet they try to apply that double standard to white people. This is what people need to realise about the authoritarian-left though: it is a vehicle for sabbatean-jewish supremacism through which they are using some black people as useful idiots to act as their brownshirt enforcers as they seek to enslave ALL humans under their technocracy


The real tragedy though is that much of what is being blamed on 'white people' throughout history was in fact carried out by sabbatean-jews who hide among white people


If that isn't true then why else would western governments be destroying western society?


Those black people spewing that hate have been brainwashed with simplistic narratives of history to programme them to see the world through the eyes of sabbatean-jews which is to say full of hatred towards white people and christendom as a whole; i call this effect 'the sabbatean-jewish gaze'


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5 hours ago, DarianF said:



yeah TV is beyond fucked which is why i don't own one. It is absolutely programming people and it is utterly controlled by the sabbatean-jews


When i'm at someone elses house and the TV is on i can't bring myself to sit through adverts. I'll pick something up and read it or find something else to do. I can't stomach the relentless social engineering

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If you walk down your street, get raped and murdered, but your killer gets off light because they're not white. If defending yourself is considered a crime because you're white, the laws are not for you but against you.


If your leadership in government only praises other racial groups, and actively pushes for more to enter your nation, you have no government. No leadership.


No ballots will save you, no police will protect you. Only you can save yourself and those you care about.

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The sabbatean-jewish stitch up of white people


If we look at the world around us what do we see happening? We see a globalist elite from many different countries gathering in Davos to discuss how to transition their countries to a technocracy or what they are calling a ‘great reset’ as part of a ‘fourth industrial revolution’. Then they return to their countries from where they coordinate, through the world health organisation, a global lockdown that destroys small independent businesses allowing the transnational corporations of the davos elite to snap up their market share. The excuses used for this shift are twofold: they claim they are combating a deadly new strain of coronavirus which previously was called ‘the common cold’ and they claim that they are combating ‘manmade climate change’ which they previously called ‘global warming’ until the earth failed to warm, which they claim is caused by manmade CO2 when mankind produces less CO2 than termites.


Prof Sutton would have called these elites ‘Corporate socialists’ because they are authoritarians looking to merge state and corporate power allowing them to use the apparatus of the state to control the workers. That’s on the face of things but behind the scenes they are also members of secret or secretive societies such as freemasonry. The british establishment is freemasonic and we see it entirely onboard with the entire covid agenda with Prince charles joining the Davos chorus calling for a ‘great reset’.


Another thing this global network of freemasons has done is facilitate the mass movement of people from africa and the middle east into europe to try and radically alter the demographic makeup of europe with all the resulting changes in: culture, outlook, values and behaviours that then come with such a process. They are doing the same to the United States by maintaining a porous southern border to allow a constant stream of migrants up from south and central america.


The coudenhove-kalergi plan was hatched by these globalists elites, who created the European Union, to create a mass influx of africans into europe to create a mixed race citizenry of a european superstate ruled over by a sabbatean-jewish elite. Waves of migrants have entered britain in the past such as the vikings and angles who interbred with the existing populations that are now rarely ever spoken of. Who speaks now of the britons or the picts? The neanderthals too have been written out of european history to such an extent that many today believed that they ‘died out’ instead of interbreeding with the homo sapiens which is what actually happened. So although these groups didn’t disappear their culture disappeared and that is perhaps what we are at risk of losing here: our culture, values, history, outlook and true regional diversity.


How long has this process been going on for? In the book ‘When Scotland was jewish’ the authors assert the existence of a crypto-jewish influence on European and American history and they state ‘the Reformation, beyond being a movement against Catholicism, should also be seen as a movement toward Judaism’. Clearly they believe that the radical shift that occurred in europe called ‘the reformation’ was being driven by this crypto-jewish network to remould european society into a more jewish society. They also trace the knights templar to this network and of course it has been claimed that scottish freemasonry was born out of templarism. We see everywhere with this current covid-hysteria the freemasonic symbol of a rainbow being used which is used to signify the noahide laws which the sabbatean-supremacists, behind the new world order, wish to impose on the global populace.


If this network of hidden sabbatean-jews was influential enough to pull off something like the reformation then what else have they been behind in history? I would make the case that their influence can be perceived behind such seminal shifts as:

-the enlightenment

-the highland clearances

-the irish potato famine


-the trans-atlantic slave trade

-the agricultural revolution

-the industrial revolution

-the two world wars

-the information revolution

-the current ‘fourth industrial revolution’ towards automation and the rise of AI


In short all the things that black lives matter like to blame on ‘white people’. This sabbatean network created communism to act as an anti-thesis to the thesis of state-capitalism which is controlled by the sabbatean's transnational corporations and central banks. Out of that phoney conflict they are able to synthesise a third way which is technocracy. Out of their communist wing they created the sabbatean-jewish, marxist frankfurt school which was then seeded into the US universities by the sabbatean banksters in wall street such as the rockefellers. The frankfurt school created ‘critical theory’ which teaches US students to constantly criticise the US without ever offering any viable solutions. This is to prepare them psychologically for the destruction of their country. From critical theory has grown ‘critical race theory’ which now seeks to frame white people as the guilty party behind various acts of history such as the trans-atlantic slave trade. This is to turn black people against white people and to leave white people carrying the can for the historic crimes of the sabbatean-jews who have been involved in the slave trade for millenia (sabbateanism might not pre-date sabbatai zevi but the kabbalistic principles that he espoused do).


The crypto-jewish network that created the knights templar created the state of Portugal; a process detailed in Silva’s book ‘First Templar nation’. I would make the case that they also created Scotland as a nationstate. When the french king persecuted the templars in France, the order in portugal simply renamed itself the ‘order of christ’ and carried on with their trade, piracy and shipping. Their grandmaster was Prince henry 'the navigator’ who explored the western seaboard of africa. There he found a flourishing african slave trade where black tribal chieftans enslaved the black people they conquered in tribal warfare. The crypto-jewish network was already involved in the sugar industry in the Meditteranean and set up sugar-cane plantations in the americas. They then bought black slaves from black tribal chiefs in africa and used them to grow cash crops in the americas, after white workers fell ill and died from tropical diseases. That triangular trade across the atlantic of slaves, sugar, tobacco, rum etc was completely dominated by the sabbatean-jewish network operating through freemasonry. Today ‘african studies’ will blame the trade on the ‘british empire’ but I suggest that is a mistake and that they should blame it on the freemasonic empire because the british people themselves had, like the african slaves, been conquered by that crypto-jewish network which took over the royal houses of britain.


In scotland King Alexander III was said to have fallen off a cliff while riding his horse but I suggest that he was thrown off by the templar network. This created a succession problem and a child called ‘the maid of Norway’ was next in line for the throne and was brought back from Norway. Sadly she died on route in Orkney (which was templar-sinclair, illuminati family property), likely from poisoning. This left robert the brus and john comyn competing for the throne. Bruce called Comyn to a church near Dumfries, under a banner of truce, where he then ambushed him and stabbed him to death. As this was forbidden by the church on holy ground (but not forbidden by the templars, of which bruce was one), bruce was excommunicated from the church and as he became the king this meant that by default the entire of scotland was excommunicated and therefore became a safe place for persecuted templars and crypto-jews to flee to.


It is out of them that scottish rite freemasonry was created to recruit gentiles into their occult agenda. Out of that grew the KKK in the US which once again is blamed on ‘white people’ but which is really the creation of the kabbalistic network. Even southern slave ownership was only the preserve of the richest 7% of southerners who invariably would be part of that wealthy trading network of crypto-jews. The average white person in the south was merely a smallholding farmer who worked his own fields with his family. The white working class people of today, in the US, which the neo-marxist elites like hilary clinton like to call ‘the deplorables’ are not descended from slave owners but from poor working farmers etc and yet the sabbatean-elites are using their corporate media and tax exempt foundation controlled education system to place the blame for slavery at their feet instead of at the feet of the global freemasonic network.


Modern day scandals that have given small windows of insight into the sabbatean network include the jimmy saville scandal and the jeffrey epstein scandal, both of which dovetail into the british royal family and the freemasonic establishment elites on both sides of the atlantic, but NOT with the ‘deplorable’ white working classes.


The sabbatean network is now growing so powerful that soon they will be able to throw off the mask of ‘democracy’ with its claims of ‘equality’ to show its true sabbatean supremacist face and when it does neither black people nor white people will have a seat at that table



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15 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

If defending yourself is considered a crime because you're white, the laws are not for you but against you.


the woke mob are like hyenas prowling around looking for any weak prey to mob-attack. If they were ever in a position of total control such as in a bolshevik-style 'terror', how do people think they would behave? Do you think they would be merciful? No they'd show themselves to me the most intolerant and cruel people out there (excepting their sabbatean paymasters of course)


they're not fighting racism....they ARE the racists

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Cultural marxist attack on peoples health:

EU's food regulations are to blame for THOUSANDS of avoidable cancer deaths, bombshell book claims

  • Who Poisoned Your Bacon Sandwich is by French journalist Guillaume Coudray
  • It says EU is to blame for cancer-causing nitrites being added to bacon and ham 
  • Nitrite-cured processed meats linked to 34,000 cases of bowel cancer per year
  • The book says half EU scientists have financial links with European food industry

By James Gant For Mailonline

Published: 23:07, 13 February 2021 | Updated: 23:20, 13 February 2021

The European Union's food regulations are to blame for thousands of avoidable cancer deaths, a bombshell new book has claimed.

Who Poisoned Your Bacon Sandwich by journalist Guillaume Coudray says it is to blame for cancer-causing nitrites being added to bacon and ham.

Nitrite-cured processed meats have been directly linked to 34,000 cases of bowel cancer every year by the World Health Organisation.

The book says nearly half the EU's scientists - who until January 1 had power over Britain's food additive rules - have financial links with the European food industry.

And documents unearthed from French archives show European 'harmonisation' forced France to allow nitrites despite warnings from its own health experts in Paris.


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Trump and Hilary Clinton think we are all stupid neither get punished (they have 'legal' immunity )for what they do in office In any case their related.  Neither will BiDEN ever be punished for anything wrong he does while he is in office.



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Milly Dowler murderer Levi Bellfield could be charged with MORE assaults on women as police 'prepare to charge the serial killer over series of bludgeon attacks'




When the DM won't even mention that he was a Roma supremacist with a hatred for blondes, that's when you have no representation.

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On 12/3/2020 at 9:18 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:

I still wonder when this will get memory holed. It's too much honesty for todays woke culture. Unfortunately society has confused in-group preference with hatred for others.



This is awesome: "I wanna be with my own people, but I don't hate nobody"

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All these articles people put up I hope people do stop and think that as Humans we go beyond ''BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW'' despite my skin colour (brown) I could ironically be more closely related to a European than someone of brown complexion. 


Our DNA paint a much different picture and our personas are more important.


All this talk of replacing White people in their historical homelands would be called ''justice'' by some but its not, its simply playing into the agenda of the elite. Disgusting.


As the statement above says I want to be with my own people aswell I love my heritage but loving ones heritage too much is deemed wrong in todays world. No nuance. Loving your heritage means being racist. It doesn't at all... 

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2 minutes ago, TheAwakened said:

All these articles people put up I hope people do stop and think that as Humans we go beyond ''BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW'' despite my skin colour (brown) I could ironically be more closely related to a European than someone of brown complexion. 


Our DNA paint a much different picture and our personas are more important.


All this talk of replacing White people in their historical homelands would be called ''justice'' by some but its not, its simply playing into the agenda of the elite. Disgusting.


As the statement above says I want to be with my own people aswell I love my heritage but loving ones heritage too much is deemed wrong in todays world. No nuance. Loving your heritage means being racist. It doesn't at all... 


The strange thing is that people often make cultural differences about skin colour.


One of my best pals is Nigerian, but he sounds more cockney than most people I know and shares a lot of my values. His fam has been settled here for years though, and they wouldn't have been conditioned to hate white Brits when they moved here.


Times have changed I guess.


I would happily join a movement that promotes both black and white wellbeing if such a thing exists. Maybe I should try and start something like that myself.

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